New Home and Away promo teases trouble for Tane and Felicity

She may have only been a Summer Bay resident for a matter of weeks, but Home and Away‘s Felicity has already made a big impression on Tane.

A new promo suggests he may struggle to let her down gently, as she continues to vie for his affections. You can view the promo in full within this article.


Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) was first introduced to us when Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) came home to find her arguing with their next door neighbour. She believed the neighbour had reported them to their landlord for excessive noise, and didn’t hold back with telling her exactly how she felt.

Soon after, Felicity met her first Summer Bay resident. Tane (Ethan Browne) headed to a club to try to forget about Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), who has recently reunited with ex-boyfriend Dean (Patrick O’Connor), and it was there that he bumped into the feisty newcomer.

The flirty youngster made an immediate impression on the Parata brother when she got up on the bar to dance Coyote Ugly style, before jumping behind it to pour herself a drink. Even Tane thought her helping herself to drinks was a step too far, until she revealed that she worked there! Before Tane knew it, he was back at Felicity’s house, where the pair spent the night together.

Little did he know, but Tane was also spending the night at the home of Summer Bay’s newest cop Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright), who just so happens to be Felicity’s brother.

The Paratas’ years of crime – which have only very recently come to an end – mean that Tane isn’t a big fan of cops. When he discovered who her brother was, he made a swift exit! However, while Felicity have just been a one night stand he’d rather forget, it looks like he won’t be able to get rid of her that easily.

We don’t know much about Felicity and Cash, other than that their mother had an illness that required frequent hospitalisation, and their parents’ untimely death resulted in them entering the fostering system.

Felicity brings her own baggage, and her constant loud music and erratic behaviour has led to her and Cash being evicted from their home just a few weeks after moving from the country to Summer Bay. It looks like she’s still grieving the loss of her family, as shown by her clutching a brown photo album of memories after all of their belongings were thrown out during their eviction.

It looks likely that her troubled childhood has led to emotional issues and perhaps a fear of abandonment. The new promo focusses on her relationship with Tane, and suggests that the Parata brother is going to have a hard time letting her down gently.

She’s certainly forward. In a scene at Salt, she comes up to him at the bar and asks him if he’s on a date. When he responds with no, she asks outright, “you wanna be?”

It looks like she gets the answer she was hoping for, as other shots from the new promo show them enjoying a drink, then a flirty game of pool together, before ending up back at the Parata house where they seem set to head straight for he bedroom.

“SHE’S FLIRTY” screams the new promo.

There’s a definite attraction between the pair. Other scenes in the promo see her dance flirtatiously on the sand before running into the sea, with Tane running in close behind.

Throughout the promo are numerous other shots of the pair kissing, and in various states of undress, at the Surf Club and the Parata house.

“SHE’S WILD,” we’re informed, as she dives into his arms by the Surf Club’s outdoor showers, going in for another kiss with her topless new love interest.

Yet we’re reminded that “SHE’S A MYSTERY,” with plenty of secrets yet to be uncovered.

Among scenes of her and Tane playing pool, and enjoying a drink at the bar while she runs her fingers over his forearm, are interspersed scenes of her riling up other residents of Summer Bay.

She’s already alienated one set of neighbours, resulting in her and Cash now living at the caravan park. Sadly, it’s not plain sailing there either, as her bad behaviour starts to attract the attention of Roo (Georgie Parker).

“Can you have a word with your sister,” Roo asks Cash at the caravan park as Flick runs around the place with a huge smile on her face, “because I’ve had complaints.” Will she get them kicked out of yet another place?

Sadly for Felicity, it looks like her feelings for Tane aren’t reciprocated. Returning to the scene outside the Surf Club showers, Tane tells her that “this isn’t going to happen again” as he puts his vest back on and walks away.

Will she cope well with the rejection?

Soon after, Tane returns home to find a single red rose left on the doorstep.

It seems he’s led Felicity on, she’s developed feelings, and now she’s looking for something he’s just unable to offer her. It’s only been a matter of weeks since his breakup with Ziggy, and he was just looking for casual fun, not another relationship.

The promo shows him letting her down as gently as he can, explaining that “I think you want more, and I don’t.”

She walks away, a distraught look on her face, as we hear her tell someone that “having your heart broken, it’s intolerable.”

Have her childhood traumas left her unable to cope with rejection, and will Cash know his sister well enough to recognise the warning signs?

Next week’s episodes will heavily feature the two Newman siblings. On Monday, Felicity looks set to disrupt Cash and Jasmine’s date plans once again, with spoilers suggesting that “Jasmine and Cash have a roadblock called Felicity.”

On Tuesday we delve more into their backstory, as “Jasmine learns of Cash’s traumatic past.” At the same time, the lusty connection grows between the policeman’s sister and the former crim, as “Tane and Felicity are drawn to one another”.

However, it’s short lived, as on Wednesday “Tane puts a stop to his romance”.

Then, on Thursday’s triple bill, the drama continues as “Tane manages to avoid Felicity… well, almost”, and “the Felicity and Tane tornado continues to spin.”

Will she manage to win him round and get her man?

We’re fully expecting Felicity’s grief over her parents’ death, and its ongoing affect on her life, to play a big part in her character’s development in the weeks and months to come.

But will she and Cash be the only members of the Newman family? Lila-Q, an eagle-eyed fan on our forum, noticed a photo in the background of the shot where Tane first discovers he’s spent the night at Cash’s house. It shows three young children – two boys and a girl – could this be a sign that there’s another Newman sibling?

Paparazzi photos taken in the last few weeks show that Felicity may continue to struggle with emotional issues for many months to come. Photos on the Daily Mail website show Jasmine (Sam Frost) taking an empty bottle of alcohol from Felicity, suggesting she continues to turn to the booze to deal with her problems.

UK viewers will see Felicity’s arrival on Tuesday 28th September.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 30th August (7638)

Can Leah bring John and Justin back together again? Logan is the one house guest Tori never wanted. Jasmine and Cash have a roadblock called Felicity.

Tuesday 31st August (7639)

Jasmine learns of Cash’s traumatic past. Nikau tries to make things right with Bella. Tane and Felicity are drawn to one another.

Wednesday 1st September (7640)

Dean struggles with his recovery. Bella is furious with Nikau. Tane puts a stop to his romance.

Thursday 2nd September (7641-7643)

The air goes out of the Nikau and Tane’s road trip. Ziggy and Mackenzie clash over what’s best for Dean. Ari and Mia seek out John’s advice.

Nikau gets mixed results with his olive branches. Ari and Mia adopt some hope from John. Can Ziggy and Dean get back on the same page? Tane manages to avoid Felicity… well, almost.

Christian’s idea of an extended honeymoon doesn’t go over well with Tori. The Felicity and Tane tornado continues to spin. The joy of Martha and Alf’s return is short lived.

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