Home and Away Spoilers – Meet new character Felicity Newman

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Tane is in for a shock when he discovers the identity of his one night stand – new character Felicity Newman.

Last week, Tane (Ethan Browne) came to the painful realisation that Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) is still very much in love with Dean (Patrick O’Connor).


Ziggy and Dean shared a kiss at Bella’s (Courtney Miller) exhibition in the city, but Ziggy swore to Tane that it had been a one-off mistake, and that her feelings for her ex hadn’t returned. However, in reality, that’s exactly what has happened.

It’s almost been a year since Ziggy and Dean broke up. At first, Ziggy was unable to deal with Amber’s growing presence in his life and his ever-increasing weird behaviour. He finally confessed that the real reason for his strange behaviour was because he was there the day of Ross Nixon’s death and was terrified that Angelo would find out – but all it did was push her further away.

It was too much for her, and she left Dean heartbroken.


Now, after a year apart, she has finally come to terms with her lingering feelings for him. She’s realised that she was too harsh on him when he was only trying to protect Colby, and that she should have given him another chance.

They kissed at Bella’s exhibition, but when she couldn’t tell him that she forgave him for his actions, he simply walked away.

Last week, as he lay in hospital after the dramatic car crash, the fear of losing him for good made up her mind. At the end of the week week, she finally told him that she forgave him for everything.

Tane understood his girlfriend’s fears over Dean’s condition, but was taken aback when he discovered she’d been visiting him in hospital without telling him, instead pretending she was spending the day at the garage. Finally, he admitted to himself that he couldn’t compete with Dean, and ended things with Ziggy.

The younger Parata brother opened up to Mackenzie (Emily Weir) at the end of last week, confessing that even though he thinks Ziggy does love him, she doesn’t love him as much as she does Dean.

“I guess it’s a good thing that Dean’s already in hospital,” Mac quipped, but Tane knows that it isn’t Dean’s fault. He hasn’t done anything wrong.

Worse still, Amber warned him months ago that there were still left over feelings between Dean and Ziggy, so he should have listened to her and saved himself the heartache.

As for Ziggy and Dean, the future is looking bright for a reconciliation. She visits him in hospital again this week, where she tells him that she and Tane have broken up.

After their kiss at the exhibition, the only thing standing in the way was Ziggy’s inability to tell him she forgave him. Later in the day, she returns to the hospital and confesses the full extent of her feelings, before the two ex-lovers share another passionate kiss.

Unfortunately, Tane just so happens to walk past again, and witnesses the whole thing. It’s the last thing that Ziggy wanted to happen – after all, she did have feelings for Tane, and doesn’t want to see him get hurt.

“Ziggy is devastated about their break-up,” Sophie explained to Australian publication TV Week. “Tane has done nothing wrong and she never wanted to hurt him. She loves him, and he was such a great boyfriend and person, but she can’t help still loving Dean.”

It doesn’t take him long to move on, as he finds himself in bed with someone very unexpected.

As we’ve seen in a recent trailer promoting Home and Away’s post-Olympic return, we’re about to be introduced to new character Felicity Newman, played by Jacqui Purvis.

Tane meets her as he heads for a night out, his tried and tested way of getting over a breakup. He’s been hitting the clubs, and the beers, hard since the split, and Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) is worried that he’s beginning to spiral.

In this Thursday’s triple bill, as he heads for another night on the town, he finds some company in the form of Felicity. The confident woman approaches him at the bar, telling him that her friends have been asking whether he’s single.

“Your friends wanna know, do they?” he says with a cheeky smile, and as the pair talk, they quickly hit it off.

She’s a party girl, the kind of confident, fun-loving woman he would have dated before he moved to Summer Bay. After his heartbreak with Ziggy, he enjoys a return to the good old days, fun and commitment-free.

He watches on as Felicity gets up on the bar, dancing Coyote Ugly style and lavishing the attention.

It isn’t long until he’s back at her apartment, and that’s where he wakes up the following morning. While he’s got no regrets over his fun night, all that is about to change as he sneaks out into the garden.

It’s there that he comes face to face with Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), the town’s new cop!

The pair have already had a bunch of run-ins since Cash arrived in town. Tane isn’t exactly a big fan of the police, so has shunned Cash’s attempts to befriend him, but this is the last place he expected to find him.

Why is he there? Well, sadly for Tane, it seems Felicity and Cash Newman are brother and sister. Oh, and housemates.


Here’s the full spoilers for the next week of Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 16th August (7626)

Jasmine and Cash’s date is a surprise. Justin faces the new owner of the Garage. Bella searches for an answer about Nikau.

Tuesday 17th August (7627)

Ziggy won’t leave Dean’s side. Bella finally sees Nikau. Mia is cold towards Ari.

Wednesday 18th August (7628)

Ziggy contemplates her past and future. Ari’s worried about Tane spiralling. Bella tells Nikau how she feels.

Thursday 19th August (7629-7631)

Mia finally admits her fears. Justin receives bad news about the Garage. Logan makes an interesting impression around the Bay.

Jasmine gets mixed signals from Cash. John and Justin draw the line. Chloe has an idea to save their debt.

Jasmine discovers who Felicity is. Tane finds some company on the dance floor. Chloe bends the truth to get what she wants.

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Mia and Ari’s relationship is in a bad place after Mia’s miscarriage. Will they survive? Elsewhere, Tori is enraged by Christian’s latest dinner date.

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