Neighbours Spoilers – Jane mourns the loss of her daughter

Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Sheila calls in reinforcements to help her break up Levi, Amy & Ned. Meanwhile, Jane mourns the loss of her daughter.

These episodes will air from Monday 6th September.

It seemed to take both Ramsay Street residents and Neighbours fan alike by surprise when it became clear that the series was set to tackle polyamory.

With the still taboo way of life gaining traction amongst the younger generations of the world, it seemed only natural for this to be explored.

However, it seems that there is continuing pushback this week by a certain nosy grandmother, who won’t take no for an answer.

For the last few weeks, Levi Canning (Richie Morris) and Ned Willis (Ben Hall) have both been dating Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton). After competing for Amy’s heart against one another, it was Ned who came up with the idea for them to both be the blonde bombshell’s boyfriends.

This week though, Sheila (Colette Mann) makes her presence known within the relationship.

It’s been obvious from the get go that she wasn’t a fan of the arrangement between the three.

So, when she sees Amy and Levi together, she’s naturally annoyed. But later, when she catches Ned and Amy on a date at the café, she decides to make her presence known.

Putting a specials board out the front of the Waterhole, she makes it known that there is a ‘Cheaters Special’ on – meaning that patrons can buy two meals for the price of one.

Noting the thinly veiled attack, Ned and Amy decide to move on… Somewhere they can have a bit more fun.

Things go from bad to worse when the pair get caught up in the throes of passion in the greenway. Before long, clothes are off and the pair are getting rowdy.

Of course, who decides to show up just at the wrong time but Sheila. Although Harlow (Jemma Donovan) tried to her best to keep Sheila away, it was to no avail.

With the shock of the public display cemented in Sheila’s mind, she makes the drastic decision to phone Levi’s mother and ask her to come to town.

Fully armed, the question is will Sheila and Evelyn (Paula Arundell) be able to manoeuvre Levi away from Amy enough to split up the throuple?

Meanwhile, Jane (Annie Jones) is struggling in the wake of Nicolette’s (Charlotte Chimes) disappearance.

Returning home from visiting her cousin Toby (Ben Geurens) in Queensland, she is shocked to learn that Paul (Stefan Dennis) was able to track her down and bring home baby Isla.

When she begins to ask questions about her daughter’s whereabouts and the reasoning behind her not returning, Paul doesn’t seem to have the answers. He was able to track her down through Audrey, but he wouldn’t have a clue where she is now.

Refusing to take no for an answer, Jane decides to get in contact with Paul’s private investigator, John Wong (Harry Tseng).

Paul can’t believe it when he hears what Jane has done and contacts John, begging him for a favour.

Reminding John of all the work that the ruthless businessman has thrown his way over the years, Paul begs John to make up a lie to tell Jane. Anything, but the truth.

John doesn’t quite know what to say at Paul’s suggestion, but when he explains that he paid off Nicolette to stay away, things all begin to make sense.

Fearful that if anyone found out, he would lose the love and support of those closest to him, Paul begs his private investigator.

Thankfully, John comes through and informs Jane that Nicolette is in the United States and can’t be tracked down.

Although Paul is relieved, seeing the grief that overcomes his dear friend takes a toll. The situation they are in is bad enough, but Jane’s upset is almost too much for Paul to bear.

However, he is buoyed by the fact that David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron (Matt Wilson) finally have their baby back.

All the pain seems to slide away, seeing how happy the husbands are.

However, little do they all know that the child they have potentially isn’t theirs!

Viewers will note that on Friday of the previous week, after getting Paul to sign the cheque for $1 million and handing over baby Isla, Nicolette returned to her hotel room and embraced a baby, telling it that she could never give her away.

The question we were left with was who was in fact the actual Isla Tanaka-Brennan.

Knowing how much the show loves an extended mystery arc (we’re looking at you Dee Bliss & Andrea Somers), there’s every chance we could waiting some time for an answer!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 6th September (8682)

Leo keeps his stance from Chloe, deciding that he can’t stay in Erinsborough right now.

Jane returns from Queensland, full of questions about why Nicolette hasn’t returned.

Aaron and David embrace fatherhood when Paul returns with baby Isla, but things aren’t as they seem.

Tuesday 7th September (8683)

When Sheila accidentally catches Amy and Ned in the act, she warns Levi that Amy’s actions are no different from on partner cheating on another.

Paul puts the breaks on when Terese starts to make the necessary arrangements for the Quill investment.

Paul is shocked to learn that Jane’s hired her own PI to hunt for Nicolette.

Wednesday 8th September (8684)

John “reports” that Nicolette is the US and can’t be found so Paul persuades Jane to let it go.

Melanie’s past is coming back to haunt them when a number of Toadie’s clients decide to take their business elsewhere.

Thursday 9th September (8685)

Toadie’s guardian angel for the film festival is Rose Walker, who’s back to help him restore his good image, but she just may have another agenda.

Sheila throws Levi a family BBQ for his birthday, cunningly inviting both Ned and Amy which only backfires for Sheila when the trio prove they’re happy.

Friday 10th September (8686)

Craving some intimate time with Ned, Amy books a room at the hotel for a private rendezvous but she accidentally texts Levi the invite.

Rose uses the festival project to wrangle as much time with Toadie as possible, which leaves Melanie feeling on the outer.

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