Neighbours Spoilers – Melanie explodes at Karl and Susan

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Terese throws her support behind Jesse after he shows his loyalties lie with Lassiters.

Elsewhere, Melanie comes face to face with the wife of the man she had an affair with, leading to a tense showdown with Karl and Susan!

These episodes will air from Monday 30th August.

Things haven’t been smooth sailing for Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) over the last few months.

Her beloved hotel Lassiters came under threat when it was revealed that there was a mole in the ranks. Someone had been feeding information to rival hotel chain the Quill Group, attempting to undermine them. It’s the very same hotel group whose CEO had been responsible for the death of her son Josh (Harley Bonner) back in 2016.

When she found out that the mole was ditzy bartender Jesse (Cameron Robbie), she lashed out and sacked him on the spot. Jesse was revealed to be the son of Julie Quill (Gail Easdale), the woman whose sabotage of the Lassiters boiler led to Josh’s death.

He had gone as far as befriending Harlow (Jemma Donovan) in his attempts to get closer to Lassiters management, and successfully wrangled a mentorship from Paul (Stefan Dennis).

However, it turned out that Jesse had been forced into spying for the Quill Group by his step-sister Shay (Yasmin Kassim), and his weeks spent at Lassiters caused him to form an allegiance to Terese and Paul and their hotel.

Now, with the knowledge that he has sabotaged the Quill Group by letting them believe dodgy information, Terese has begun to warm to Jesse. She’s come to realise that while Julie Quill may have been evil, her son may not be.

This week, it comes time for her to go into bat for the young man. Yet when push comes to shove, will she be able to move past the Quills’ involvement in Josh’s death?

It all kicks off when Terese moves Jesse into the hotel after learning he’s been kicked out by his step-sister. She feels sorry for him and offers the room to him pro-bono, but later assures husband and business partner Paul (Stefan Dennis) that should it be necessary, she will pay for him to stay in the room.

As part of the checking in process, Terese asks Jesse for his birthday.

1st May 1996,” he tells her. With that, she goes pale. While she covers, it’s clear that the date has struck a chord.

Feeling the need to open up, she meets with Susan (Jackie Woodburne) and Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) at Harold’s to debrief.

She reveals that the date of Jesse’s birth is the date that her twins – Josh and Imogen (Ariel Kaplan) – were due. Despite the fact that they arrived a few days early, there is no way that she could forget such a significant day.

It’s Melanie who provides her with a bit of guidance.

Maybe he’s been sent here to help you,” she tells her.

This leads Susan to add that perhaps it’s the next step in the healing process – to help Jesse could resolve some of the pent up hurt that she still has towards her son’s death.

With food for thought, Terese makes her way back through the complex. This time, the journey is one of sorrow. As she walks to the hotel, she flashes back to moments that her and Josh shared together.

From learning that he was being sponsored to go to the Commonwealth Games…

…to his passing in the hotel foyer.

Back in the hotel, she bumps into Jesse, who reveals that he is being set up by Shay (Yasmin Kassim). His step-sister blames him for the company being on the verge of collapse and wants him to be the fall man.

It’s clear that Jesse is hurt by this, and feels like his life is falling apart. Armed with that, plus the she received from Susan and Melanie, Terese sets up a meeting with Shay to go into bat for Jesse.

It takes all of her strength to set foot in the Quill Hotel and meet with Shay, but she knows she needs to do it if she’s to get closure on Josh once and for all.

Will she be able to help Jesse?

Meanwhile, with Melanie’s secret affair uncovered, Sheila (Colette Mann) begins to push Susan and Karl (Alan Fletcher) to reveal the truth to Toadie (Ryan Moloney), believing he has a right to know.

The pair want to keep it quiet, figuring they’ve already meddled enough in Toadie’s life, but it seems it’s already too late.

When Anna Buke (Fiona MacLeod) learns that Melanie’s CV is doing the rounds with her husband’s law firm on it, she approaches her, livid.

It turns out that both she and Justin have been receiving calls from potential employers, seeking a reference for Melanie. It’s fair to say they aren’t willing to provide one!

Taken aback, Melanie cops it hard from Anna, who explains that they made it very clear they didn’t want her in their lives anymore.

Melanie’s confused as she intentionally never listed Justin Buke on her resume, but when Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) reveals she sent around the CV she had done up – with Justin’s details on it – it all makes sense.

But there’s one small matter left. Anna explains she has been contacted by two people personally – a school principal and a bar manager. She reminds Melanie that the restraining order she and Justin have out on her is still valid and she will invoke if she has to.

After her humiliation by Anna, Melanie realises that all of this has been dredged up by Susan’s digging.

Storming over to No. 28, with Toadie following closely behind, Melanie overhears Susan mentioning to Karl that she’s never liked gossip.

Maybe you should’ve thought of that before you decided to ruin my life,” she shouts at Susan.

Although Susan tries to apologise, Melanie won’t have a bar of it and tells Susan and Karl exactly what she thinks of them. It’s not an easy listen for Toadie, who’s still in the dark as to exactly what has gone down.

You have never approved of me and Toadie being together.

She continues her spray, telling them that Toadie deserves better friends than ones who scheme and snoop for their pleasure.

As Melanie storms off, Toadie gives her surrogate parents a chilling piece of retrospective advice.

I have no idea what you’ve done, but I really wished you’d come to me first,” he says before turning around and following Melanie out the door.

Left breathless and shocked, Susan and Karl can’t believe what has just happened.

Will Toadie and Melanie be able to forgive Karl and Susan?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 30th August (8677)

Terese’s protectiveness of Jesse intensified when she learns Shay Quill is pinning the downfall of the family company on him.

Mackenzie is determined to help Melanie with her job hunt and accidentally emails Melanie’s old CV to new prospects.

Tuesday 31st August (8678)

After Amy makes it clear that she’s not keen on the idea of polyamory, the trio try to return to their casual fun, but Levi and Ned express they both want more.

Melanie doesn’t think Toadie needs to know the details of her affair with Justin, but Toadie wants to truth.

Wednesday 1st September (8679)

Despite Melanie’s insistence that her relationship with Toadie is different to any she’s had before, Toadie can’t but worry.

While at the hospital, David plans to use the electronic patient file system to find Nicolette, a risky move that could end his career if he is found out.

Amy, Levi and Ned officially begin their polyamorous relationship by establishing ground rules, with all of them committed to making it work with their mutual girlfriend.

Thursday 2nd September (8680)

Unaware that Paul is on a secret mission to find Nicolette, Aaron and David struggle with the loss of their daughter.

Paul flies to Canberra to find Nicolette, contacting Audrey who suggests he go to a park where Nicolette is known to exercise.

Friday 3rd September (8681)

Stunned to see that Nicolette has given birth, Paul demands to be taken to his granddaughter, but Nicolette refuses.

Leo cooks up a peace offering, which slowly thaws David and the brothers talk through their issues.

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