Neighbours Spoilers – Emmett says a bittersweet goodbye

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Emmett says an emotional goodbye to Ramsay Street as he moves to New Zealand with his mum. His decision makes Brent decide to hand himself in… but it’s already too late!

These episodes will air from Monday 24th May.

What starts as a particularly calm week – in Ramsay Street terms, of course – quickly ramps up with the sad departure of Emmett Donaldson (Ezra Justin).

Happiness has been a long time coming for the teen, and next week sees him bids adieu to Erinsborough, looking to the greener pastures of New Zealand for a fresh start with his mum, Jenna (Anne Lise Phillips). She’s now sober, has secured a job, and is finally in a good place to look after her son.

Jenna’s work wants her to transfer to New Zealand ASAP, and she announces to David and Aaron that they’ll be leaving the very next day. The couple are devastated, but they know that it’s all a part of the fostering journey, and that they’d always have to say goodbye eventually.

“You know what, maybe this is the payoff for being great foster parents,” says Aaron.

It’s a heart-wrenching send-off, as David and Aaron wave off their first foster child, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) loses his devoted chess partner, and even Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) is sad to see him go.

But Emmett’s departure triggers a series of events that calls several relationships into question.

With knowledge of his upcoming departure, Harlow (Jemma Donovan) sought to uncover the whereabouts of his half-brother Brent (Texas Watterston). She succeeded in doing so, getting in touch with him via the Year 13 portal, and she eventually convinces him to meets up with her.

Informing him that his mum has returned and is about to take his half brother overseas, Brent is sombre.

He admits that while he would love to see his brother one last time before he leaves, he can’t risk getting caught. He is on the run from the police after all! Harlow eventually talks some sense into her boyfriend, knowing he can’t spend the rest of his life running, and he agrees to turn himself in… but only after Emmett’s flight. He knows Emmett would never leave if he was in jail.

Unfortunately, Harlow’s recent weird behaviour has drawn the attention of Hendrix, and it doesn’t take him long to figure out that she’s discovered where Brent is hiding.

Demanding to see Brent one final time, Harlow takes Hendrix out to see him, and the pair exchange words. Hendrix can’t believe that Brent would put his girlfriend through all of this, and demands that he hand himself in right away. Of course, that’s a decision he’s already made.

Brent can’t believe that Harlow would have brought Hendrix to see him – in his eyes, her ex is the worst person she could have possibly told, and he’s sure that Hendrix will blow his cover before he has a chance to hand himself over to the police.

However, Hendrix cares too much for Harlow to do such a thing. Unfortunately, not everyone in Erinsborough is as generous.

Not long after, Brent arrested on the beach as he and Harlow are pounced upon by two police officers, with Harlow also taken in for questioning on suspicion of harbouring a fugitive.

Brent losing the chance to hand himself in is bad enough, but Harlow is in for a huge shock as more information comes to light on how she and Brent were ratted out to the police.

When she’s met at the station by her grandparents Paul (Stefan Dennis) and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), Harlow quickly finds out that Paul is to blame! After piecing together various conversations with his neighbours, he took the law into his own hands and revealed Brent’s location to the police.

She’s livid, unable to believe that her grandfather would endanger her like that after everything they’ve been through. So naturally, when Toadie (Ryan Moloney) arrives at the police station as a defence lawyer for Brent, Harlow is confused. Even more so when he reveals that Paul has hired him to defend Brent. It makes no sense; why would he suddenly want to help him?

In reality, Paul is holding up his end of a deal with Jenna. He wanted to secure Emmett’s future in New Zealand, but knew Jenna wouldn’t leave if she didn’t know that Brent would be safe. Paul promised her that should Brent be caught by the police, he would organise a lawyer for him.

However, does Paul really intend on saving Brent from a prison sentence? It seems unlikely…

Meanwhile, after visiting Brent, Hendrix discusses his secret trip with Mackenzie (Georgie Stone), who is furious with him.

Knowing the potential risks to Hendrix, who himself is on a good behaviour bond, Mackenzie berates him. He jeopardised his own freedom to go see Brent, a criminal on the run!

Confused by what he was thinking, Mackenzie believes she’s put two and two together and questions if he did it because he is still in love with Harlow. However, it seems that she hasn’t come up to the correct conclusion.

Giving him the third degree in the Flamingo Bar, Mackenzie pushes harder and harder – why would he would risk his future like that if he doesn’t still love Harlow?

“You expect me to believe that you would risk going to jail for Jay, or Chloe, or me?” she asks, pointedly. But the response is far from what she could have imagined.

“Yeah, especially you, yes. I don’t like Harlow, Mackenzie,” he says, before dropping a bombshell.

“The person I have fallen for is you!”

She can’t believe what she is hearing. After weeks of tip-toeing around one another, there is finally an admission of feelings.

Will Mackenzie reciprocate?

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) and Nicolette have agreed to help David and Aaron spruce up the nursery ahead of their baby daughter’s birth.

However a passionate moment of lust sees them accidentally knock a clown lamp off the bench and it smashes.

Shocked, Nicolette and Chloe try frantically to glue it back together, but it’s no use. There’s not covering what they’ve done.

When Aaron comes in, they are so apologetic. Spotting an opportunity, Aaron’s face drops as he tells them that David will be distraught – it was a Tanaka family heirloom after all!

We can replace it with a less fugly one,” Chloe suggests desperately to her brother, believing that there is a solution. But he’s adamant that it won’t be the same.

Then David comes in and the girls can’t hold it in. They apologetically make their confession.

We killed Mr Pickle Tickle!

The look of horror on David’s faces says it all. And Chloe and Nicolette feel awful… That is, until David and Aaron can’t hold it in any longer and burst out in laughter.

When David reveals that his mother gave him the clown lamp as a present and he’s been looking for a reason to get rid of it for years, they realise they’ve been had.

Finally, after a rough few weeks, it’s amicable again between brother and sister, surrogate and fathers. At least one thing is going right in the Brenaka world…

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 24th May (8607)

When Harlow learns that an anonymous user has been accessing the Year 13 info portal, she sneaks into the school to find out if it’s Brent.

Ned learns that Sheila #2 has agreed to pay more for The Hive that she previously stated, and he’s convinced something else is at play.

Throwing herself into the podcast, Bea realises it might be time for a career change.

Tuesday 25th May (8608)

A concerned Hendrix offers to cover for Harlow at work so she can go try and find Brent.

Finally face-to-face, Harlow and Brent are unable to deny their attraction for each other.

After Mackenzie tells Karl of her suspicion that Toadie is seeing someone, Karl is determine to find out who it is.

Wednesday 26th May (8609)

Emmett decides to go with his mum to New Zealand, getting an emotional Ramsay Street goodbye.

Harlow confirms with Hendrix that she has found Brent, begging him to keep the secret.

Under the misguided assumption Hendrix and Harlow are back together and hiding it from Mackenzie, Toadie worries that their deceit will end up hurting her.

Thursday 27th May (8610)

Jane returns from Mildura to the tension between Chloe, Nicolette, Aaron and David, and decides to throw an impromptu intervention.

Before Brent turns himself into the police, he and Harlow finish the toy he has been making for Aaron and David’s baby.

Paul grows increasingly suspicious of Harlow’s behaviour, finally finding the evidence that confirms his hunch that Harlow has been speaking with Brent.

Friday 28th May (8611)

Paul surprises everyone when he hires Toadie to be Brent’s lawyer.

Hurt to learn that Hendrix was keeping Brent’s whereabouts a secret for Harlow, Mackenzie can’t help but suspect that Hendrix still has feelings for his ex.

While decorating Aaron and David’s new nursery with Chloe, Nicolette accidentally smashes a lamp that may have been a family heirloom.

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