Neighbours Spoilers – Karl Kennedy is arrested after Olivia’s fall

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On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, Karl Kennedy is accused of murder after Olivia Bell falls down the stairs at Erinsborough High. Can he convince his family and the police that he’s innocent?

These scenes will air in Australia from next Monday 15th March, and in the UK four weeks later from Monday 12th April.

Karl’s in trouble

As we wrote last week, on this week’s Neighbours Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) is set to confront Olivia Bell (Alyce Platt) and demand that she leave Susan alone. Olivia has been harassing Susan for a number of weeks, wanting her help with the sequel to her Finn Kelly book ‘The Devil You Know’.

Karl was simply trying to protect Susan, but did he take things too far?

The stress of helping out has pushed Susan to the brink, and she’s now having visions of Finn Kelly which she can’t get rid of.

In a shock episode airing this Thursday, Karl confronts Olivia at Erinsborough High, angry at the fact that she won’t leave Susan alone. When he doesn’t get the response he was looking for, Karl gets increasingly enraged, and begins to scare Olivia. She backs away from him, completely unaware that she’s standing in front of a flight of stairs, which she ends up collapsing down and knocking herself unconscious.

Olivia has been relentless in demanding Susan help her with her new book

Although Karl didn’t push her, things don’t look good for the doc. Any onlookers who saw them arguing, saw Karl’s rage, and then saw Olivia fall down the stairs may very well have the wrong idea. To make matters worse, when Olivia wakes up from her coma, she too accuses Karl of pushing her!

Karl can’t believe it. All he wanted to do was protect his wife and warn Olivia off, and suddenly he’s being accused of trying to harm her. He decides to pay Olivia a visit in hospital to convince her that, although he was complicit in her fall by getting angry with her, he definitely didn’t push her. He’d never do such a thing!

Talking to Australian magazine TV Week, Alan Fletcher said “Karl is shattered. She has wrongly accused him of pushing her and he instinctively wants to force her to retract the allegation.

“He knows he didn’t push her, but he realises he genuinely terrified her with the force of his verbal attack.”

Yet unsurprisingly, his hospital visit only makes things worse. He wants to apologise for his behaviour, and hopes this will be enough to cause Olivia to drop the charges. Yet she takes his apology as him admitting to what he did, and tells Levi (Richie Morris) that Karl has just confessed to pushing her!

Levi keeps it in the family as he’s forced to arrest Bea’s uncle

Be it with Mark arresting Paige on their wedding day, or Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) interviewing her father on drugs charges, the residents of Ramsay Street have a history of being arrested by some of their closest friends and family. This time, Karl is arrested by Levi, his niece’s boyfriend, and dragged to the station. Susan, Bea and Hendrix can only watch on in shock.

Despite Karl knowing that he didn’t push Olivia, his guilt begins to get to him. “Karl’s problem is that he knows in his heart that he went too far,” Alan explained to TV Week. “[He’s] guilty of abusing Olivia to the point that she was frightened of him.”

With even Karl himself thinking he’s to blame, and wracked with guilt, will he end up making a huge mistake and implicate himself in her attempted murder?

Will Shane and Dipi move to Sydney?

Elsewhere next week, a newly reunited Dipi (Sharon Johal) and Shane (Nicholas Coghlan) make a huge decision – they’re moving to Sydney. They want to be close to Kirsha and Jay, and think a fresh start in a new city is just what they need to repair their fractured marriage.

Despite moving to the same city as Dipi’s ex fling Pierce, they’re both excited about the move. But there’s one resident who isn’t too happy with the decision – little Nell (Scarlett Anderson).

She’s already lost Sonya in the past few years, and with Dipi moving away, she’s about to lose a second mother figure. Dipi has been a huge part of her life since her mother’s death, and the two lived under the same roof for years. Facing the prospect of a childhood without her, Nell becomes upset.

It’s not long before Toadie discovers she’s missing. Her family presume she’s run away after the new development, and set out to look for her.

When Dipi realises just how upset her move has made Nell, she realises she has no choice but to call off the move to Sydney. Where does that leave her and Shane’s newly repaired relationship?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 15th March (Episode 8578)

Returning from Fay’s funeral, David proposes a new weekly tradition for the Brennans in her honour.

Believing that Karl caused her fall, Olivia tells police that he pushed her down the stairs.

Chloe and Nicolette have a much-needed conversation, making amends and resolving to move forward as friends.

Tuesday 16th March (Episode 8579)

After learning that his aunt wants him to move to New Zealand, Emmett rushes straight to David and Aaron asking is he can move in.

As Chloe and Nicolette spend more time together, Chloe realises she still has feelings for Nicolette.

Harlow proposes a family lunch so everyone can spend more time with Brent.

Wednesday 17th March (Episode 8580)

When Chloe tells Aaron about her feelings for Nicolette, he worries it could lead to a potentially messy situation.

Brent realises he dropped the ring at the No. 82 and starts to panic.

Aaron and David try to persuade Linda to let Emmett live with them, but she is intent on taking him to New Zealand.

Thursday 18th March (Episode 8581)

Nell is upset when she hears that Dipi and Shane are leaving as she doesn’t want to lose another mother figure.

Brent takes off before Leila’s home assessment, but returns home and impresses everyone, especially Leila.

Mackenzie questions her feelings for Richie and wonders if they are more than friends.

Friday 19th March (Episode 8582)

Karl remains racked with guilt over the part he played in Olivia’s accident, and although he talks things over with Olivia, the situation is far from over.

Seeing how upset Nell is, Dipi cancels their move to Sydney.

When Sheila crashes a romantic date Kyle had planned for Roxy, it becomes a tipping point and his temper boils over.

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