Neighbours Spoilers – Fay’s death devastates Aaron and Chloe

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On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, David realises Fay’s condition is deteriorating fast. Meanwhile, Karl’s attempts to help Susan backfire as Olivia Bell ends up in a coma, and he ends up as the prime suspect!

These scenes air in Australia from Monday 8th March, and in the UK from Monday 5th April.

Fay says goodbye

Fay’s return has been hard for Chloe, as she sees what her own future may have in store

Fay’s (Zoe Bertram) return to Erinsborough has been bittersweet for many of our Ramsay Street favourites.

Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) has struggled with having her mother back in town, as watching her deteriorate has opened her eyes to what her future may hold as her own Huntington’s Disease advances. She’s also been forced to overcome her issues with Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes), to allow her mum a final few weeks with the carer she adores.

Her return has also caused tensions for Nicolette. She was delighted to see Fay back in Erinsborough, and took up the offer to be her carer once again. However, when Fay decided she wanted to write Nic into her will, a misunderstanding almost gave the family another reason to hate her when Toadie assumed that Nicolette had coerced Fay into the idea.

Next week, Fay sadly succumbs to Huntington’s. In next Monday’s episode, David checks in on Fay, and is shocked when he realises what a bad way she’s in. Within a very short timeframe, the Brennans are saying goodbye to their mother for the final time.

David and Aaron have had so much to deal with in the past 12 months – could Fay’s death push them over the edge?

The news hits both Aaron (Matt Wilson) and Chloe hard. Aaron blames his own husband, and is angry at David (Takaya Honda) for not noticing Fay’s declining condition quicker. What’s more, he finds out that David knew Fay was taking risks with her health, and thinks that David could have bought Fay more time if he’d put a stop to it.

Is Fay’s death set to drive a wedge between Aaron and David, or will David be able to convince Aaron to work through his grief in a healthy way?

Chloe, meanwhile, looks for affection after Fay’s passing. She falls into the arms of Nicolette and makes an unexpected pass at her – could grief be the thing that finally brings the two together?

Thankfully, Nic can clearly see that Chloe is only seeking comfort because she’s grieving, and decides to turn her down. As much as she loves Chloe and has always wanted to end up with her, she doesn’t want this to be what finally gets them into bed together.

The next day, Chloe is forced to face Nicolette, deeply embarrassed for her actions. Where now for the pair’s rocky relationship?

Karl’s in trouble

This week’s Neighbours sees the shock return of Finn Kelly. Susan (Jackie Woodburne) has reluctantly agreed to help out Olivia Bell (Alyce Platt) with the sequel to her ‘Better The Devil You Know’ book, knowing that Olivia plans to write it with or without her help.

She decides to watch the video diaries that Finn (Rob Mills) made shortly before his death. When she does so, reliving the horrible memories bring up strong feelings of guilt, and she struggles to deal with her emotions. She seeks advice in David, who suggests that she carries out a visualisation technique, where she visualises Finn and asks him her unanswered questions.

Finn Kelly makes a shock return to Ramsay Street, as Susan begins hallucinating his image

Unfortunately, her visualisations end up proving a little too strong, and Finn begins to appear in her mind unprompted. Suddenly, the person who ruined her life is haunting her in her own mind. She and Karl (Alan Fletcher) quickly realise that they need to draw a line under Finn forever.

Next week, they decide that Susan won’t be having anything more to do with Olivia’s book. Susan tells Olivia that she’ll no longer be helping her, but the troubled author refuses to take no for an answer. She’s facing a court case due to inaccuracies in the first book, and is desperate for Susan’s help.

Olivia is desperate for Susan’s help, and refuses to let her step back from her book project

It seems that Olivia has no intention of leaving Susan alone, and only cares about her own selfish interests. Karl is furious, and confronts Olivia about it at Erinsborough High – how can she not care how her actions are affecting those around her?!

His angry state unnerves Olivia, and she takes a step away from him, unaware that she’s standing right next to a steep staircase!

Karl doesn’t have the right prescription to deal with this medical emergency. Will he be accused of attempted murder?

She tumbles down the stairs, landing unconscious at the bottom. Not even some quick medical treatment from Dr Karl is enough to stop her from falling into a coma!

Karl does his best to explain that it was an accident, but considering the circumstances it doesn’t look good. What’s more, when Hendrix tries to cover for Karl, he ends up muddling his words and leaves Levi even more suspicious that the doc was responsible for Olivia’s accident.

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 8th March (Episode 8573)

Checking in on Fay, David immediately realises how sick she is.

With the reminder of how short life can be, Shane asks Dipi to move back in.

A distraught Chloe finds comfort in Nicolette, making a completely unexpected proposition.

Tuesday 9th March (Episode 8574)

Paul is unimpressed by Brent’s lack of sensitivity when he’s unaware that Harlow is hit with grief over the loss of her own mother.

The morning after, Chloe is embarrassed to face Nicolette and must sort through her feelings.

David worries about how Aaron is acting towards his friends, concerned his grief is causing him to alienate those he loves.

Wednesday 10th March (Episode 8575)

Hendrix is left feeling heartbroken when Harlow confirms she’s officially dating Brent.

Roxy posts flyers of the mysterious ring in a determined effort to find her attacker.

The recent intruder is a major cause of concern for Brent.

Thursday 11th March (Episode 8576)

Olivia’s unrelenting pressure on Susan to reconsider pushes Karl to boiling point, leading to a confrontation with disastrous consequences.

Roxy thinks she’s received a lead from a man about the ring, but he’s only interested in dating her.

Yashvi is relieved to find Dipi and Shane acting love loved-up teenagers when she returns from a little holiday with Ned.

Friday 12th March (Episode 8577)

Olivia’s fall leaves her unconscious in hospital, with Karl looking guilty.

Dipi asks Shane to move to Sydney to be closer to Kirsha and Jay, unbeknownst to Yashvi.

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