Home and Away Spoilers – John finds love with a new arrival, as Christian proposes

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, in the 2021 season opener, love and lust is all around in Summer Bay as Christian proposes to Tori, John is swept off his feet by a beautiful stranger, and Ziggy struggles with her feelings for Tane…

Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) and Christian Green’s (Ditch Davey) romance is about to take a huge step forward, as he starts making arrangements for his permanent move to Summer Bay.

Returning from a few days in the city sorting out his apartment and the transfer to Northern Districts Hospital, Christian arranges to view some houses in Summer Bay that day.

When none of them are deemed appropriate, Tori’s brother Justin (James Stewart) then puts his foot in it by blurting out that Christian could move in with them!

Tori follows her brother out of the diner and lays into him for not consulting her before making the offer, Christian is her boyfriend and it should be up to her to decide whether she wants him to move in!

Christian interrupts the siblings who tell him everything is fine, and he asks Tori whether it’s something they should think about. But Tori avoids the question as she explains they have to be getting back to Grace.

When Justin is rushed into the hospital later that day with back pain, things are still a bit awkward between the couple. Thankfully it turns out Justin has just pulled a muscle, and a relieved Tori finally has Justin cornered as she brings the conversation back to Christian.

Justin loves the idea of Christian living with them, but Tori and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) sigh at the fact that Justin is prioritising his burgeoning bromance with Christian above his sister’s wishes. Tori explains again that it’s not his decision to make.

But the next day, Tori is in for a shock when she heads out for a walk with Christian along Flat Beach.

Tori explains to Christian that she’s happy with where they are at the moment in their relationship, and thinks that living together might ruin things—after all, he’d get to see all her annoying little habits!

Christian explains that that’s what he loves about her. He then pledges his love to Tori and tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Tori is stunned when Christian then asks her to marry him! All of her initial reservations of living together are forgotten as she immediately tells him yes!

They immediately return home to tell Justin and Leah their exciting news, but will they get the reaction they’re expecting…?

Tori isn’t the only Summer Bay resident set to make a significant development in their love life this week, when John Palmer (Shane Withington) is swept off his feet by a mysterious lady.

As John is making a mess of his breakfast in Salt—the filling of his roll falling out at the most awkward time—a passing Susie McCallister (Bridie Carter) hands him a napkin. John is captivated by this glamourous stranger, who it turns out is the real estate agent meeting with Tori and Christian.

Bumping into John again after returning from the house viewing, Susie flatters John by asking about the gym in the surf club—after all, it looks like he works out. John quickly sucks in his stomach, confirming that he does, and says that he may be able to wing her a discount.

John spends the afternoon giving Susie the grand tour of Summer Bay, and she appears enthralled by his knowledge of the town’s history. In the diner, Susie asks John out for dinner that evening, as she excuses herself to take a phone call. Irene excitedly comes over and congratulates John on scoring a date. John doesn’t believe Irene at first, thinking that she just wants to hear more about Summer Bay, but then it clicks that Susie really must be interested in him.

That evening at Salt, John is struggling with his nerves and finding conversation awkward. He inadvertently makes a faux pas by bringing up Marilyn in conversation, and excuses himself for a moment as he rings Irene—pleading her to come and help him!

Irene initially tells John to get a grip, but when Jasmine (Sam Frost) later tells Irene how much effort John was putting in with Susie, Irene feels guilty and heads to Salt.

John, fancy seeing you here!” exclaims Irene as she approaches their table. John introduces Irene to Susie and invites her to join them. Susie is polite but clearly wasn’t expecting a third wheel to turn up…

Has John ruined his chance at new love already?

Bridie Carter is best known for her role as Tess McLeod in McLeod’s Daughters, which she starred in from 2001-2006, and jumped at the chance to appear on the show when approached by producers last year.

It’s one of the best roles I’ve ever played,” Bridie told TV Week. “Susie is so intriguing, and confident about who she is. It was so much fun to play out with Shane, and I’ve had a ball playing out this story. It’s special when that happens, particularly on a long-running show.

This actually marks the third role that Bridie has played in Home and Away over the years. She first appeared as Toni Jarvis, girlfriend and editor of writer Mandy Thomas (Rachael Blake), in September 1995.

Bridie as Toni in 1995 (left), and Brooke in 1999 (right)

Four years later in 1999, Bridie portrayed the character of Brooke Taylor, who became infatuated with Travis Nash (Nic Testoni) due to his uncanny likeness to her late fiancé David. It would later transpire that Travis and David were half-brothers.

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, things are decidedly more awkward between Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) and Tane Parata (Ethan Browne), after they finally gave into their temptations and slept together last week.

They bump into each other on the beach, and Ziggy apologises for not returning Tane’s calls, she’s been pretty busy with all the chaos going on at the garage. They’re soon interrupted by the arrival of Ziggy’s ex Dean (Patrick O’Connor), who points out that Ari could do with Tane’s help today.

Dean gives the two of them a look as he walks away, getting the feeling that he had interrupted something. Tane and Ziggy part ways after she points out how awkward that was.

That evening, after a gruelling day doing menial jobs at the garage, Ziggy again runs into Tane at Salt. Tane wants to talk about what happened, but Ziggy shuts him down by explaining that they’d be no good together at the moment.

As Ziggy goes to leave, Tane pulls her back and kisses her—”Just something for you to think about!” Ziggy makes a hasty exit, more confused about her feelings then ever!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 22nd February 2021 (Episode 7476)

Colby’s life hangs in the balance.

Alf gives Kieran a firm warning.

Dean tells Bella the shocking truth.

Tuesday 23rd February (Episode 7477)

The Parata brothers’ luck runs thin.

Bella stumbles across a secret.

Kieran does his best to fit in.

Wednesday 24th February (Episode 7478)

Dean calls in a favour from the old crew.

Justin returns to work.

Ziggy’s pushed into a corner.

Thursday 25th February (Episode 7479)

A mysterious woman arrives into town.

Justin gets serious with Ziggy.

Christian looks for a place to live.

Friday 26th February (Episode 7480)

Justin gets the prognosis on his back.

Christian has a very important question for Tori.

Jasmine opens up.

John goes on a date.

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