Neighbours Spoilers – Levi discovers the truth about Bea’s poisoning

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On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, Levi finds out the truth about Kyle’s roo pies. The Cannings look set to be torn apart, as his actions threaten the future of the Tram, and Gary’s legacy.

These episodes will air in Australia from Monday 1st February, and in the UK four weeks later from Monday 1st March.

Eating one of Kyle’s kangaroo and mushroom pies landed Bea in hospital

Since Bea ended up hospitalised after eating one of Kyle’s famous roo pies, Levi has been trying to get to the bottom of what happened. Bea decided to keep the truth a secret, protecting Kyle and Roxy to protect their business and Gary’s legacy.

More recently, Levi has been getting suspicious that Bea knows more than she’s letting on, when he starts to notice inconsistencies in her story.

Next week, he finally discovers the truth. He notices that Kyle has removed the kangaroo pies from The 82’s food menu, and realises that there’s only one reason he’d do such a thing…

They may be cousins, but it doesn’t stop Levi from reporting Kyle and The 82 tram to the council

He’s furious with Kyle and Roxy for landing Bea in hospital, and is just as angry at his friends and family for keeping secrets from him. Putting his familial connection aside, he makes a bold move and reports the tram to the council. It prompts an investigation into that could jeopardise the business, and spell the end of Gary’s legacy.

Levi may have made the move because of his strong feelings for Bea, but she can’t believe it. She kept secret about her poisoning to protect Kyle and The 82, and now her own boyfriend has shopped them to the council. This is exactly what she didn’t want to happen, and she doesn’t know if she can trust Levi any more.

Meanwhile, Kyle is hurt when he discovers what his cousin has done. He plans to hand himself into the police, knowing it’s the right thing to do, but he struggles to go ahead with it. He knows it could cost him his business.

A few words of encouragement from Levi are well-intentioned, but it ends up with the two having a massive argument. Things aren’t helped when Sheila walks in on them mid-argument – she’s hardly a calming force. With which grandson is she going to side?

Roxy blames herself for the whole predicament. And rightly so, when she was the one who picked the poison mushrooms in the first place. She’s scared that Kyle will leave her if he ends up losing his business, so plans to put things right herself. What’s the worst that could happen?

She goes to speak to the Erinsborough health inspector, Mira Dhaliwal (Ashley Gilham), to try and convince her that none of this was Kyle’s fault. Of course, this is Roxy we’re talking about, and she ends up giving Mira completely the wrong impression.

Has Roxy just made things 10 times worse?

Heartbreak for Hendrix

Hendrix’s gambling spelled the end for his relationship with Harlow… but he can’t bring himself to let her go

Next week, Hendrix continues to pine for Harlow after their recent breakup. He becomes more upset when he discovers that she seems to have forgiven recent returnee Brent for his past actions.

In Hendrix’s eyes, if she can forgive Brent – who made an inappropriate move towards her and later accused her of leading him on – she should be able to forgive him too.

Things get worse when he realises Brent is enrolling at Erinsborough High. Even though they’re no longer together, Hendrix still tries to control Harlow’s behaviour, and tells her that she needs to stay away from him. Obviously, Harlow isn’t going to take well to a man telling her what to do, and tells him so!

Brent ended up punching Aaron after he called out his poor behaviour

Susan feels the same, and is worried that Hendrix’s feelings towards Brent are going to jeopardise his chances of returning to Erinsborough High. Will she be able to convince Hendrix to focus on his schooling, and put his feelings behind him?

As for what the future holds for Hendrix and Harlow, Benny Turland, who plays Hendrix, recently hinted that they’ll eventually reconcile. Speaking to Radio Times, he said “There is definitely a connection between Harlow and Hendrix, however I think circumstances have definitely tested the relationship.”

It seems Harlow is set to eventually forgive her ex-boyfriend, although he gives no suggestion of how long it may take. “You may see them go in different directions for a while, but hopefully they’ll come back together at some stage.”

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 1st February (Episode 8548)

Toadie reveals that he doesn’t support Amy and Shane as a couple.

Yashvi and Ned have dinner with Amy and Shane, deciding to keep it a secret from Dipi.

Levi is furious with Kyle, Roxy and Bea for keeping the secret about Bea’s poisoning from him.

Tuesday 2nd February (Episode 8549)

Sheila ends up in the middle of an argument between Kyle and Levi.

Shane agrees to write Amy a bush ballad, but it doesn’t go down as well as either of them had planned.

Kyle is hurt that Levi has reported him to the council.

Wednesday 3rd February (Episode 8550)

Nicolette take Jane’s advice and decides to be more sympathetic to the trauma that Brent has gone through.

Paul observes what looks like a shady exchange between Nicolette and Brent, believing he has the ammunition he needs to take Nicolette down.

Amy plants the idea that Dipi could be rekindling things with Pierce in Sydney.

Thursday 4th February (Episode 8551)

Paul is confident that’s finally exposed Nicolette’s true colours, but Brent reveals the truth.

Hendrix calls out Harlow’s hypocrisy for forgiving Brent but not him.

Nicolette and Brent vow to stick together, united by their shared dislike of Paul.

Friday 5th February (Episode 8552)

Harlow gives Brent the final supportive nudge to return to school.

Hendrix confronts Harlow and demands she stay away from Brent.

Roxy gives the Health Officer the wrong impression when trying to resolve things at The Tram.

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