Neighbours Spoilers – Brent and Emmett return to Erinsborough

On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, David and Aaron’s life takes an unexpected twist as Brent and Emmett return to Erinsborough. Yet Paul’s meddling threatens to derail everything.

These episodes air in Australia between Monday 25th and Friday 30th January, and in the UK four weeks later from Monday 22nd February.

David and Aaron first fostered Emmett in June last year, and soon took his half brother Brent under their wing too

David and Aaron’s foster child Emmett Donaldson (Ezra Justin) and half brother Brent Colefax (Texas Watterson) haven’t been seen since August last year, when Emmett left their care to live with his aunt Linda.

The couple had already been struggling to keep Emmet’s mum Jenna from influencing his life. Her battles with alcoholism meant she was unable to care for Emmett, but constantly tried to get back into her son’s good books.

When Emmett’s aunt Linda returned from New Zealand and offered to take him in, David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron (Matt Wilson) were powerless.

They both had serious concerns over the move, knowing that it would mean Emmett would end up spending more time with Jenna. Yet despite their worries, the familial connection meant they had no power to stop it.

Emmett ended up having to make the final decision between living with his aunt or his foster parents. After being coerced by his mother, he eventually decided the best thing to do was live with a family member.

The guys had no choice but to let Emmett leave to go live with his aunt

Since then, Aaron and David have had to make do with the occasional video call to Emmett. Saying goodbye to him left them heartbroken – especially David – and it became a bone of contention as they began their surrogate journey.

Aaron wanted to start planning their family from almost the moment Emmett was gone, while David at least wanted the chance to grieve their loss before they began such an emotional journey.

Fast forward a few months and the couple are in the midst of a co-parenting agreement with Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes). Nicolette has already given them countless shocks throughout their short journey, as the truth about her past made them seriously doubt their decision.

Next week, they’re in for another shock as they discover Emmett’s half brother Brent is back in town, and sleeping rough.

There’s a lack of facilities available for kids like Brent, and in episodes airing next week in Australia, Aaron discovers that he has been secretly staying in their shed. He and David certainly aren’t angry with him for hiding out in the garden of Number 32, but just want to know why he’s there.

Yet when they try to question him, he opts to run away. Talking to TV Week, Matt explains: “Aaron is less concerned that Brent has broken into their shed than he is about why he’s there. Brent is in a bad way and the boys are keen to help.”

Unfortunately, his escape from the garden of Number 32 just makes things worse. With nowhere better to go, he opts to camp out at the Lassiters complex. While Aaron and David are looking for him, Paul stumbles across him and isn’t happy.

Paul never learns from his mistakes, and once again meddles in David and Aaron’s business

Paul has already stuck his nose into Emmett and Brent’s business in the past. Earlier last year, he paid off their mother, Jenna Donaldson (Anna Lise Phillips), in an unsuccessful attempt to make her leave town.

Although David has made it clear to Paul that he doesn’t want him interfering, he simply can’t help himself.

Now, finding Brent asleep on the ground on the outskirts of Lassiters, Paul flips out. He sees Brent as nothing but trouble, and wants him gone. Waking him up, he tells Brent to leave – a decision which only proves to anger David.

Paul initially tries to hide what he’s done, but when David eventually finds out, he lashes out at his father. He tries to make Paul see how hard it must be for a kid Brent’s age to be living on the street. He’s been left with no choice due to a lack of support, and that’s not his fault.

Paul doesn’t understand Brent’s struggle, only seeing his past mistakes.

David and Aaron were heartbroken to say goodbye to Emmett, but now they’re about to be reunited

Emmett arrives back in Erinsborough shortly after, searching for his half brother. It’s up to David and Aaron to reunite the pair, as they take delight in their foster family being united once again.

Yet that still leaves the issue of Brent’s living situation. As there’s no emergency accommodation for Brent in Melbourne, Aaron and David offer to take him in until something comes up.

Paul obviously thinks they’re making a huge mistake, letting the troublemaker stay at their house. Angered by his uncaring attitude, David’s rift with his father becomes even bigger.

Will Paul be able to accept David and Aaron’s decision, or will he risk his relationship with his son by meddling some more?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 25th January (Episode 8543)

Toadie is excited about his date with a former Erinsborough local, but Paul finds it hilarious.

Chloe decides she wants no more secrets between her and Nicolette, so Nicolette comes clean about her part in revealing Pierce and Dipi’s affair.

Jane offers to take care of Clive’s beloved Maidenhair Fern while he’s away, but she loses his house key.

Tuesday 26th January (Episode 8544)

Terese is feeling good about Lassiter’s decision to step away from Australia Day celebrations, but Tim Collins soon exposes her previous stance on the day.

Aaron and David are stunned that Brent was hiding in their shed, beginning to search for him when he flees.

Paul’s had a terrible day, so when he finds Brent in the Complex, he sends him on his way.

Wednesday 27th January (Episode 8545)

Emmett shows up looking for Brent.

After a long day of back and forth jabs, Nicolette and Paul agree to a ceasefire.

Shane suggests that Amy and Yashvi spend some time together.

Thursday 28th January (Episode 8546)

Harlow learns that Hendrix has sold the Christmas present she bought him, the anger and hurt flaring.

Aaron and David reunite Brent and Emmett and offer Brent a room at their place.

Hendrix struggles with his first day of school, and new teacher Mr Perkins attempts to lend a helping hand.

Friday 29th January (Episode 8547)

Guilt is eating away at Kyle and Roxy.

Hendrix’s emotional outburst surprising everyone, including himself.

Levi notices inconsistencies in Bea’s memory, and when he learns that Kyle has taken to roo pie off the Tram menu, he begins to suspect who is to blame.

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