Neighbours Spoilers – Chloe discovers Amy’s stolen uniform secret

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On next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Shane comes to Amy’s rescue after her uniform confession. Will they be able to come up with a new design before it’s too late? Meanwhile, Hendrix risks losing everything as his gambling spirals out of control.

These episodes air in the UK from Monday 18th to Friday 22nd January.

After winning the Lassiters uniform tender, Amy is over the moon. Her boundless enthusiasm has charmed Terese and Paul, and they’re delighted to offer her the contract. Yet things quickly come crashing down when Amy discovers that the airline she used to work for has been saved from collapse.

The airline’s recovery would be good news… if it wasn’t for one small problem. She confesses to Shane the truth about the new Lassiters uniforms – she doesn’t own the IP, and she stole the designs from the airline. She’s sold Therese a rip-off.

She did “heavily contribute” to the designs, which seems to extend to coming up with their large internal pocket. But there were a whole team of designers involved, and the airline still owns the intellectual property.

As the airline went bust, Amy hoped that it would soon be forgotten about. The new designs never actually got used, so with the airline gone, nobody at Lassiters should ever have realised they were a blatant copy. But now that they’re back flying, she’s in serious trouble.

Thankfully, Shane doesn’t have much else to fill his time these days. He’s shocked at Amy’s revelation, but he’s been a little lost since his and Dipi’s separation, and the debacle gives him a chance to let his creative juices flow. He offers to help her, and the two form an unlikely creative partnership.

The plan is to come up with new designs, even better than the old ones. They just need to convince Terese and Paul, who already love the initial designs, to opt for the revisions.

Yet there’s a major curve ball, when Paul decides the new uniforms deserve coverage in the trade press. Therese has hired PR consultant, and they organise a photoshoot to promote them. Amy’s in trouble, and decides to call it quits!

She manages to skirt the first meeting with the PR, and heads upstairs to pack up her stuff. When she pops back down to The Waterhole to say goodbye to Shane, he’s shocked. “I really didn’t think you were the sort to give up so easily,” he tells her. She’s making a swift getaway to save Lassiters from a PR disaster, but Shane thinks she’s being too hasty.

Her life didn’t exactly turn out the way she thought, Amy tells him. She’s clocked up 2 gay ex-husbands, kids she never gets to see, and it took her 20 years to get onto the airline’s design team. Then the airline collapsed, and now she’s left with stolen designs.

Shane sympathises, telling her his life hasn’t exactly worked out the way he wanted either. He tells her to stay, and that the two of them will look at the problem from a different angle.

They head to Amy’s new office at The Hive, aiming to alter the designs. Shane sports the current stolen designs, and, as she gets him to pose in a variety of different ways, it’s clear they’re having fun together. Does their connection extend to more than a simply business partnership?

When Amy starts doubting herself, Shane reminds her how talented she is. She just needs to keep working on it, “and have someone really annoying around” to push her into action. Together, they begin to pick apart the designs and come up with something original.

Yet when Amy tells Terese of the improvements she’s making, she reassures her there’s no need – her first designs were perfect. Amy comes up with a half-hearted excuse that she’s been having supplier issues, which just makes Terese suspicious. She agrees to see the new designs, but on the proviso that she may still go with the initial ones.

Unfortunately, with the clock ticking and the PR only booked for one day, Terese decides to go ahead with the shoot. Chloe comes up with the brilliant idea of using Harlow as their model – with no need to source a professional, they can get moving right away.

When Chloe heads to The Hive to let Amy know they’re going with the original designs, there’s nothing that Amy can do to talk her out of it. Amy and Shane have just half an hour to come up with a solution…

When Amy rejects Shane’s idea of coming clean, she needs something more drastic… the only option is to sabotage the shoot!

She heads to the hotel room where the photographer, Chloe and Harlow are assembled. Pretending she sees a crease on the sleeve, she tries to get Harlow to take it off so she can “fix” it. Yet it’s clear she’s just stalling.

Terese was already suspicious of Amy’s behaviour. Now, Chloe has her doubts as well.

She decides to call up Hawke Airlines, Amy’s old airline, to ask them about her employment there. Uh-oh. While they’re highly complementary about her time at the company, they let slip something that could send Amy’s new career crashing down…

They direct Chloe to their company’s website, to view their new uniforms, which Amy helped design. Of course, Chloe is in for quite a shock when she sees them…!

Amy has some serious work to do if she’s going to stop Chloe from revealing all to Terese!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 18th January (8518)

Hendrix is enjoying his blackjack winning streak, but when another game is called and Jay is late, he is lost without his wingman.

Shane dishes Amy a dose of tough love when she considers fleeing to escape the truth.

Tuesday 19th January (8519)

Shane gets to work helping Amy out with new ideas, and the unlikely duo begin to bring out the best in each other.

With the blackjack games cancelled, it prompts an interesting idea for Hendrix.

Wednesday 20th January (8520)

Nicolette is working herself ragged to win back David’s favour but she’s having zero luck.

Kyle returns from Germany, devastated over Bossy’s death.

Hendrix’s luck runs out during a blackjack game at No. 24, losing all his money.

Thursday 21st January (8521)

Kyle accidentally leads Roxy to believe he’s bought her an amazing Christmas present at duty free, leaving him to race out to buy the perfect gift.

Aaron confronts David over his lack of support for Nicolette and their baby.

Sheila’s devastated to learn that Clive and Jane are together.

Friday 22nd January (8522)

Amy tries to sabotage Lassiters photo shoot leading Chloe to dig into her history and uncover a big secret.

Nicolette turns down Ricardo’s offer, but she’s blindsided by a much worse counter offer.

David finds Nicolette passed out and gets her to hospital and it’s the wake-up call he needs to finally confront his issues.

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