Neighbours dance promo drops some big hints for 2021

For the last few days, Neighbours’ social media has been teasing something exclusive, with Tweets and Instagram posts showing Benny Turland (Hendrix) dancing with cast members.

The full video finally dropped after tonight’s Australian episode, with a slickly produced promo in which Benny dances around Erinsborough, giving us some potential clues as to what’s in store on Neighbours over the Australian summer and into 2021.

The video is a spectacular dance promo for the show, featuring Benny Turland (Hendrix Greyson) showing off his dance moves as he struts around Lassiters and Ramsay Street.

As he dances around and between all of our favourite Neighbours characters, he even manages to coax Colette Mann (Sheila) into sharing a dance with him on the Lassiters boardwalk.

Benny is already an accomplished dancer, and at 12 years old won Young Talent Time before reaching the semi-finals of Australia’s Got Talent at 14. Now he gets to show off his moves on Neighbours… or at least on its summer promo.

The promo also drops a few hints as to what’s to come in 2021.

Bea and Levi look set for happiness after constant missed opportunities over the past year. Benny dives straight through the middle of Bonnie Anderson (Bea) and Richie Morris (Levi) as they hold hands in the front garden of Number 28, looking longingly into each other’s eyes.

They’re seen again later at the Number 32 garden party, sharing a sun lounger and with Bea’s arm around Levi. Is it finally happily ever after for our will-they-won’t-they couple?

We also see Jane and Clive cosied up together on a bench, arms intertwined, in the biggest hint yet that their drunken one night stand at Karl and Susan’s Christmas party evolves into something more serious.

Sheila won’t be too happy about that one!

The promo also gives us our first look at Amy Greenwood’s return, as Benny dances past glamorously dressed Jacinta Stapleton. Jacinta’s first scenes as Amy air next Tuesday in Australia.

The hostility continues for Shane (Nicholas Coghlan) and Dipi (Sharon Johal). Dipi serves Shane with a coffee on the terrace outside Harold’s, but gets a very frosty reaction from him as she does so.

Could there be a new romance on the cards for Shane? Fans have recently been speculating that he could end up with Amy, and the pair do share a couple of glances as Amy strides past him and Dipi.

Is this Shane’s chance for happiness after the discovery that Dipi had been cheating on him with Hendrix’s dad, Pierce? Even with Pierce gone for good, it doesn’t look like there’ll be a reconciliation for Shane and Dipi any time soon.

There’s also romance for Toadie (Ryan Moloney)… but with who? The promo shows him chatting to a woman, but the camera angles clearly avoid showing her face. Whoever she is, she’s clearly hilarious, and we hope she can finally bring him happiness after multiple failed relationship attempts in 2020.

Toadie’s 2020 dating record has been terrible. Finally putting Dee behind him, he almost ended up dating Angela Lane, before being swiftly warned off her by Karl and Susan. Next was Rose, with whom he actually had a lovely connection – but her reconciliation with her ex stopped things going any further.

More recently, he’s struck up a friendship with Audrey (Zahra Newman), which seemed like it was heading for romance… but Australian viewers are about to see Audrey and Chloe’s lottery secret come to light, which looks set to throw a major spanner in the works.

There’s clearly more tension in store for Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) and Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) as well. Benny dances past them outside the The 82, and Chloe gives Nic quite the glare as she walks past, leaving Nicolette looking sad and dejected as she longs to repair their friendship.

Is there more tension in store for Hendrix and Harlow’s (Jemma Donovan) relationship? She doesn’t look too happy with him as he struts around the garden party at Number 32, and eventually strides up to him. As he gives a confused look and shrugs his shoulders, she glares at him and pushes him in the water.

In 10 Peach’s version of the trailer, over the Harlow and Hendrix scenes, the voiceover announces “Plus, Ramsay Street’s biggest scandal is coming!

What has Hendrix done?!

Will this be the year he wins over Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis)? There’s a disappointed grimace from Paul as Hendrix dances through the Lassiters complex, but Hendrix gives him a “eh, who cares!” shrug at the garden party. With Pierce out of the picture, might Paul finally soften towards him as we head into the new year?

It looks like Neighbours is set to air right through the Australian summer, airing weeknights at 6:30pm on 10 Peach.

However, the show is set to take a Christmas break in the UK for the first time in years. The final episode for 2020 will be Wednesday 23rd December, with it not returning until Monday 4th January 2021. Read more here.

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