Home and Away Spoilers – Will Tane and Ari carry out an armed robbery?

In this week’s Home and Away, Ari and Tane need to decide between armed robbery and potential jail time for Tane. Is there even a right answer?

Tane (Ethan Browne) just can’t catch a break. His ill-fated decision to shift a van full of stolen goods has caused nothing but pain for the Paratas, and it looks set to continue.

Ziggy and Willow’s decision to get rid of the van proved disasterous

Recent weeks have seen Willow, Ziggy, Ari and now Mackenzie rally round to try and get Tane his freedom, but each attempt fails more spectacularly than the last. Willow and Ziggy initially teamed up to get rid of the van of stolen goods Tane was trying to shift, handing it over to Willow’s River Boy friends with no idea it also contained $25,000 of drugs.

Paul and his boys landed Tane in hospital… and that was before they realised their drugs were gone for good!

With Tane’s crim buddies not too pleased to lose both their stolen electrical items and their dodgy pharmaceuticals, they set upon the Paratas at their house. It was only Ryder’s call to the police that stopped the Paratas from being seriously injured, but they were left knowing that Paul, Leon and their boys could return at any moment.

In an attempt to buy Paul off, Mackenzie handed over the keys to her Porsche, worth more than enough to pay for their freedom. As far as she was concerned, that was the end of it, and even Ari and Tane eventually conceded that she’d done the right thing and that they could finally relax.

Yet the gang aren’t ready to give in that easily. They now see the Paratas as easy targets, and want Tane to complete yet another job. Each time they promise it will be the last one, that his debt will finally be paid off, but it doesn’t look like that’s anywhere near close to happening.

This week, their troubles are set to get significantly worse!

Paul is just playing games, knowing he has the Paratas right where he wants them

While sharing a coffee with Mackenzie in Salt, Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) is set to receive a text from Paul, simply reading “Let’s talk”. Paul is showing off, attaching a photo of him in Mackenzie’s old car, and looking very pleased with himself.

Ari pretends to Mac that it’s nothing, just Nikau wanting to borrow some money, but he knows it can only be something bad.

Grabbing Tane from the house, he tells him that Paul has another job for them. The two head to a remote meeting point, where Paul and Leon pull up in Mackenzie’s car.

Yet the job is the last thing they were expecting. An armed robbery! The exact same crime that led to their brother Mikaere dying just a few years ago. “Reefton Lakes Leagues Club.” instructs Paul, giving them the details of their next job. “Easy hit, I’ll provide the artillery”.

“You’re talking about an armed robbery!” exclaims Tane, unable to believe that it’s come to this. Transporting some drugs or handling stolen goods is one thing, but this is next level.

“Tane never thought it would go this far and he’s gutted to do this to his family,” Ethan told TV Week. “Tane isn’t feeling too good about himself and where his life has ended up.”

For Ari, enough is enough. He tells Paul and Leon where they can stick their job. Yet he’s in for a huge shock when they give him something that leaves them cornered. Ari is handed an envelope of incriminating photos of Tane, and it’s enough to send his brother to prison for years.

Knowing Paul has them under his thumb, the two brothers realise that they may have to carry out the armed robbery after all. Yet it’s a crazy risk – don’t do it and they risk Paul handing the photos of Tane to the police, but do it and get caught and they’ll both face jail.

It’s lose, lose.

Tane is shocked when Ari tells him Paul has another job for them

What will the boys choose?

As they discuss their options, Ari breaks down. He can’t cope with their family being split apart. At that moment, Nikau walks in, and they have no choice but to confess to their young nephew what’s going on.

Not wanting him to get caught up in their dramas, they tell him that he needs to move back to New Zealand. He had already planned to head there with Bella a few weeks ago, but those plans were put on hold after Colby was sentenced to jail. Now, he needs to stop thinking about Bella and protect himself.

Nikau refuses to leave, wanting to play his part in protecting his family, but his uncles make it clear that he can’t get involved. This is their fight, and his life will be in danger if he sticks around in Summer Bay.

When he talks to Bella, she tells him that he has to go! She’s already lost Colby to prison, she doesn’t want to lose him completely as well. Although she’ll be gutted to say goodbye, he has to head back to New Zealand until things cool down.

Will Nikau do the sensible thing and go? And what next for Tane and Ari?

There are just five days of episodes of Home and Away left this year. The season draws to a close next Monday 30th November, with a triple bill season finale from 7pm. Watch the promo below and see what’s in store in the final week of the year.

Here’s the full Home and Away spoilers for this week’s episodes in Australia:

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Monday 23rd November (Episode 7467)

Ziggy won’t back down. John prepares for a date. Ari receives a troubling text.

Tuesday 24th November (Episode 7468)

Tori and Christian clash over Jasmine. John’s date is a disappointment. Ari and Tane consider their options.

Wednesday 25th November (Episode 7469)

Tori refuses to accept fault. Jasmine is the friend Taylor needs. Roo’s frustrated with Irene’s impenetrable vault of secrecy.

Thursday 26th November (Episode 7470-7472)

Bella can’t find Dean. Martha returns home to tell Alf the truth. Taylor visits Colby.

Distressed, Bella is comforted by Mackenzie and Ari. Dean spirals into self-destruction. Alf deals with a new arrival. Taylor and Angelo continue their reconciliation.

Is Dean too broken to return to his old life? Will Jasmine visit Colby in prison? Will Angelo and Taylor hit the road? Ari gets an unwanted text.

Monday 30th November (Episode 7473-7475)

Season Finale. Episode synopsis TBC.

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