Neighbours Spoilers – Somebody’s poisoned Pierce

On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, after Pierce has a heart attack scare, his results show he had narcotics in his system – but who poisoned him?

These episodes will air in Australia from Monday 16th November, and in the UK three weeks later from Monday 7th December.

All the clues were pointing to a deadly exit for Pierce Greyson, but it looks like he lives to see another week. At the end of this current week in Australia, Pierce suffers a “deadly accident”, which many Neighbours fans predicted would lead to his death – after all, it’s already confirmed that the character’s time on Ramsay Street is running out.

Yet we still have our whodunnit mystery, as it transpires that poor Pierce has been poisoned. The “freak accident” we’ve been teased is actually a heart attack scare, and it looks like he collapses at the doorway of Number 24, with Hendrix rushing to his side.

When he’s rushed to hospital early next week, his blood tests show that he has stimulants in his system, but he’s got no knowledge of taking them. Has someone drugged Pierce?

There are plenty of suspects, plenty of people who’d want to see the cheating millionaire gone for good.

Shane is the obvious suspect, he’s got motive and he certainly knows where to get his hands on drugs. To make matters worse, he’s the one who Dipi instantly suspects. When she instantly fears the worst of her husband, she’s forced to admit to Jane that her marriage is truly over.

However, it looks like Shane would rather take his anger out in a more physical form, as he and Pierce come to blows later next week. They’re forced to endure each other’s company on a drive to a campsite where the teens are celebrating Schoolies, and they end up fighting in front of all of the kids.

Their fight comes on Thursday 19th November, on a special episode celebrating International Men’s Day.

The episode explores the struggles that many men face, such as mental health, toxic masculinity, relationship pressures and same-sex parenting, with an encouragement for men to support each other.

As well as focussing on Shane’s struggles, it will feature the next step of David and Aaron’s journey into surrogacy, as well as a shock for Mackenzie as the teenage boys grapple with a new social app which objectifies women.

So if it isn’t Shane, then who else on Ramsay Street would want Pierce gone?

Nicolette works at the hospital and has access to drugs. She was never Pierce’s biggest fan at the best of times, but after discovering that he was cheating on his doting wife – a wife who Nicolette just so happens to have feelings for – she officially hates him.

If she suspects Chloe is thinking about going back to her cheating husband, could she take drastic action?

Or could it be someone who wants to get into Nicolette’s good books? Audrey seems like a goody-two-shoes and a genuinely lovely person, but are we about to see another side to her in a misguided attempt to patch up her friendship with Nicolette?

She also works at the hospital, so too has access to drugs. What’s not so easy to figure out, however, is when she’d have the opportunity to drug Pierce? Unless she breaks into Number 24, is her only other option to slip something into his coffee at Harold’s?

Or how about Jay Rebecchi? We know very little about the Rebecchis’ gifted son, who’s spent the last few years living at a Sydney boarding school.

He’s arrived in town just in time to witness the breakdown of his parents’ marriage, and we don’t know enough about his character to rule him out – has he arrived looking to exact revenge on his mother’s now ex lover? Does his natural academic gift coupled with his expensive private education mean he’s well versed in concocting a deadly substance?

Plus, we still have the question of how Pierce leaves. With murder seemingly off the cards, will he just whimper off into the distance after he accepts his marriage is over? Or does Neighbours have any more surprises up its sleeve?

We’re just a week or so away from finding out.

Elsewhere in Ramsay Street, Bea is forced to come to terms with the fact that she’s dating Levi’s attacker. Will she put her friendship with Levi over her potential new romance?

She’s started dating Nathan “Packo” Packard (Jackson Gallagher), who recently arrived in Erinsborough after Kyle invited him to patch things up with Levi.

As a kid, Levi was attacked by a group of youths, leaving him with permanent epilepsy that has gone on to mar his career on the police force. The kids were actually looking for Kyle, and Sheila has always blamed herself for Levi getting caught up in a fight that wasn’t his own.

Now, with Nathan back in town, Sheila wants to meet him as well and see for herself whether he’s really changed his ways. Plus she wants to get some closure, and stop blaming herself.

Levi only recently discovered that he wasn’t the intended target of the attack which left him with lifelong epilepsy – Kyle was!

Sheila wants to look him in the eye and make sure he’s genuine in his apology“, Colette Mann tells TV Week.

Unfortunately, it’s not long before everyone bumps into each other and the truth comes out. When Nathan, Bea, Levi and Sheila all cross paths, it quickly transpires that the person Bea is dating is the same guy who Sheila and Levi are looking to get an apology from.

Bea knows first hand how much Levi’s epilepsy has affected his life, so to find out she’s dating the man who caused it is too much for her to deal with.

Bonnie Anderson, who plays Bea, spoke to TV Week about how the revelation made Bea feel: “Bea is infuriated by the fact that Nathan … never spoke to her after their date, and then she realised who he was! It becomes too much to handle”.

She decides to walk away from both of them for now, giving her some space to get her head around things.

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 16th November (Episode 8495)

After his heart attack scare, Pierce’s bloodwork shows evidence of stimulants that he knows he didn’t take.

Dipi suspects Shane drugged Pierce, leading her to admit to Jane that her marriage is over.

David is set to fly to Canada to begin the surrogacy process, but Nicolette comes forward with an offer just before he leaves.

Tuesday 17th November (Episode 8496)

Sheila decides to meet with Nathan to help get some closure, but when Bea and Levi interrupt the meeting, everyone is horrified to learn that Bea has been dating Levi’s attacker.

Everyone is shocked by Nicolette’s offer to be David and Aaron’s surrogate, leaving the couple with a lot to consider.

Wednesday 18th November (Episode 8497)

With tensions still running high between Hendrix and Pierce, all Hendrix wants to do now that exams are over is to party.

Shane is pleased that Dipi agrees to talk with him, but she later reneges on the meeting, leaving Shane at breaking point.

Bea questions her taste in men.

Thursday 19th November (Episode 8498)

The boys are ready to let loose at Schoolies.

Hendrix finds out about “The Ladder”, an app that the boys at school are using to rank their female classmates.

Pierce heads off to the campsite after Hendrix steals his car, with the rest of the Ramsay Street men eventually tagging along.

Shane’s grievances with Pierce get the better of him on the road and things turn physical between the pair once everyone’s at the campsite.

Friday 20th November (Episode 8499)

Shane tells Dipi that he’s tabling his efforts to fix their marriage to work on himself privately, which comes as a relief to Dipi.

Pierce arrives home with the sad realisation that things are over for him and Chloe, which devastates Hendrix.

Richie is ashamed when he admits to Mackenzie that he submitted her to “The Ladder”.

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