Neighbours Spoilers – Pierce suffers an accident as the affair fallout begins

On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, the fallout from the affair ends up being Pierce’s downfall as he suffers a tragic accident… and if rumours are correct, he may not survive!

These episodes are set to air in Australia from Monday 9th November, and in the UK three weeks later from Monday 30th November.

Dipi and Pierce can’t keep their hands off each other, and end up in bed again… but they’re about to get found out!

Pierce’s comeuppance is long overdue. In episodes airing in Australia this week, he is set to go behind Chloe’s back once again and end up in bed with Dipi. We hope they enjoyed themselves, as it seems like the very last time they’ll be together.

At the end of this Friday’s episode, Chloe is set to discover the affair, setting in motion a chain of events which potentially leads to Pierce’s death… or at the very least, his exit from Erinsborough.

After Nicolette sets them up, Chloe ends up walking in on Pierce and Dipi in the act

In next week’s episodes, Chloe is dealing with the fallout from her horrible discovery. She turns to Nicolette, her one true friend and her confidant throughout her recent struggles with Pierce and her baby.

Despite it being Nicolette who orchestrated her finding out about the affair, she has no hard feelings. She’s reeling from the news, and needs someone to turn to.

Talking to TV Week, April Rose Penglilly describes her pain: “Finding out about the affair has completely blindsighted Chloe.”

“After Chloe has attended counselling with Pierce and tried to work on mending their relationship, she feels embarrassed and betrayed.”

Yet it seems she was totally wrong – and now she doesn’t even want to listen to his explanation.

Meanwhile, Shane has been doing all he can to put things right in his marriage, even constructing a large sunroom at the back of the house, which he’s prepared for Dipi as a surprise.

Yet the biggest surprise is yet to come, and when Dipi blurts out the news of her affair, it hits Shane like a brick.

It takes all his might to not turn to Richie’s ADHD medication as a way to numb the pain. Eventually, he decides his marriage is still worth fighting for, and still wants to try and repair the damage.

Yet he’s stunned when Dipi won’t listen – she doesn’t want to talk about it, and just wants to move out of the house and give Shane some space.

Thankfully, a surprise new arrival helps get them talking.

© Dhruv Malge

As we previewed earlier this month, Jay Rebecci makes his long-awaited arrival at the end of next week, and it seems like he’s arrived just in time. Played by Dhruv Malge, Jay turns up at Number 30 in the middle of a tense scene, in which Shane comes home to find Dipi. He’s glad to see her back in the house and thinks it’s a result of him texting her… but he’s devastated when he sees her bags and realises she’s moving out.

Yet just as she plans on leaving, her son makes his first appearance on Ramsay Street. The confident teen has arrived to try and fix his parents’ marriage, but as Jay has no idea about his mum’s infidelity, the the unhappy couple have no choice but to keep it a secret and spend more time together.

Will his arrival be enough to repair their rift?

Yet there’s one major shock in store as the week unfolds.

After initially pushing Pierce away completely, at the end of next week Chloe begins to reconsider things, and gives Pierce the faintest glimmer of hope that they may be able to repair their marriage.

With so much going through Pierce’s head, he goes for a late night workout. Sadly for him, the move is a big mistake, as he suffers what’s been described as a “shocking accident”.

Could this be the end of Pierce Greyson?

Rumours of Pierce’s impending death have been circulating online for weeks. When Don Hany took over the role of Pierce from Tim Robards last month due to Coronavirus restrictions in Australia, it was announced that he would be taking over for the 4 weeks, filming Pierce’s final scenes on the show.

At the end of next week, we’ll be 3 weeks into new Pierce, meaning the rich business owner has about one week left in Erinsborough. It now seems almost undeniable that this accident will be his downfall, with his final scenes perhaps playing out from a hospital bed?

Or could an attempt on his life be the warning sign he needs, with a swift exit to far-off lands on the cards?

Either way, we don’t have long to find out.

Levi comes face to face with his attacker

There’s a shock in store for Levi this week as well. He decides to meet the man who attacked him as a child, leaving him with epilepsy which continues to make his life a struggle, and almost cost him his job on the police force.

Yet little does he know, the man also happens to be wooing Bea, just as Levi finally decides he wants to pursue her himself. He can accept that he’s missed the boat with Bea and is happy that she’s found herself a new man – but will his happiness continue when he finds out who it is?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 9th November (Episode 8490)

After finding Dipi and Pierce together, Chloe flees straight into Nicolette’s arms.

Shane’s still waiting for Dipi to return home to surprise her with the sunroom, but Dipi has her own surprise for him.

Paul is angry about losing his leverage with Pierce, who drops the bombshell about the blackmail when he comes looking for Hendrix.

Tuesday 10th November (Episode 8491)

Confused and angry at Dipi’s withdrawal, Shane is tempted by Richie’s ADHD medication.

Pierce learns that Chloe had the necklace and accuses Nicolette of planting it at Harold’s.

A worried Jane observes Nicolette’s keen investment in Chloe.

Wednesday 11th November (Episode 8492)

After her outburst, Mackenzie finally opens up to Richie about her insecurities.

Bea continues messaging Nathan, unaware of his connection to Levi.

Thursday 12th November (Episode 8493)

Levi decides that he wants to meet with Nathan and put the past behind him, unaware that he’s dating Bea.

Toadie is impressed with Audrey’s efforts with the foundation, inviting her to dinner.

Friday 13th November (Episode 8494)

A heated argument between Shane and Dipi is interrupted by an unexpected arrival – Jay.

Chloe gives Pierce the faintest of hopes about a chance for fixing things.

Unable to sleep, Pierce heads off for a workout, but things take a shocking turn.

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