UK Neighbours Spoilers – Scarlett’s missing, and Ned is the prime suspect

In next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Ned is in deep trouble when he wakes up with a head wound, a weapon in the back of his car, and Scarlett missing! What has he done?

At the end of this week, Scarlett disrupts Ned’s exhibition, accusing him of stalking her in front of his friends and family. The move causes him to chase after her, jumping in his car and speeding off in chase. You can read about the dramatic events here, and they’re set to air in the UK on Friday.

Next week, the pair are set for a dramatic showdown.

Therese, Paul and Roxy head back to Ramsay Street hoping to find him at Number 22, but there’s no sign of him there. When Paul tells Therese he’ll come back once he’s “blown off steam”, it isn’t reassuring – just what exactly does that mean? She hopes he doesn’t do anything stupid… and it seems she’s right to be concerned.

Yashvi and Bea head to The Waterhole, where Yashvi blames Ned for giving Scarlett the exact reaction she wanted. He took off after her, making Ned look guilty in front of everyone at the exhibition.

She texts him to tell him to come home, but he’s busy still on the road chasing Scarlett, and ignores her calls. He’s desperate to confront Scarlett and put an end to the situation, but what exactly will he do when he catches up with her?

Another call comes through, and this time he answers, without looking down. “Hey, V?” he answers. Nope, this time it’s Scarlett. “You’re so cute when you’re angry” she taunts him, happy that he’s chasing her and telling him she didn’t realise his feelings ran so deep.

When he tells her he doesn’t have feelings for her, she reminds him that he did, “and deep down you always will.

You’re deluded,” he tells her, but she points out he’s the one chasing her down the motorway.

She keeps driving, and eventually leads him to the infamous maze where she stabbed him last year.

Meanwhile in Erinsborough, Bea is frustrated at Levi and the fact that the police aren’t doing more to find Scarlett. He assures her they’ve got a car parked outside her house, but she thinks the idea of waiting for her to come home is ridiculous. If the police don’t get to her before Scarlett does, “it’s not going to end well”.

She inadvertently sowing the seeds in Levi’s head that if Ned catches Scarlett, he’ll do something bad.

Back at the maze, Ned is taken back to the night where she stabbed him, and has horrific flashbacks of the terrible event. It was last October that Scarlet, dressed in a wedding dress and devastated that they had broken up, told him that he’d left her with no choice before going on to stab him in the abdomen with a cheese knife. The event left him with PTSD, so being back in the same situation a year ago fills him with dread, and perhaps a certain amount of anger.

“You’re not scared are you Ned?” asks Scarlett. “I thought you wanted to finish this.”

She walks into the maze, and Ned, stupidly, follows her in. Oh Ned, she has you right where she wants you!

When he hasn’t returned home the next morning, Yashvi is scared. Has something happened to him, or has he just slept at The Hive out of embarrassment?

As Yashvi heads to Lassiters to file a missing person’s report, she’s stunned to stumble across Ned’s car in the parking lot, with him asleep inside.

Ned seems as confused as she does. His head is killing him, and Yashvi is stunned to see he’s got a huge gash on his head. He has no idea how he got it, nor how he ended up in the parking lot.

He remembers following Scarlett and going to the maze, but he doesn’t remember anything that happened after he entering the maze. He doesn’t know what happened to Scarlett, how he got home, anything!

To make matters worse, Scarlett’s rich husband Basil is at the police station to report Scarlett missing, and to file a complaint against Ned. He shows Levi the photos and videos from Fandangle, claiming that Ned sent them to her unprovoked, giving pretty damning evidence of Scarlett’s stalker claims.

Thankfully Levi already knows about the Fandangle debacle, so knows Ned’s side of the story. However, when he tells Basil about Scarlett’s exhibition, he’s stunned – Ned has painted a portrait of his fiancée without her knowledge? What more proof does he need that the guy’s obsessed?!

Levi starts to doubt Ned’s version of events. Is Ned the guilty one after all?

When interviewed, Ned’s only explanation is that Scarlett must have hit him over the head with something heavy, but Yashvi is suspicious as to why she didn’t do anything more to him when he was unconscious. Levi asks if she could have hit him in self defence, but Ned denies it… yet it’s clear neither Levi or Yashvi truly believe he’s 100% innocent.

Could Ned have actually hurt Scarlett? If not, how does he explain her disappearance?

As the investigation continues, there are two clever pieces of events that land Ned right in it.

It turns out the two had met before the exhibition, with Ned warning Scarlett off. Yet Scarlett had carefully angled the shot to make it appear on CCTV like Ned had cornered her and was threatening her. After Ned walks off, she also walks out of shot of the camera, before falling backwards as if she’s been pushed.

She later turned up at the hospital with bruises on her arms, claiming they were caused by an abusive ex.

When Levi checks the CCTV, he believes the fake footage that makes it appear like she was pushed to the ground – to Ned it’s obviously fabricated, but to Levi it’s enough for Ned to become prime suspect #1.

Moreso, when Levi searches Ned’s car, he find blood in the boot, while Yashvi discovers Ned’s pallet knife hidden within the maze, covered in blood. Ned has no memory of the events, there’s evidence of an attack, and he’s now the main suspect in Scarlett’s disappearance. How will he get out of this one?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours episodes in the UK:

Monday 26th October (8465)

Pursuing Scarlett leads Ned back to the maze, bringing up the traumatic memories of last year.

Yashvi finds Ned asleep in his car with a big gash on his forehead, a foggy memory, and some damning evidence against him.

Tuesday 27th October (8466)

The police question Ned about the bloody palette knife in the maze and blood in the boot of his car.

Nicolette ignores the Facebook message from someone desperate to get in contact with her, resulting in a text from a stranger claiming to know where she is.

Ned is distraught to hear that Yashvi can no longer say with certainty that he wouldn’t hurt Scarlett.

Wednesday 28th October (8467)

Try as she might, Nicolette is unable to prevent her mystery message sender from coming, and her friend Audrey arrives from Canberra,

Chloe and Pierce try to reconnect, but when she turns to thinking about her lost friendship with Nicolette, Pierce accuses her of having her mind on Nicolette instead of their marriage.

Nicolette and Audrey discuss their big secret, and Audrey reveals she can no longer live with her guilt.

Thursday 29th October (8468)

Pierce seeks out Audrey to get some inside information about Nicolette, leaving Nicolette and Chloe furious and hurt.

Dipi feels resentful after another fight with Shane, thinking her feelings come second to his.

A wine-fuelled evening turns steamy for Dipi and Pierce when they turn to each other for emotional support.

Friday 30th October (8469)

Susan delivers an ultimatum – Karl and Jane must leave their hoarding in the past or Jane will have to move out.

Clive tries to stop Sheila from running, resulting in the BBQ toppling and crashing on top of Kyle.

Pierce and Dipi acknowledge that their indiscretion has helped reinvigorate them to work on their marriages.

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