UK Neighbours Spoilers – Scarlett sabotages Ned’s exhibition

In next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Yashvi decides to support Ned and come to the opening of his exhibition, but she’s in for a big surprise when he reveals his portrait of her to the world. Elsewhere, Dipi and Pierce try to avoid each other after their kiss, but only end up growing closer.

Shock as Ned’s exhibition takes a dark turn

Yashvi thinks it’s over between her and Ned. After finding out the truth about him and Scarlett, she doesn’t think she can forgive him. She could have got past the idea of him selling naked photos and videos on Fandangle, but not telling her when he discovered that it was Scarlett who commissioned them is just too much.

She confesses to Bea that his reactions are what get to her – the fact he didn’t end things with Scarlett the second he found out it was her, and got sucked in instead. It’s twisted and sick,” she tells her.

When Bea asks her if this is the end for the two of them, she can’t deny that it might be.

Soon after, Ned bumps into Yashvi at the lake, and tells her he’s considering putting off the exhibition after all that’s happened. Yet she tells him that he has to go ahead with it; it’s part of the reason they’ve gone through so much negative stuff over the past few weeks, and she doesn’t want that to have been for nothing.

It’s enough to convince him, and he sees that perhaps the exhibition could be a way to win her back.

Ned has painted a portrait of Yashvi, which Bea describes as “so beautiful“. He’s excited to have the opportunity to show it to the world, and especially to Yashvi, but that relies on her actually turning up to see it.

On the day of the exhibition, his luck turns and Yashvi does indeed decide to attend, after a little encouragement from Bea. She seems happy enough there, taking in the portraits of Ramsay Street residents past and present, including Karl and Susan, Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop, and a rather unusual portrait of Paul.

But she, along with the rest of Erinsborough, are in for a massive shock when the portrait is revealed.

A surprise guest makes an apparence, as a well known art critic and the judge of the Ozbourne prize turns up. This is the price into which Ned has entered his portrait of Yashvi. This puts even more pressure on Ned, but thankfully Yashvi does a great job of talking him up to the critic.

When it comes to the grand unveiling, Ned tells the crowd that he painted it for someone who means so much to him, someone who without their support he wouldn’t have achieved what he has. But as he removes the cloth cover, he uncovers the torn portrait of Scarlett!


Behind the shocked crowd, Scarlett’s voice rings out!

She saunters in, and announces to the crowd how Ned has been hounding her for weeks, obsessed with her.

“But this ends today,” she says, “I’m not living in fear of you any more.”

Ned flips. He’s had enough, and he’s not going to let her turn the tables on him in front of his friends and family. He screams at her to get out, and runs after her, leaving everyone in shock.

She jumps into her car, prompting Ned to jump into his own and follow her. As she smiles at him in her rear view mirror, it’s clear that this is exactly what she wanted.

Just where will Scarlett lead him, and what does she have planned?

Can Dipi and Pierce put the kiss behind them?

Also next week, the fallout from Dipi and Pierce’s late night kiss continues.

The pair gave into temptation last week, kissing in Pierce’s Lassiters hotel room after falling out with their respective partners. Their individual marriage issues have been pushing them closer together, but if they aren’t careful then they risk throwing everything away.

Unfortunately for them, there’s no avoiding each other. Shane realises that there’s some awkwardness between his wife and Pierce, but puts it down to his own bad attitude at the cookery class. He doesn’t want to come between Dipi and Pierce, so decides to invite Pierce and Chloe to Number 30 for a dinner / peace offering.

It starts off awkwardly, but to everyone’s surprise they all end up having a great time. Even Pierce and Shane appear to be getting along.

After having fun at the double date, both Dipi and Pierce realise how much they care for Shane and Chloe, and don’t want to sabotage that. They agree that their kiss was just a stupid mistake, and that they need to end the awkwardness between them and get back to normal.

The kiss seems to have been a wake up call, and it appears they’ve put things behind them. Dipi even seems ready to support Shane get over his addiction issues.

Yet it doesn’t last long. On the day of Ned’s exhibition, Dipi is getting ready to head there with Shane, but is surprised when he decides he wants to give it a miss. He isn’t feeling great and can’t face the thought of standing around making small talk with a crowd of people.

He suggests that Dipi goes along with Chloe and Pierce, and she thinks it’s a good idea. The trio end up having a drink at The Waterhole before heading over, but it’s not long before Chloe gets a text calling her into work.

Of course, this leaves Dipi and Pierce alone once again, and as they share a bottle of wine, the bond between them intensifies.

She confesses to Pierce that at times over the past 24 hours, it almost felt like things were back on track. She just wishes things were that easy all the time and wants to be able to put the past behind her, but Pierce assures her that she’s allowed to feel the way she does. If he were in her shoes, he tells her, he probably wouldn’t be so forgiving!

As she agrees with him and relays her fears that her marriage won’t survive, is he going to talk her out of a reunion with her husband?

Pierce has similar fears about his own marriage, and vents that Chloe has never actually committed to their future. Worse still, he’s accepted that he loves her more than she loves him.

“Marriage is the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” admits Dipi.

“Funny,” Pierce responds, “it’s meant to be easy with the right person.” They share a look that suggests the right person might be right there in front of them.

As they bond over their failed marriages, it seems that their feelings are growing. Will they end up in each other’s arms again?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours episodes in the UK:

Monday 19th October (8460)

Nicolette finds out that she was accepted for the room in the share house.

Toadie points Rose in the direction of James’ hidden assets, suggesting she cook him dinner to thank him.

Tuesday 20th October (8461)

Nicolette uses her charm to get Aaron and David to agree on letting her stay.

James confronts Toadie and Rose, threatening to sue Toadie for his role in alerting Rose to his business assets.

Jane and Karl come up with a mysterious and cost-effective plan to protect their hoard.

Wednesday 21st October (8462)

Worried that he’s the cause of the tension between Dipi and Pierce, Shane organises a double date to help fix things for both couples.

Reaching maximum capacity under the house at in the Doug Out, Karl and Jane take extreme measures to protect their goods.

Mackenzie and Toadie learn that James and Rose still love one another.

Thursday 22nd October (8463)

Shane’s dinner party is certainly interesting, but the tension is broken between Dipi and Pierce.

Ned and Yashvi aren’t talking, leading Ned to suggest he cancel his exhibition to spend time fixing things with Yashvi.

Friday 23rd October (8464)

An important art critic is in attendance at Ned’s exhibition, but no one expects what happens when he unveils his portrait of Yashvi.

Shane and Chloe bail on their partners, leaving Dipi and Pierce on a date, sharing wine and their deepest thoughts & feelings.

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