Home and Away Spoilers — Owen discovers his family secret

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Owen learns the surprising truth about his family history…

When fate seemingly brought Owen Davidson (Cameron Daddo) to Summer Bay just over a week ago, he never expected that it would change everything he thought he knew about his life.

But that’s exactly what happens this week, after his remarkable resemblance to Ryder Jackson’s (Lukas Radovich) late father Evan Slater causes Owen to dig into his past.

Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) thought she was going crazy when she first caught glimpse of Evan’s doppelganger leaving Salt. With Roo having supported Evan through his final days after he entered palliative care, Alf (Ray Meagher) and Marilyn (Emily Symons) suggested that his death affected Roo more than she had realised.

But after Roo saw the man on two more occasions, with him disappearing both times before she was able to catch up with him, Roo and Marilyn hypothesised that she was actually seeing Evan’s spirit, and the two decided to have a seance.

As the ladies attempted to make contact with Evan’s spirit though a ouija board at home, Alf and Ryder were stunned when the man waltzed into the surf club.

Following him upstairs to Salt, they questioned an uncomfortable Owen as to whether he had known an Evan Slater. When he confirmed that he didn’t, it was Owen’s turn to be shocked when Ryder showed him a photo of Evan, telling them it was like looking in a mirror.

Brought back to Summer Bay House, to an equally stunned Roo and Marilyn, Owen confirmed that he was an only child and no relation to Evan as far as he knew. When Ryder later pointed out that Evan had been adopted, he wondered whether there could be an unknown link between the two men.

Having dismissed the idea, Owen was halfway out of town before he realised he had to find out the truth. He explained to Roo and Ryder that he had never intended on coming to Summer Bay, but he was travelling down the highway and felt drawn to the place. Clearly fate had somehow brought him here, and he figured it was worth exploring.

Owen finally gets the answer he’s been waiting for when Marilyn delivers some mail to his van.

It’s a copy of his birth certificate, and it confirms that he was in fact born as Owen Harper, and what’s more, Evan was his (slightly older) twin brother.

With no father named on the certificate, it’s apparent that Owen and Evan’s mother, Juliette, had gone through the pregnancy alone.

Owen and Evan had been adopted out to separate families after they were born—Evan to the Slaters, who did tell Evan that he had been adopted—and Owen to the Davidsons, who kept the secret to their graves.

Whilst Evan lived the life of a ‘muso’, travelling the world with his band and not putting down any firm roots, Owen has led a very different life.

Privately educated, Owen married young and had two daughters, being very much the family man whilst working as a bigwig in finance.

But after losing everything during the Global Economic Crisis, Owen’s marriage broke down and he has since settled for a more relaxed surfer lifestyle, travelling the beachside towns in his kombi van.

As Owen and Ryder try to digest the news that they are related, the moment is tinged with sadness with the fact that Owen never got to meet his twin brother, arriving in Summer Bay only weeks after Evan’s departure.

Although he realises that Ryder is still grieving, Owen asks Ryder if he’d be willing to help him get to know Evan, and Ryder is happy to oblige.

Owen later admits to Roo that he had felt something was missing throughout his life, and he now knows that this was the reason he ended up in Summer Bay.

But whilst he is grateful for everything that Ryder has told him about Evan, as well as being able to see the video of his final performance, Owen is downhearted that he was too late to meet his brother in person.

Later that day, Roo and Ryder decide to bring Evan’s most prized possession to Owen—his guitar, that he left to Ryder.

Ryder hopes that borrowing the guitar will help Owen feel closer to Evan. Owen is touched, and is stunned when he finds a flyer for a festival that Evan had played at seven years earlier—he had been at the very same festival himself! Marilyn believes that it shows the two brothers had a strong spiritual connection, even if they didn’t get to meet there in person.

Although Owen hasn’t played the guitar in a long time, that evening he strums out a tune on the back patio of Summer Bay House, and the moment brings a lot of emotion for the household—Ryder feels as though his father is back with them.

But the next morning Roo confesses to Alf and Marilyn that she’s struggling. Admitting that she was falling in love with Evan at the time of his death, with the feeling that Evan felt the same way about her, Roo tells them that watching him die changed her forever.

Will Roo be able to overcome her emotions as Evan’s identical twin becomes part of their lives?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week in the UK:

Monday 28th September (Episode 7401)

Bella fronts for her interview.

Ari and Tane find it hard to support Nikau.

Colby’s fury reaches boiling point.

Justin refuses to admit he’s in pain.

Tuesday 29th September (Episode 7402)

Bella tries to make amends with Nikau.

Willow is stuck in the middle of everyone.

Ziggy doesn’t know where she fits in.

Wednesday 30th September (Episode 7403)

Dean finally hears the word he’s been waiting to hear.

Ryder is left to fill in the blanks.

Marilyn wants to know what really happened with Roo.

Thursday 1st October (Episode 7404)

Jasmine works through her grief.

Owen wants to learn more about his family.

Justin has a setback.

Friday 2nd October (Episode 7405)

Justin and Tori clash over his decision.

Ari wants to move forward in his relationship.

Roo tries to accept her grief.

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