Home and Away Spoilers – Dean and Ziggy break up as he confesses all

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Ziggy decides to end things with Dean as her insecurity over Amber grows, but he makes one drastic attempt to win her back!

Amber has been slowly driving a wedge between Ziggy and Dean… but that’s not the only thing playing on Dean’s mind

The past month has seen Ziggy struggle to deal with the shock news that Dean has a son. She has tried to be as supportive as possible of her boyfriend, but it’s been a losing battle as jealousy has got the better of her.

Now every time she sees how happy he, Jai and Amber are together, the more she feels that he’s drifting away from her. 

For Amber (Maddy Jevic), this is exactly what she wants. She would love to get Dean back and for the two of them to raise Jai together.

[Amber] wants a deep connection with someone“, Maddy Jevic told TV Week.

She wants to find someone who loves her for who she truly is: the bad girl single mum with a heart of gold.

For Dean, this isn’t the case at all. He’s completely committed to Ziggy, turning down Amber’s advances and having no desire to play happy families with her. He desperately wants to play a major part in Jai’s life, but wants Ziggy to be there for the ride.

Yet the weird way he’s been acting recently is filling Ziggy with doubt.

Dean is still hiding the secret of Ross Nixon’s murder

While he’s dealing with the Jai revelation remarkably well, he’s also got another major life event to deal with – the discovery of Ross Nixon’s body.

As Angelo continues to investigate the case, Dean and Colby get more and more agitated – and in his worried state, Dean starts to lash out at everyone around him.

This week, it all becomes too much for Ziggy, and she makes a drastic decision. It’s over.

Part of the reason for her decision is a huge career move, prompted by Justin’s recent health scare.

After weeks of trying to put it off, Justin finally decides to go ahead with his risky spinal surgery. He knows there’s a small chance it’ll leave him paralysed, but decides it’s worth the risk if it gives him a chance to return to a normal life, free of potentially dangerous spasms.

As he recovers, he decides to hand over the running of the garage to Ziggy, knowing it’ll be a little while before he’s up for returning to work.

For Ziggy, this is a huge move. It’s not been long since she completed TAFE and became a qualified mechanic, and now she’s going to be running the place. She decides that she needs to focus her energies on the garage, and needs to let Dean go.

In a sudden move, she packs her bags and tells him that she’s leaving him.

As we discussed in our recent article, a brand new Home and Away trailer recently teased what’s in store this week, showing scenes where Dean appears to confess everything about Ross’s murder.

It now transpires that Dean confesses all in a desperate attempt to win Ziggy back – a way of explaining why he’s been acting so weird for the past few weeks.

Patrick O’Connor, who plays Dean, spoke to TV Week about his risky move: “The fear of losing absolutely everything is getting the better of Dean and he battles with whether or not he should be honest with Ziggy, because he knows there are consequences on both sides.

In the end, he confesses. Yet this isn’t the explanation Ziggy was expecting, and it certainly doesn’t make things better – her boyfriend was an accessory to murder!

It’s all too much. It was bad enough when she thought Dean’s weird attitude was just down to Jai and Amber – this is a whole other level. It just makes her more determined to leave him.

Having just lost the one person he loves, Dean begins to spiral out of control. Not knowing where else to turn, he turns to Amber… who’s desperate to win him back.

Thinking he’s lost Ziggy for good, will Dean end up succumbing to Amber’s charms?

Watch the full trailer for this week’s Home and Away below:

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s episodes in Australia:

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