New Home and Away promo promises greatest week in years

A brand new Home and Away trailer dropped after Wednesday’s episode, giving numerous spoiler hints and promising one of the biggest weeks in years as the Ross Nixon murder storyline starts to pick up the pace.

Read on to find out everything in store in “a week like no other”, and view the trailer in full below.

Flashing through scenes of what’s in store over the next few weeks, the explosive new promo teases some serious moves forward in the murder investigation, Dean confessing the truth to Ziggy, and some tense times as Justin undergoes his spinal surgery.

Bella talks to the camera in a brand new Home and Away trailer

Bella talks to the camera in a brand new Home and Away trailer

The trailer opens on Bella Nixon, talking directly at the camera. With an intense stare, she recounts how “my own dad used me, shot my friend and murdered my mum. What kind of person does that?

A week like no other

Dean confesses to Ziggy that he was involved in Ross's murder

Dean confesses to Ziggy that he was involved in Ross’s murder

Over the title ‘A WEEK LIKE NO OTHER’, we see Dean seemingly start to confess the truth to Ziggy. Up until now, she’s been one of the few people close to Dean who don’t know the truth about what happened to Ross back in January 2019.

While Bella, Willow and even Nikau have all found out that Colby murdered Ross, and with Dean’s help buried him in a shallow grave, Ziggy has thus far remained completely in the dark.

She began to suspect things when Angelo first arrived in town, picking up on Dean and Colby’s worry when he started to dig around. Yet with the news of Dean’s son slightly overshadowing things for her, she’s barely given Ross’s murder a second thought.

Now, with the case progressing, it seems Dean decides he has no choice but to come clean about what happened out in the bush. In the new trailer, we hear Dean say to Ziggy “I need to be more straight with you.

As he walks up to her at Summer Bay Auto, he tells her “You’re not going to love what I have to say.

Ziggy can't believe what Dean is telling her

How will Ziggy react to the secret Dean has been keeping for almost 2 years?

With a concerned look on her face, she tells him that he’s starting to scare her.

After a cut to the moment Colby torches Ross’s car with a Molotov cocktail, we go back to Dean and Ziggy. “Believe me. I haven’t even begun“, he responds, as we cut to a shot of stunned shock on her face.

Later in the trailer, it seems like he’s finally revealed all.

In teary scenes at the Astoni house, he pleads with her as he tries to explain why he kept Ross’s murder a secret. “I knew that if I’d have to choose, I would lose you. And I couldn’t.

As the trailer ends, we cut back to the garage, with Dean saying “I love you, Zig” as she’s turned away from him, in tears.

Will Ziggy be able to forgive Dean for his loyalty to Colby, and for keeping her in the dark for over a year and a half?


Meanwhile, the spark between Colby and Taylor clearly grows into something more, as the pair begin contemplating a full on affair.

Over scenes of the pair either in a hotel room or in Taylor and Angelo’s new apartment, with two glasses of wine in the background, we hear Colby tell her “You don’t have to be alone“.

Colby and Taylor get more daring with their affair in new Home and Away spoilers

Colby and Taylor get more daring with their affair

She airs her concerns over what the two of them are thinking about doing. “It would mean the end of your career. And my marriage.

Yet it’s clear any concerns she has are short lived, as we see a shot of the pair kissing in Colby’s car. How is destroying Angelo’s marriage going to help his case – won’t it make the detective even more determined to pin the case on Colby? What does Senior Constable Thorn have planned, or is he just getting desperate?

We cut to another shot in which Colby is clearly having to pull Dean back and away from Angelo, clearly riled up by something the detective has said. With Dean having kept his cool with the police this far, is he getting agitated because Angelo’s getting one step closer to discovering the truth?

We see Colby say to Bella “everything that I’m doing is to keep this family together“, clearly still convinced that his plan of getting closer to Taylor is foolproof.

Yet not everybody feels the same way that he does. Thinking that Colby has well and truly lost his mind, Dean says “he’s going to drag us down with him“.


Dean squares up to Colby in Home and Away

Dean squares up to Colby as he feels like his friend is acting recklessly and putting their secret at risk

We see Dean square up to Colby, pushing him back against the kitchen wall in the Diner flat. Clearly friendship ties are starting to fray, and as a united front is the only thing that’s going to keep Angelo off their trail, that’s clearly dangerous.

The last thing you want to do right now is really push me,” Colby says off-screen.

Angelo, meanwhile, is still searching for solid proof, but he’s definitely starting to suspect that Colby and his friends had something to do with the murder. “You two know something. I’m going to find out what it is“, he tells Colby.

Just how long will it be until he does?


The ‘greatest week of Home and Away in years’ is also set to feature drama for some other Summer Bay residents, with plenty of action taking place at Northern Districts Hospital.

The trailer sees Justin lying in a hospital bed, tubes attached to him, as he prepares to undergo risky surgery to remove the cavernoma pressing on his spine.

Leah rushes to his side as his hospital bed is transported across the room by a nurse – has the surgery been successful?

Whatever the result, it clearly isn’t weighing too heavy on his sister Tori’s mind.

Australian viewers have just seen the arrival of Dr Christian Green, the neurosurgeon tasked with performing Justin’s operation. As we discussed in our recent spoiler roundup, he ends up making a positive impression on Tori Morgan after an initial rocky start, and the two end up in a relationship.

It clearly doesn’t take long for one of them to make a move, as the new trailer shows the pair kissing in a lift at Northern Districts. Hopefully his newfound distraction won’t distract him during Justin’s surgery.

There are only a few days to go before this “week like no other”, which is set to kick off next Monday 21st September in Australia. Just to add to the excitement, next week sees a triple bill on Thursday, meaning a total of 7 episodes of Home and Away will air across the week.

So now we know what’s in store next week, how do these storylines eventually play out over the coming months?

Well, we’ve had plenty of clues, thanks to eagle-eyed fans and paparazzi witnessing some exciting filming at Palm Beach and other locations around Sydney.

Ziggy and Dean fans, look away now… as it isn’t good news.

It seems the pair may not be strong enough to get through this latest bombshell, as there’s evidence that both move on with new partners in early 2021.

As fans will know, Dean has recently been coming to terms with the news that he’s a father. Amber Simmons recently arrived in the bay as John Pamber’s carer, but it wasn’t long before she revealed another reason for applying for a job in Summer Bay.

It turned out she was one of Dean, Willow and Colby’s friends from their Mangrove River upbringing, and had lost contact with the pair a number of years ago. Back before they lost touch, she and Dean used to occasionally hook up, and although Amber wanted more, Dean was never interested in more than a casual fling.

Before leaving Mangrove River, he unknowingly got her pregnant, and she kept the baby. Now, 5 years later, she’s revealed to him that she kept the baby, and Dean has a 5-year-old son he never knew about. Fast forward a few weeks and not only has Dean met his son, Jai, but the two get on like a house on fire, and Amber is keen for them to form a family.

Recent paparazzi shots have shown Patrick O’Connor (Dean) and Madeleine Jevic (Amber) kissing during filming at Palm Beach – the real life home of Summer Bay – suggesting they do eventually get together.

So while Dean initially turned Amber down, totally committed to Ziggy, it looks like he eventually has a change of heart. We initially presumed the news of his son got too much for Ziggy, but after discovering what happens next week, we can only that presume Ziggy is overwhelmed after discovering that her boyfriend is an accessory to murder, and decides to leave Dean.

A photo on Instagram showed Rob Kipa-Williams (Ari) and Ethan Browne (Tane), alongside returnee Dan Ewing (Heath Braxton)

As for Colby, well, it looks like he’s in for a very tough time as the 2020 season of Home and Away begins to draw to a close. Filming in a Sydney carpark back in August saw a shock return, as Dan Ewing reprised his role as fan favourite Heath Braxton.

Rumour has it that Heath is back as part of the River Boys gang, and unites with Dean Thompson and the Parata brothers as they attempt to break Colby out of prison. You heard right – it seems Colby gets convicted of… well, something… be it Ross’s murder, or another crime he commits as he tries to hide his tracks… and turns to his old Mangrove River pals to help him escape.

Yet Tim Franklin, the actor behind Colby, hasn’t been seen filming June of this year – suggesting that something goes wrong in the process!

While Tim having not filmed on Palm Beach for a few months doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s left the show, his character is seen Summer Bay’s beach so often that it seems very unlikely he’ll still be on the show in 2021.

How will he end up in prison, will he successfully be freed, and just how does Heath Braxton get involved? It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see…

These are the episode synopses for next week, and it certainly looks like there’s an explosive 5 days in store:

Monday 21st September

Angelo has Bella cornered. John makes himself busy. Willow throws a lifeline.

Tuesday 22nd September

Dean throws everything away. John continues to make excuses. Taylor’s in deep.

Wednesday 23rd September

Justin’s surgery is imminent. Can Ziggy ever trust Dean again? Owen’s persistence pays off.

Thursday 24th September

Justin’s surgery brings new challenges. Amber presses Dean for the truth. Can Dean convince Ziggy he’s still the same guy?

Dean continues to spiral. Tori makes a challenging decision. Angelo can sense something is brewing. Tori is mortified by her daring mistake.

Tension rises for Colby and Taylor. Bella seeks refuge in Nikau. Roo deals with her feelings. Leah and Justin finally get a break.

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