Home and Away Spoilers – New promo sees Angelo Rosetta return as Ross’s body is found!

A new Home and Away promo released by Seven this week teases the much anticipated return of Luke Jacobz as Angelo Rosetta, whose return looks set to potentially uncover Colby Thorne’s darkest secret.

It was first announced back in February that Luke has returned to the show after a 9 year absence, reprising his role as the former Summer Bay cop.

Speculation immediately arose that Angelo could in fact be returning in order to investigate the murder of Bella’s father, Ross Nixon (Justin Rosniak), and it would appear that this is indeed the case.

Colby (Tim Franklin) killed Ross in the opening episodes of 2019, after Ross had kidnapped his daughter Bella (Courtney Miller), alongside Willow (Sarah Roberts) and Colby’s new wife Chelsea (Ashleigh Brewer).

After a stand-off in the bush, during which Ross shot Willow during a struggle, Colby and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) gave chase in their car, only for Ross to shoot out one of their tyres.

After commandeering a passing 4×4, the pair continued the chase and cornered Ross in a dead-end quarry.

When Ross ran and dropped his gun, Dean chased after him and pinned him to the ground, allowing Colby the opportunity to come and arrest him.

But picking up Ross’ gun, Colby instead shot him dead, in revenge for Ross murdering his own parents.

After torching Ross’ car, Dean helped Colby bury the body and and gun in nearby bushland, and later faced recurring nightmares of the experience. At one point, whilst sleepwalking, Dean went back to the site in an attempt to dig the body up—but returned again to cover his tracks after remembering his actions the next day.

When Colby confessed his crime to Chelsea, she realised that she really didn’t know him and called an end to their short-lived marriage.

Colby was also forced to tell Bella the truth about her father, who is officially missing, which led to all sorts of issues for the teen. When she recently had to see a counsellor, she worried about inadvertently revealing the truth about Ross and so refused to attend the sessions.

However, after self-harming, Bella was faced with intensive rehabilitation at an equine therapy centre, and we don’t know at this stage whether she might have let slip about something relating to Ross’ death.

After all, there was a tense moment for Colby when Bella named her chosen horse “Bullet”…

In the latest development in the storyline, which the promo implies starts next week, we see a police team descend on the bush in the middle of the night as they uncover a body, alongside a gun.

We then see Angelo’s return to Summer Bay as he approaches Alf (Ray Meagher) outside the bait shop—and we hear Angelo state in the voiceover “Who’d have thought my homecoming would be to investigate a murder?

Cutting to a panicked Dean, he angrily tells Colby that he’s the one that got them into this mess, with Colby claiming that he can get them out of it.

As we see Colby embracing Bella, he says in the voiceover that he will do “anything it takes to protect this family“.

Will Angelo be able to uncover the truth about Colby’s crime? If the latest rumours are to be believed that it’s a distinct possibility, with fans present at filming last week apparently having seen Angelo arrest Colby and bundle him into the back of a police car.

These scenes will not air for several months though, so there’s plenty of time for Angelo to investigate in the meantime.

Speaking to UK magazine What’s on TV, a Home and Away spokesperson said “We’re thrilled to announce that Luke Jacobz has returned to Summer Bay.

“It’s been almost a decade since his character Angelo Rosetta left the Bay, and now he’s back on the police force with everything to prove.

Luke Jacobz added “It’s been 10 years since I was last here so I’m really looking forward to meeting all the new cast and to see some old friends too. I’m so excited that my first scene back is with Ray Meagher who plays Alf Stewart!

“We all have so much to catch up on. The show has always delivered great Aussie drama and I’m thrilled to be part of the talented family once more.

Angelo’s return to the police, in what looks to be a promotion to the rank of detective, is bound to raise a few eyebrows around Summer Bay.

Angelo was forced to resign from the force in 2010 after he allowed Hugo Austin (Bernard Curry) and Roo’s daughter Martha MacKenzie (Jodi Gordon) to go on the run, after Hugo had escaped witness protection following his arrest for people trafficking.

This hadn’t been Angelo’s only controversy however, as he had previously accidentally shot dead fellow police officer Jack Holden (Paul O’Brien).

After leaving the force, Angelo chose to move into the family business by opening an Italian restaurant above the surf club. He was last seen moving for a new life in the city with partner Nicole Franklin (Tessa James) and her baby son George.

Angelo’s relationship status on his return remains to be seen…

The promo also shows more developments in the possible Ari/Tane/Mackenzie love triangle, with the addition of Amber (Madeleine Jevic) complicating things even further.

Despite being in a relationship with Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), Mackenzie (Emily Weir) recently admitted to brother Dean that she also had the hots for Ari’s brother Tane (Ethan Browne).

When Mackenzie offered Tane a job at Salt, he left mid-shift to go home and have sex with new customer Amber. Tane was busted when Mackenzie spent that night at the Parata house and found Tane with Amber, which left Mackenzie seething…. but was it out of anger as his boss, or out of jealousy?

In the promo, we see that Amber has already clocked on to the fact that Mackenzie has a crush on Tane, and teasingly tells her that she won’t say anything.

But we then see Mackenzie answering Ari’s questions by denying that anything is going on with Tane. She stumbles when he then asks “Do you want there to be?

Towards the end of the promo, we see Mackenzie, Amber, Willow (Sarah Roberts) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) out on the town together, which ends with Amber lunging for Mackenzie—only for Ziggy to get in the way and take the full force of the blow!

The final story briefly covered in the promo is the burgeoning relationship between Bella and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo).

We see several shots of the loved-up pair, with Bella saying “Whatever happens, I want to be with you.

But by the end of the promo, we see a clearly upset Bella and Nik comforting each other in the street…

Is their relationship about to be put in jeopardy again?

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