Channel 5 respond to cutting Robbo’s car crash on UK Home and Away airing

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Channel 5 has today revealed the reason why a significant cut was made from Monday’s broadcast of Home and Away.

Viewers were understandably confused when Robbo’s car crash, which formed the climax of the 2020 season return episode, was removed from the episode, despite being shown in ‘Coming Up’ promos.

In the closing moments of the UK transmission, viewers saw Robbo (Jake Ryan) struggle with Scott (Trent Baines) to gain control of the wheel, only for the screen to quickly fade to black.

The car crash was then seen in the recap at the beginning of Tuesday’s episode, with fans realising that they had in fact missed out on this key moment.

In a statement to Back to the Bay today, a Channel 5 spokesperson said:

“Unfortunately, due to a technical error, the car crash scene was removed from the end of Monday’s broadcast of Home and Away. We apologise to viewers, and the correct episode is now available to view on My5.”

The corrected episode can be seen on My5 by following this link.

The fallout from this week’s dramatic episodes continue next week, when Summer Bay pays their respects to Robbo at an emotional funeral.

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Also coming up this week:

Monday 16th March
The Shaws arrive back in the Bay. A grief-stricken Tori and Justin continue to clash over Mason’s funeral arrangements. Willow’s concerned with how Alex is processing her trauma after the siege.

Tuesday 17th March
Marilyn admits to Alex that she is struggling with normalcy post siege. Bella gives Mackenzie her blessing. Colby comforts Jasmine. The Summer Bay community pay their respects at the funeral.

Wednesday 18th March
Dean helps Ziggy say goodbye to Mason. Bella is relieved to finally be released from the hospital. Jasmine forces Colby to answer some tough questions.

Thursday 19th March
The Stewart household prepares for the big event. Dean and Marilyn unwittingly threaten to blow the Paratas secrets. Jade’s latest trap backfires.

Friday 20th March
Alf and Martha’s special moment. Will Nik and Ryder put their misunderstandings aside to stop Jade? Marilyn’s on the back-foot when she realises her good deed had undesired consequences on the Paratas.

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