UK Home and Away Spoilers – Jade meets her match!

Having made Ryder Jackson’s (Lukas Radovich) life a misery over the past couple of weeks, Jade Lennox (Mia Morrissey) is finally set to get her comeuppance, and it’s all thanks to newcomer Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo)…

After he shopped Jade to boss Mackenzie (Emily Weir) for stealing from Salt—which resulted in Jade being carted off to the police station—Ryder fell under Jade’s spell once again as she concocted a scheme to get back at him.

Luring him back to her caravan, she secretly recorded their sex session and uploaded it to the internet from Ryder’s phone, later claiming to the police that he had uploaded it without her consent.

With Ryder facing serious charges, Jade has taken delight in playing the victim whenever in public, causing a passing Nikau to intervene when she made out that Ryder was harrassing her on the beach.

Jade soon had her claws into Nikau, but when Ryder repeatedly tried to warn Nikau of Jade’s character, he got a punch to the face in return.

However this week Nikau starts to see through Jade’s performance, he notices that she never seems as scared as she makes out when she comes across Ryder, and makes no attempts to avoid him. Jade replies that she refuses to be a victim, but it’s not adding up for Nikau. 

When he heads over to see her at Salt, he sees her pocketing $20, and Ryder’s story starts to ring true.

Shortly afterwards, Nikau’s mother Gemma (Bree Peters) comes in to drop off her CV in hope of gaining a job. Jade is patronising to her and makes an offhand comment to Nikau about Gemma being desperate.

When an unimpressed Nikau tells Jade that Gemma is his mum, Jade turns on the waterworks and explains that she hates the person that Ryder has turned her into.

Unconvinced, Nikau later asks Jade to the motel where he confronts her about the stolen money. She once again tries to seduce him but he’s not buying it any more, he’s seen her true colours. Jade storms out, remarking that he’s much worse than Ryder.

That evening Jade summons Nikau back to Salt under the guise of wanting to explain herself, and she leads him into the storeroom. Nikau is unfazed as Jade unloads another sob story about Ryder stealing her innocence and how Nikau obviously doesn’t want “damaged goods”.

But Nikau has noticed something, and as Jade kisses him and takes her top off, he asks her whether she remembered to press record.

Reaching up to a shelf, Nikau removes Jade’s phone from it’s hiding spot. Jade panics and claims she forgot she put it up there, but Nikau takes off with it.

Having gone through her phone and found plenty of incriminating evidence that shows Jade is a serial accuser, Nikau heads over to Summer Bay House where Alf & Martha’s wedding is about to take place.

Finding Ryder, Nikau gives him Jade’s phone, explaining that everything he needs is on there.

When Jade finds Nikau later on, she panics when Nikau tells her he gave it to Ryder, and she heads over to the house herself to try and find it whilst everyone is distracted by the celebrations.

Nikau follows however and together with Ryder, they confront her in the living room. Dragging her out the house, it isn’t long before Alf and everyone else notices the commotion.

When Nikau reveals what Jade’s been up to, a flamin’ Alf gives Jade a piece of his mind and tells her to pack her stuff and get out of the caravan park. Jade looks genuinely scared as Ryder tells her she needs to back off, and she makes a swift exit.

After Ryder calls off Alf, who is ready to start blasting Nikau too, Alf invites Nikau to join the celebrations.

Could be the start of a beautiful friendship between Ryder and Nikau?

In reality, Lukas Radovich and Mia Morrissey are good mates, having gone to drama school together, and have enjoyed playing against each other during her time on the show.

I think he was actually the first friend I made at drama school,” Mia told Stuff NZ. “We sat next to each other at this get-to-know-each-other drinks thing and we just talked for hours and hours.

So doing this show together was just so wonderful and so easy” she continued. “Obviously there are quite a few intimate scenes which can sometimes be awkward with somebody you don’t know but with him it was just so fun and comfortable and we were so easygoing with each other that there was never a single awkward moment.”

With this week’s episodes marking Jade’s exit, both Lukas and Mia took to Instagram to mark the end of their storyline when it aired in Australia.

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What. A. Ryder. Oops *ride. Autocorrect….. I know Summer Bay is glad to be rid of Jade. She did some SHOCKING things. Like… Holey Moley. Oh boy. Gee. Whizz. And I’m not going to lie. Sometimes it was kinda hard. I mean, I know it’s ‘make believe’. But as an actor it’s kinda your job to invest in your character and when your character and their actions go so against your own set of moral values it is… yeah… hard. HOWEVER, on the flip side, the thing that makes it hard, investing in an opposite set of values to your own and creating a character around them is also. SO. FREAKIN. FUN. Jade you are a total piece of work. You are a psycho and a total trouble maker and like, definitely a scorpio (maybe Sagittarius rising??) but thank you for everything you have given me. The experience, the friendships, the chance to say “you’ll regret this” enough for it to be a drinking game, not to mention the amount of super hot kisses shared with @lukas.radovich and @kawa_f_r 😘😘😘 And while we’re on the topic of @lukas.radovich thank you for being the best onscreen boyfriend and manipulatee ever. Aaaaand to all those fabulous online humans who are supportive of me when other online humans are less than kind THANK YOU SO MUCH. It means more than you could possibly know. ALRIGHT. THATS ALL. THIS WAS A DAMN DREAM COME TRUE. ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽JADE OUTTT ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽 #homeandway #jadelennox

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Here’s a full rundown and video slideshow of this week’s episodes:

Episodes 7276-7280

Monday 16th March
The Shaws arrive back in the Bay. A grief-stricken Tori and Justin continue to clash over Mason’s funeral arrangements. Willow’s concerned with how Alex is processing her trauma after the siege.

Tuesday 17th March
Marilyn admits to Alex that she is struggling with normalcy post siege. Bella gives Mackenzie her blessing. Colby comforts Jasmine. The Summer Bay community pay their respects at the funeral.

Wednesday 18th March
Dean helps Ziggy say goodbye to Mason. Bella is relieved to finally be released from the hospital. Jasmine forces Colby to answer some tough questions.

Thursday 19th March
The Stewart household prepares for the big event. Dean and Marilyn unwittingly threaten to blow the Paratas secrets. Jade’s latest trap backfires.

Friday 20th March
Alf and Martha’s special moment. Will Nik and Ryder put their misunderstandings aside to stop Jade? Marilyn’s on the back-foot when she realises her good deed had undesired consequences on the Paratas.

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