Home and Away Spoilers – Willow’s heartbreak as Alex leaves Summer Bay

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for one of Summer Bay’s hottest new couples, but it seems the time has finally come for Willow (Sarah Roberts) and Alex (Zoe Ventoura) to go their separate ways.

Willow and Alex (or “Willex” as they’re known by fans) were always going to face huge obstacles due to the temporary nature of Alex’s job as a locum doctor.

Sure enough as Tori’s (Penny McNamee) maternity leave approached it’s end, Alex was asked to take on another job in Queensland.

Knowing that there were no permanent jobs available in the Summer Bay area, Alex explained to Willow that she couldn’t stay, but instead asked her to move with her to Queensland.

But as Willow tried to get her head around the idea of leaving her loved ones in Summer Bay, and with Alex talking about getting a mortgage together, she realised that wasn’t ready to settle down.


Ultimately, realising everything that she was asking Willow to give up, Alex called time on their relationship feeling that it was too much of a risk when Willow was having doubts. The timing just meant things were never meant to be.


As last week’s episodes came to a close, Alex had finished up at Northern Districts Hospital and was all set to leave Summer Bay.

She asked to meet up with Willow the morning of her departure but Willow couldn’t face saying goodbye.

It wasn’t until Colby told her that she’d regret it that Willow decided to overcome her emotions and head to the surf club, where she knew Alex was meeting Jasmine for a goodbye lunch.


Arriving just as Alex was about to depart, Willow declared that she wanted to go with her, and would do everything it takes to keep their relationship going.


But this week as Alex puts her departure on hold as they talk through Willow’s change of heart, it becomes clear to her that Willow is only telling Alex what she wants to hear.

Alex can see that deep down, nothing has changed for Willow, and her declaration was simply coming out of her fear of losing Alex.



As far as Alex is concerned, her plan to leave without Willow is still the right way forward for both of them.

It was Jasmine (Sam Frost) and Colby (Tim Franklin) who convinced Willow to go and see Alex, and to be truthful with her,” Sarah told New Idea magazine. “But Willow certainly didn’t see this coming.



That evening, Willow finally convinces Alex to spend one last night with her at the Beach House.

But the next morning, Alex can’t face a heartbreaking goodbye and slips out of the house quietly, leaving a note for a sleeping Willow.

It is a really sad ending for both Willow and Alex,” Sarah continued. “They had this one last night together, which was really beautiful, and I think that Willow was holding out hope that maybe Alex would decide to stay on.

It is devastating for Willow. She feels she didn’t get to say everything she wanted to tell Alex – and that she wasn’t given a choice in the matter.

Is this really how it all ends for Willex?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week in Australia:

Monday 9th March
Leah reveals what happened when she was kidnapped. Marilyn’s appalled when John orders Ari to leave. There’s a shock for Tori on her first morning back at work. Has Willow persuaded Alex to stay?

Tuesday 10th March
Bella shocks Colby with the prospect of leaving school. A medical emergency puts Jasmine to the test.

Wednesday 11th March
Ryder puts his friendship with Bella on the line when he sees her heading for a fall. Ben throws caution to the wind for the sake of his family.

Thursday 12th March
Justin and Leah continue to slowly navigate Leah’s healing after trauma. Ryder wrestles with telling Nikau the truth about Bella. A mysterious stranger arrives at the Astoni house.

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