UK Home and Away Spoilers – Dean falls apart as Ziggy leaves Summer Bay

Young couple Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) and Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) have had their ups and down over the past seven months of their relationship, but everything looks to come crashing down as Ziggy prepares to leave town next week…

After seemingly losing out on her dream pit crew job at the racing circuit, Ziggy had put on a brace face since her return to Summer Bay. So when she received a call from Kurt (Dylan Hare) offering her the position, she excitedly accepted. After hanging up her face then dropped—how was she going to tell Dean?

This is such a scary thing for Ziggy,” Sophie told Australian magazine New Idea. “Her stomach drops because she knows telling Dean is going to be a really tough conversation. I think Ziggy also knows that Dean is going to struggle with a long-distance relationship.

“He has not had a relationship with a woman he can lean on for a very long time,” Sophie continued. “All of the past women in his life have ended up leaving him, and Ziggy is worried that Dean will think she’s doing the same thing now.

As a stressed Ziggy keeps putting off the conversation and heads out the room to get some headache tablets, Dean spots a text message notification pop up on her phone—it’s from Kurt, welcoming her to the team.

Immediately Ziggy’s preoccupation that morning makes sense to Dean, but he chooses to keep quiet about what he’s learned, and is a bit miffed when Ziggy sends him off to work without another word said.

Both Ben and Willow encourage Ziggy to come clean to Dean, and she decides to cook a special meal so she can butter him up before breaking the news. However Dean is becoming more frustrated throughout the day.

When Willow tentatively takes the opportunity to finally tell Dean her own news—that she’s in a relationship with Alex—Dean blows up when he finds out he was the last to know. Why do people keep hiding things from him?

As Ziggy wonders why Dean hasn’t showed up that evening, he finally answers her calls and asks her why she’s so desperate for him to come over. Herself annoyed, she tells him that he can do what he likes and hangs up.

The morning of Ziggy’s departure arrives and she heads over to the caravan to come clean to Dean. Ziggy’s shocked when he stops her in her tracks and tells her that he already knows about the job.

As she tells him that she leaves in a few hours, Dean asks whether he even entered the equation when she made her decision—did she hesitate at all? When Ziggy can’t answer, Dean storms into his caravan making his position quiet clear. They’re over.

Ziggy says goodbye to Ben and Maggie and as she drives out of the bay, she stops momentarily and stares at her phone, waiting for it to ring. In his caravan, Dean is doing the same. With neither making the first move, Ziggy drives away.

Later on, Colby comes to check on Dean who has started on the beers. Dean insists he’s fine, but Colby is insistent on confiscating Dean’s car keys just in case.

The next day, Dean continues to drink at Salt and starts to lash out at all those around him. Mackenzie and Ben attempt some damage control when Dean storms downstairs to cancel his surfing lesson, but Dean turns on them both and tells them to shove it—he doesn’t care about the surfing lessons or the board shop.

Eventually Mackenzie heads over to Dean’s and insists he accompany her on a trip to the city to take his mind of things—will she manage to pull Dean out of his downward spiral?

See below for a video slideshow for next week’s episodes, together with the full set of synopses.

Episodes 7256-7260

Monday 17th February
Willow and Ziggy hold off telling important news to Dean, with disastrous consequences. Bella feigns sickness in order to manipulate Colby.

Tuesday 18th February
Willow gets to the bottom of Dean’s negative reaction to her relationship news. Bella continues to play the “sick” card and Maggie and Roo agree to home-school her.

Wednesday 19th February
Ryder discovers Jade isn’t as precious as she seems. Tori’s road to recovery hits a pothole. Everyone tries to limit Dean’s self-destructive behaviour.

Thursday 20th February
Justin faces an impossible choice over Tori’s transfer. Jasmine and Robbo believe moving Tori is a risk. Ryder discovers a different side to Jade, but is she playing him?

Friday 21st February
Summer Bay prays for a miracle as Tori’s medical team attempts to bring her out of the coma. John and Marilyn renew their commitment to their marriage.

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