Home and Away Spoilers – Who Goes Missing? Plus further casting news

Major Spoilers for Oz & UK: Following our recent spoiler roundup, here’s some of the latest developments on new characters, and a few more storyline titbits…

Please note that any expected airdates are based on when episodes were supposed to air, without taking into account Seven’s scheduling of triple episodes which may bring storylines forward.

Pier Building – SOLD?

Filming at Palm Beach a few months ago revealed that there could be more drama ahead for the Astoni family, with the Pier building being put on the market.

Ben (Rohan Nichol) and Maggie (Kestie Morassi) bought the building—which encompasses the Pier Diner, Robbo & Colby’s apartment, and Alf’s bait shop—when they first arrived in Summer Bay back in 2017.

The same prop sign seen in the picture above was seen attached to the building during filming back in March, albeit with the details changed to show 3 bedrooms to take into account the recent on-screen extension. Only a couple of weeks later it was shown to be ‘Under Contract’, indicating that a sale could well have been going through. We expect these scenes to be airing early-mid August.

Recent weeks on Australian screens have seen Ben becoming increasingly stressed as he struggled to put together a very large surfboard order which could either make or break his business. Things seemed to be looking up when he finally agreed to outsource the boards to a factory, but spoilers for next week indicate that there’s a big shock coming for Ben, and his life will go from bad to worse.

Could this well-meaning order, that co-worker Dean (Patrick O’Connor) arranged and provided funds for, be the end of Ben’s business and cause him to have to sell the Pier building? And will any of the local residents be able to buy it in order to secure the future of the diner and bait shop?

We have heard a whisper that there could be a significant storyline for Ben on the horizon, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this was the catalyst for it…

Robbo vs Justin!

Further down the line, filming at Palm Beach last week saw a dramatic encounter between Robbo (Jake Ryan) and Justin (James Stewart).

Numerous pictures emerged showing the two characters squaring up to each other outside the bait shop before getting into a fight, with Alf (Ray Meagher) having to step in to separate the two as a concerned Leah (Ada Nicodemou) tried to calm Justin down.

Fan speculation has gone into overdrive about what it could mean for the characters, and whether it involves Justin’s absent sister Tori, but we won’t know for sure until these scenes air around mid-late November.

Where’s Leah?!

On the very same day matters seem to have escalated considerably, with filming taking place for other scenes that appeared to show a shocking development.


Colby (Tim Franklin) was seen placing a “Missing” poster on a tree near the surf club, with the same poster also spotted this week during filming outside the bait shop. Further scenes shot the following day also showed a concerned Alf, Justin and Irene talking to Colby.

As for the identity of the missing person, it’s none other than Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou)!

At this point we can only speculate on what could possibly cause a Summer Bay stalwart of 19 years to disappear, with the poster stating that she was last seen near the Summer Bay Caravan Park.

Could someone be targetting the Morgans once again? There’s slim pickings at this point, what with Brody and Raffy having departed and Tori on an as-yet-unexplained break, leaving only Justin, Mason and Buddy to choose from (though Buddy was kidnapped only 20 months ago). What better way to get to one of them by taking their girlfriend?

Could she return to vlogging and get lost in the bush (again) whilst taking part in the latest Youtube challenge?

Or could she even run off with Robbo and Jasmine’s counsellor Aiden, who bears an uncanny resemblance to someone from her romantic past. The possibilities are endless.

With these scenes expected to air around mid-November, we also wonder whether it could be part of a build-up to a Leah-centric season finale, which at that point will only be a matter of weeks away.

Whilst the rest of cast will be going on their mid-year two week production break next week, it would appear Ada Nicodemou is making the most of an extended break, having posted photos on Instagram of herself and partner Adam holidaying at a retreat a couple of hours south of Sydney.

Teresa Masterson (Simone McAullay)

©Sally Flegg

In our June 2019 Spoiler Roundup a few weeks back, we reported that actress Simone McAullay, who previously played Viv Anderson in 2007-2008 was returning to the show.

At the time of publishing no details about the casting were known, but it’s now been confirmed that the name of her character will be Teresa Masterson.

Whilst any further details still remain under wraps, we still expect her scenes to be airing around September.

Jade (Mia Morrissey)


We also have a small update on the character that reality star Mia Morrissey will be playing. Mia started filming in June, in scenes where it appeared she was receiving a surfing lesson from Dean Thompson alongside Ryder Jackson.

We can confirm she has since filmed further scenes with Ryder, Alf and Bella, and we’re reasonably confident that the name of her character is Jade.


©Marnya Rothe

Over the past few weeks, Australian viewers have seen Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller) become involved with the mysterious ‘Tommy’, who she has been chatting to online after crossing paths on a student forum. Although seemingly innocent at first, Tommy later claimed that he wasn’t in fact a student, but a teacher in his 20s. Things later took an even more sinister turn when he sent Bella a camera to take some self-portraits, whilst it was revealed he was also spying on her having hacked into her webcam.

All viewers have seen of Tommy so far has been a pair of hands over a keyboard. However we have since found that he will be played a young actor named Adam Sollis, who looks to be appearing on-screen in the very near future.

Promos and spoilers for this week and next week appear to show a big development in the storyline when Tommy invites Bella to a photography exhibition, and their friendship taking a “dangerous turn” in the episode set to air on Monday 15th July.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph this week about the storyline, Home and Away producer Lucy Addario said “Bella was the perfect character to explore the idea of online grooming given she had no previous exposure to social media conventions. It is impossible for parents to monitor every interaction their child is exposed to online so now more than ever it’s important to have an awareness of eSafety and understand the potential danger and risk of faceless interaction

Lucy continued “Our hope is that this story gives families and friends an avenue to start conversation and that the gravity of Bella’s experience enforces the importance of cyber safety

We also wonder whether this storyline with Tommy could link in to the court appearance we previously reported on, where filming for an upcoming storyline back in April saw actors including Courtney Miller, Tim Franklin, Lynne McGranger and Ada Nicodemou at Balmain Courthouse. Whether they have a relevance or not, these particular scenes are not expected to air until September.

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