Spoiler Round-up: Pregnancy & A Grisly Discovery?

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A quick round-up of some of the Home and Away spoiler titbits we’ve learnt from filming over the past month or so, and speculation over what they could mean…

Please note that on-screen dates are an estimate only, with scheduling of the episodes on Seven currently putting the planned airdates out of line.

Kat Pregnant?

A picture has emerged this week of Pia Miller filming scenes which appear to show that Kat Chapman is pregnant.

The image was initially shared by a (currently unknown) fan yesterday, before being copied and spread across social media by H&A fan accounts.

Whilst the father is obviously unknown at this stage, it’s highly likely that it will turn out to be Ash (George Mason), who only split up with Kat on-screen last week. If so, then the situation will certainly make things awkward between the former lovers and their respective new partners.

Pia Miller George Mason

We already know that Ash is set to hook up with Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee), with Kat also heading into a relationship with new character “Robbo” (Jake Ryan), who arrives in the bay under strange circumstances in the last week of July.

…after being kidnapped?

The reveal of Kat’s pregnancy has come only a month after dramatic scenes were filmed appearing to show Kat being kidnapped. Paparazzi pictures showed Kat being forced into a police car against her will, by a menacing character played by Mirko Grillini, with a fellow police officer out cold on the floor beside her.

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Long-term viewers may remember Mirko played a similar character, aptly named “Killer” on the show back in 2010, who abducted Gina, Xavier and Martha in an effort to track down Hugo Austin.

Whether Kat’s kidnapping is the result of her involvement with supposed bad-boy “Robbo”, who was later seen desperately trying to find Kat, remains to be seen—though we have to wonder whether she knows what she’s getting into!

Astoni Vow Renewal?

Amongst all the drama, there’s some happy times to come with other recent press pictures appearing to show Ben (Rohan Nichol) & Maggie (Kestie Morassi) Astoni renewing their wedding vows in an intimate ceremony on the beach.

Daughters Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Coco (Anna Cocquerel) were present, as a blindfolded Maggie was led down to the beach by a new character who we understand to be Maggie’s mother, Diana (Sarah Chadwick).

The Astonis arrived in Summer Bay in June 2017 as a new regular family, the first to be introduced to the show since the Sutherlands 17 years ago. With the family soon to move into the farmhouse, Ben will soon be making a bid to buy the Pier Diner building, and rumour has it that Maggie will become the new principal of Summer Bay High.

We also already know that youngest daughter Coco looks set to try and forge a relationship with VJ Patterson (Matt Little), but will have some troubling times ahead with her character involved in a near-drowning, and also collapsing on the steps near the rock pool.


New Morgan Enemies?

After many years in witness protection, we’re sure the Morgan family were looking forward to no longer having to look over their shoulders, but sadly it seems fate has other ideas!

James Stewart filmed dramatic scenes last week which saw Justin involved in a fight with a bikie gang. Could there still be repercussions from Brody’s drug battle, and his making an enemy of dealer Zannis? Or could it be something to do with new character Willow (Sarah Roberts), who Justin was later seen having a heated conversation with?

A Body on the Beach?

Someone in Summer Bay looks set to make a grisly discovery, after a picture shared by the Official Home and Away Tour showed what looks to be a makeshift grave being dug for filming on Station Beach, with a dummy body on standby. Further scenes filmed in the weeks since have shown a heavy police presence around the beach and diner. We expect these scenes to air in November.

For details on what’s to come on Home and Away in Australia over the next couple of weeks, be sure to check out our Upcoming Episodes page. If you’re in the UK, you can see what to expect over the next couple of months here.

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