1996 Season Debuts on 7TWO

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Monday 27th March 2017 will see the debut of the 1996 season of Home and Away on 7TWO, the ninth season to begin airing on the Australian channel.

The ‘Early Years’ repeats began with the Pilot episode from 1988 on the day of the channel’s launch in 2009, and have run largely uninterrupted through the first eight years of the show. The airings have proven to be extremely popular on our forum, so once again we must praise 7TWO for their ongoing commitment.

Continuing the ‘golden era’ fondly remembered by many long-term fans, the season will see some of the show’s most memorable storylines, including the tragic death of Shane Parrish (Dieter Brummer), the Summer Bay flood which claims the life of Michael Ross (Dennis Coard), the departures of Angel (Melissa George) & Dylan (Corey Glaister) Parrish in Episode 2000, Chloe Richard’s (Kristy Wright) drug struggle and rape, the controversial relationship between Steven Matheson (Adam Willits) & Selina Roberts (Tempany Deckert), and the wedding of Donald Fisher (Norman Coburn) & Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons).

We’ll also be bidding farewell to two more regular characters, Jack Wilson (Daniel Amalm) and Alex Bennett (Nick Freedman).

There’ll be plenty of new regular characters to take their place though, in the form of Liam Tanner (Peter Scarf), Jesse McGregor (Ben Unwin), Stephanie Mboto (Fleur Beaupert), Joey Rainbow (Alex O’Han), Casey Mitchell (Rebecca Croft) and Rebecca Fisher (now played by Belinda Emmett).

We’ll also see some other new faces appearing as some of the season’s memorable guest characters including Simon Broadhurst (Julian Garner), Shannon’s biological mother Katherine Walker (Linden Wilkinson), Constable Terri Garner (Alyson Standen), Kylie Burton (Roslyn Oades) and her daughter Rachel (Kelly Glaister), Brad Cooper (Bruce Samazan) and Sebastian Harrison (Dominic Elmaloglou).

As well as new characters, there’ll be a whole host of familiar faces returning to the bay for guest stints at various points throughout the year, including Finlay Roberts (Tina Thomsen), Damian Roberts (Matt Doran), Haydn Ross (Andrew Hill), Joanne Brennan (Kimberley Joseph), Bert King (Peter Collingwood), Mandy Thomas (Rachael Blake), Max Richards (Rob Steele) and Barbara Stewart (now played by Rona McLeod).

Viewers may do a double take as we move into October, when Selina Roberts gains a temporary new head, due to actress Tempany Deckert coming down with glandular fever during filming. The role of Selina is taken over by Louise Crawford for a period of six weeks.

We can also expect to see the beginning of a new era for the show in Episode 1921 (currently set to air on 24th July 2017), in the form of a complete revamp of the opening titles, which boldly move away from the traditional characters shots used since the beginning of the show and take on a surreal beach theme.

The following list will give you a glimpse at when some of the storylines and arrivals/departures can be expected to air throughout the season.

All dates presume that there are no transmission breaks. If a breaks occur, as it likely will in the new year for tennis, then we will endeavour to update the article accordingly.

You can discuss the years episodes with other members of the forum in this dedicated thread.

UPDATE – 22ND MAY 2017:
Please note that the Early Years will go on a break after Friday 26th May 2017. Any dates in the list below from that date onwards will be incorrect until we know of the show’s return date.

1836Mon 27 Mar 20171996 Season Opener
1840Fri 31 Mar 2017Maria & Kathy Wilson’s final episode
1845Fri 07 Apr 2017Saul kidnaps Selina
1847Tue 11 Apr 2017Saul Bennett departs
1849Thu 13 Apr 2017Joanne Brennan returns
1868Wed 10 May 2017Katherine Walker’s first episode
1869Thu 11 May 2017Finlay Roberts returns
1874Thu 18 May 2017Simon Broadhurst’s first episode
1878Wed 24 May 2017Shane Parrish dies
1879Thu 25 May 2017Damian Roberts returns
1880Fri 26 May 2017Damian Roberts’ final episode
Mon 29 May 2017HIATUS – all dates below TBC
1884Thu 01 Jun 2017Peter Moss’ first episode
1888Wed 07 Jun 2017Peter Moss’ death
1891Mon 12 Jun 2017Bert King returns
1896Mon 19 Jun 2017Mikki Salter’s first episode
1897Tue 20 Jun 2017Debbie Salter’s first episode
1905Fri 30 Jun 2017Kelly is bitten by a funnel-web
1908Wed 05 Jul 2017Mikki & Debbie Salt’s final episode
1909Thu 06 Jul 2017Donald proposes to Marilyn
1910Fri 07 Jul 2017Liam Tanner’s first episode
1911Mon 10 Jul 2017The Summer Bay flood
1912Tue 11 Jul 2017Shane Parrish Jnr’s Birth / Michael Ross’ death
1914Thu 13 Jul 2017Michael Ross’ funeral / Haydn Ross returns / Maureen Richards first episode
1917Tue 18 Jul 2017Michael Palin’s cameo
1918Wed 19 Jul 2017Jack Wilson departs
1921Mon 24 Jul 2017New Opening Titles debut
1926Mon 31 Jul 2017Jesse McGregor’s first episode
1929Thu 03 Aug 2017Stephanie Mboto’s first episode
1936Mon 14 Aug 2017Alex is blinded / Hannah Williams’ first episode
1945Fri 25 Aug 2017Terri Garner’s first episode
1949Thu 31 Aug 2017Joey Rainbow’s first episode
1954Thu 07 Sep 2017The School Siege
1955Fri 08 Sep 2017Chloe is raped on the beach
1956Mon 11 Sep 2017Louise Crawford takes over as Selina temporarily
1957Tue 12 Sep 2017Pippa receives the Order of Australia
1962Tue 19 Sep 2017Chris Hale’s final episode
1963Wed 20 Sep 2017Casey Mitchell’s first episode
1969Thu 28 Sep 2017Max Richards returns
1973Wed 04 Oct 2017Max shoots dead the man accused of Chloe’s rape
1974Thu 05 Oct 2017The Summer Bay Earthquake begins
1983Wed 18 Oct 2017Rebecca Fisher returns
1986Mon 23 Oct 2017Tempany Deckert returns as Selina
1988Wed 25 Oct 2017Haydn Ross’ final episode / Joanne Brennan returns
1990Fri 27 Oct 2017Alex Bennett’s final episode
1992Tue 31 Oct 2017Margaret Mitchell’s first episode
2000Fri 10 Nov 2017Angel & Dylan Parrish’s final episode
2006Mon 20 Nov 2017Finlay Roberts returns
2008Wed 22 Nov 2017Kylie & Rachel Burton’s first episode
2010Fri 24 Nov 2017Geoff Thomas’ first episode
2018Wed 06 Dec 2017Barbara Stewart returns
2024Thu 14 Dec 2017Barbara Stewart departs
2033Wed 27 Dec 2017Brad Cooper’s first episode
2036Mon 01 Jan 2018Donald & Marilyn’s wedding
2040Fri 05 Jan 2018Stuart Mitchell’s first episode
2045Fri 12 Jan 2018Sebastian Harrison’s first episode
2050Fri 19 Jan 2018Sally goes missing on the river
2061Mon 05 Feb 2018Gabe Farley’s first episode
2062Tue 06 Feb 2018Sebastian Harrison’s final episode
2065Fri 09 Feb 20181996 Season Finale

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