Oz Preview – A Blast from the Past?

Episodes 6609-6614
Monday 6th to Thursday 9th March 2017 on Seven

Please note that whilst we try to ensure accuracy, late schedule changes in recent weeks have caused episodes to be aired earlier than planned and out-of-sync.

Ash (George Mason) will have a blast from the past this week as he confronts a mysterious man who’s been making strange phone calls to him.

Viewers will have last week spotted a stranger (Luke McKenzie) observing the funeral service of Billie Ashford, who was unseen by everyone but Kat (Pia Miller). The man didn’t make himself known to anyone and then promptly disappeared.

This week, Ash starts receiving what appear to be prank calls, and when he redials the number, he gets through to the voicemail of a man named Patrick Stanwood.

Whilst the name means nothing to him, he is shocked to hear a very familiar voice—it sounds just like his late brother, Luke!

It’s previously been established that Luke Ashford apparently died several years ago, shortly after returning from army service in Afghanistan. The eldest of the Ashford siblings, he had looked out for Ash and Billie during their childhood whilst their father wasn’t around.

At the time of Luke’s death, Ash was in prison and wasn’t allowed to attend the funeral—and when he went to visit Luke’s grave on Anzac Day in 2015, it was there that he came across his estranged sister Billie.

Could Ash be mistaken by the voice on the phone, or could his brother really be alive? Given that he’s just lost his other sibling, who knows how Ash could react to this…

Whoever Patrick is, when Kat and Ash track him down, it’s not long before Ash gives him a fat lip!

Elsewhere in the bay, after being uncovered as the Summer Bay arsonist, things are going from bad to worse for poor John Palmer (Shane Withington) and his wife Marilyn (Emily Symons).

Last week, only hours after he pulled through brain surgery and a life threatening reaction to painkillers, Kat was forced to formally charge John with five counts of arson causing property damage, and one count of arson causing death.

A despondent John devastated Marilyn by telling her he would not be fighting the charges, as he believes he should pay for what he’d done, even if he wasn’t in control at the time,

This week, John still can’t forgive himself, and as he’s allowed home from hospital the couple are forced to face the town’s anger—starting with a rock thrown through their window with “Burn in hell monster” written on it.

When Marilyn suggests some fresh air to try and lighten his mood, the situation really hits home for the couple. “He’s abused by people in public and comes home devastated” Shane told TV WEEK. “He’s a proud man and a community-minded man. To go from that to the worst villain is awful for both him and Marilyn.”

Falling deeper into despair, John pushes a heartbroken Marilyn away and tells her he’s leaving her, he simply can’t bear to put her through this much pain. “He thinks all is lost” Shane continued “It puts their relationship under enormous pressure.

When VJ (Matt Little) visits John for the first time since Billie’s death, he finds it in his heart to forgive him—but will that be enough to save both John and his marriage?

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