Carjack Drama Leaves Billie & Baby in Danger!

The lives of Billie Ashford (Tessa de Josselin) and her unborn baby will be put under threat next week, when the mum-to-be is hit by a car driven by her friend Phoebe Nicholson (Isabella Giovinazzo) following a carjacking!

TV Week reports that the drama starts when Kat spies Ash conducting what looks to be a dodgy deal with Simmo – and whilst Simmo manages to give her the slip, Kat later arrests Ash at the garage when he refuses to cooperate. After a reluctant Ash agrees to help Kat catch Simmo in order to secure his own freedom, an undercover operation is put into place. However the snare goes wrong when Simmo spies a radio on one of the undercover cops and makes a run for it.

Later, Phoebe returns to her car after a date with Justin when she is suddenly grabbed from behind by Simmo, who forces her to drive him out of the bay. Once a safe distance away, Simmo makes his getaway and tells Phoebe to close her eyes and count to a hundred before she departs. Shaken up after the experience, Phoebe puts her foot down and looks over her shoulder to make sure she’s safe, only to then hit something – Billie!

Billie is rushed to hospital where Nate (who else!) battles to save both her and the baby—and whilst both will make it through, Nate later makes a discovery following some odd blood tests, one which Billie will beg him to keep secret….

Viewers already know of Billie’s big secret of course, being that the father of her baby isn’t in fact VJ Patterson, but Irene‘s long-lost son Mick Jennings, who raped Billie in the gym earlier this year.

Could Nate have rumbled her, or could it relate to something more serious…? The synopsis for that episode states that Nate makes a “devastating discovery” so it could well be.

Tessa De Josselin plays Billie Ashford

Tessa De Josselin plays Billie Ashford

Those who keep up with spoilers will know that Billie will tragically lose her life in the new year, and rumours are abound that Nate may be about to deliver a cancer diagnosis. If true, then could Billie choose to forego treatment in order to save the life of her unborn daughter?

We already know the baby (named Luc according to a leaked script page) survives and has already been seen in dramatic scenes with Irene & Mick, and later pictured at her mother’s memorial service.

With several months of storylines to go before Billie’s demise, including a wedding, the possibilities are endless….

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