Season Finale preview: A web of lies untangles

With the Home and Away season finale less than 3 weeks away, it’s a given that we’re set for a dramatic few weeks between now and the final episode on Wednesday 9th December.

As we’ve already reported, we’re set for a bumper fifteen episodes in the final two weeks, and are set to see Summer Bay heat up with a number of storylines coming to a head. As the finale gets closer, we take an in-depth look at one of the storylines set to reach their climax.

Charlotte’s web untangles

Poor Charlotte has been wracked with guilt in recent months. Not only did she have to cover for Hunter after he started the fire at Leah’s house, he then electrocuted Marilyn, and, in a way that’s only possible in Summer Bay, her son’s actions left her burdened with a third secret after she accidentally murdered Denny back in September.

Charlotte panics after accidentally killing Denny

Charlotte panics after accidentally killing Denny

Things have been spiralling further out of control with every passing week, and she recently ran over and killed Tristan after he kidnapped Hunter. Oh dear.

There are only so many secrets one person can keep, and Kat is doing everything she can to get to the bottom of things. She’s been suspicious of Charlotte for a while, and now that she believes that Charlotte purposefully ran over Trystan, she wants to do everything in her power to prove it. However, Charlotte isn’t exactly known for giving in easily, and was seen drugging Kat at the end of Monday’s episode.

Sadly for Charlotte, Kat survives the drugging, but when she wakes up she discovers her gun and handcuffs are gone! Not only that, but Kat is suspended for having alcohol in her system while on duty.

Over the coming days, Kat continues to investigate Charlotte in her own time, looking for proof that she was responsible for Trystan’s death. TV Week reports that she sneaks into Charlotte’s apartment, where she discovers Denny’s travel itinerary open on Charlotte’s laptop. Why on earth would Charlotte be looking at that?! Kat begins to piece things together, and Charlotte’s web starts to unravel further as Kat begins to think that she may have been responsible for Denny mysterious disappearance.

Yet Charlotte has yet another trick up her sleeve. The magazine reports that we can expect to see Kat confronted by two “goons”, who knock her out before turning on the gas, leaving her on the brink of death. Will she manage to discover the truth before Charlotte finally silences her for good?

Probably not! … Luck is not on Charlotte’s side, and a storm hits Summer Bay, which looks set to uncover Denny’s dead body. Will Kat be able to link Denny’s murder to Charlotte?

Love hurts

Not only has Charlotte been plagued by guilt over the murder, she’s also constantly had to endure seeing ex-partner Zack fall further in love with Leah. Her attempts to prise them apart have so far failed, and the happy couple are set to walk down the aisle during the season finale.

The newly released promo for the season finale reveals that Charlotte doesn’t plan on going down without a fight, and turns up at the wedding hell bent on causing trouble, wanting to “take back what’s [hers]”. With access to a gun, and getting closer and closer to the edge, will Charlotte take matters into her own hands to spoil their big day?

Or will it be Charlotte herself who ends up staring down the barrel of a gun? It’s been rumoured for a while that Charlotte may be murdered, and we know that Erika Heynatz is pregnant, so it’s perfectly possible she won’t be sticking around in the bay for much longer. So could she be murdered in the finale, or perhaps turn the gun around on herself? The promo shows a gun hit the bottom of the sea, as “every poisonous second is leading to one killer ending”.

We’ve been promised a never-been-done-before season finale. Producer Lucy Addario has told Digital Inside Soap that “it’s going to keep audiences guessing in a different way from previous years”. The way the finale was filmed is also “a first” for Home and Away. With the promo revealing a gun dropping into water, perhaps some underwater filming will add even more drama to an already action-packed finale.

As for exactly who meets their match in the finale, we shall have to wait and see.

The final episode airs in a movie-length triple episode on Wednesday 9th December.

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