Bumper set of episodes to air before Season Finale

There are less than three weeks left until Home and Away begins its Australian summer break on Wednesday 9th December, and it looks like there’s a lot to come between now and then, with Seven set to air a number of double and triple episodes in the build-up to the hotly anticipated season finale.

Seven will be airing hour-long episodes on Monday 30th November (Episodes 6336 & 6337), Tuesday 1st December (6338 & 6339), Wednesday 2nd December (6340 & 6341) and Thursday 3rd December (6342 & 6343).

Then, in season finale week, Monday 7th December (6344 & 6345) and Tuesday 8th December (6346 & 6347) both have hour-long episodes, before a bumper three-episode finale on Wednesday 9th December (Episodes 6348-6350).

So that’s an entire 15 episodes in just two weeks!

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