Adam’s Wharf / Harling Apartment

Snapperman Lane Iluka Road Palm Beach NSW


One of countless wharves seen on the show over the past three decades, this particular jetty was seen in the months following Adam Cameron’s arrival in 1989, as the location where he moored his yacht.

The result of an inheritance from his late parents, the yacht didn’t bring much luck for Adam—no sooner had it been repaired after Revhead and his mates trashed it, it ended up being stolen by con-woman Millicent Staples who had booked it for a charter.

Though changed a bit over the years, the private wharf stands on Sandy Beach off Snapperman Lane (just off Iluka Road) in Palm Beach.

At the time of filming it was part of a boatbuilding workshop, but this building was demolished in the mid-2000s and replaced by luxury apartments.

One of these apartments was used in the show in 2012, as the home of Dennis Harling, the head of the developing consortium looking to build a resort in the bay. When John Palmer, who had invested heavily into the development, learnt that Dennis had sold the land back to the council, John went to visit Dennis at his home. Having agreed to pay John half his money back, John returned the next day to find removal vans and Dennis making a hasty exit in a taxi.


2 Snapperman Lane
Palm Beach NSW 2108