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Thank you, Dan for all the cool pictures and info abt the scenes you watched be filmed.

You have a excuse to go back next yr, Now. You ran out of stuff to share with us. :lol::P ... Make it next October/November. When Tom is at College. Then I can come with you lol :P

Aden is evidently upset with the article and so burns the newspaper. The only problem is, the glossy paper is extremely reluctant to catch fire. The scene is very nearly abandoned after the 5th take, but on the final try Todd manages to get the newspaper alight.


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Thank you so much for all the behind the scenes features Dan. :) It was very interesting to see and read about what really happens when they are filming scenes. I will miss them but I guess you can't hang around Palm Beach forever! Or can you?! :P:D

I could, but the ferry ride every day would get expensive. And I don't have a good camera.

There's an idea Dan, send me a camera and a weekly wage and I'll take all the Summer Bay photos you want :D. Maybe even inappropriate ones, depending on how "cool" the actors are...

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