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There has been a huge amount of profile updates recently and becaue I'm rubbish I haven't got round to logging them in here so we've now added every guest character from 2008:

Dr Aitkin

Daisy Alexander

Mia Austin

Trish Barrett

Asia Bailey

Max Becker

Judge Blake

Kay Bowman

Steve Bradford

Lloyd Brown

Father Bryan

Murray Buchanan

Andy Cannon

Arthur Clay

Enid Clay

Dr Clayer

Nina Collins

Jamie Cooper

Judy Craig

Jimmy Crawford

Nathan Cunningham

Kayla Deboer

Greg Doherty

Freya Duric

Dr Fagan

Natalie Franklin

Trent Gannon

Nurse Gayle

Reverend Hall

Duane Harrison

Mrs Hay

Danielle Hay

Dr Hornby

Tor Jackson

Dee Jenkins

Pat Jenkins

Edward Jones

Ellie Lewis

Tim Lowry

Petra Lupton

Archie Maddocks

Dave Markham

Carl Marks

Billy Michaels

Tyler Mils

Dr Moore

Greg Moro

David Morris

Dino Mosco

Gary Newman

Damo Nicholls

Eric Nobbes (Nobby)

Cara Phillips

Earl Pincus

Peter Randall

Mr Standish

Joe Stephens

Britney Tonkin

Renee Webster

Deborah Wilkinson

Doctor Wilson

Brian Lawler

Tim Coleman

For long term viewers of the show the following main cast profiles have now been completed thanks to lesleyann08:

Selina Cook/Roberts

Chloe Richards

And for the really, really long term viewers we've updated some guest characters from 1988 and 1989:

Andrew Foley Snr

Leanne Dunn

Nigel Jarratt

David Lee

Gordon Macklin


Simon Yates

Nicholas Welsh

Profile pictures have been added to the following characters:

Martin Dibble

Angel Parrish

Curtis Reed

Shannon reed

michael Ross

Liam Tanner

Sarah Thompson

Alan fisher

Britt Grey

alison patterson

Jack Hunter

We are working on the guest character profiles from 2004 to 2007 and obviously its a huge job so if you're interested in helping us out, please contact myself, -bttb-rox! or -Karen-. Profiles can be done from memory, from episodes and from the episode summaries in the Australian forum and on the main site and we can give you guidance to help you if you're interested in helping.

I'm on a mission while I have time off work to work on the real old character profiles and get them updated, especially the past main cast. If your memory goes back that far and you think you can help please PM me.

A huge thank you to Ryan, Karen, Lauren, Jack, Lesleyann08, Cal, Dean, the freelance contributors, forum mods and the librarians for their contributions to all our main site updates and to Dan for fixing all my mistakes. :P

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^ That's a serious amount of work - well done guys!!

My brother and I still talk about Meat-Axe. I can't believe he was only in it for such a short space of time and left such an impact on us :lol: Funny the things that stand out.

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Send me a PM Zetti and let me know what you think you could help with and we can sort something out. :)

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Episode Summaries for Week 9 now complete, and we've again started to include the publicity images where possible.

Guest Cast for Week 10 (4816-4820) now added. Check daily this coming week for full summaries.

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Wow, you've all been busy. Awesome work.

I love the Chloe profile. She's one of my all time favourite characters so it was great to see all of it written up. Lesleyann08 did a great job!

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