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Chris J

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I don't know if this is the right place for this but here goes!

I just wondered why there is nothing about Travis Nash in the charater bibliography section? Or am i just being totally blind? :lol:

And will the Rebecca Nash one be updated?


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The problem with main site updates is that all the content comes from the staff members who contribute and we all watch the show so current characters and recent ones are relatively easy. Older characters are much harder to do because we're relying on our own knowledge. If is possible that we can update the older profiles we will do but if in the meantime you remember things about the older characters that aren't on the main site, by all means PM them to one of us.

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Just a reminder that full summaries of the episodes are being uploaded daily, as its pointless to post after each one. Consequently this last weeks summaries are complete.

Guest Cast has now been added for next week in Oz (4811-4815).

I'm also attempting to put a new workflow in place which will make the summaries even more detailed, and hopefully give me time to upload them with the publicity pictures once again, but this is still in the works.

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