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Summary for Monday's episode is now up, apologies for the delay. Tuesday's will be along later.

There's also a fair few wedding pics alongside it for you to enjoy.

ETA: Tuesday's is up now too

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The last few weeks has seen another blast of daily profile updates. We now have the following character profiles on the main site and a number of existing profiles have been updated and completed. A huge thank you to Zetti and RedRanger1 for their contributions to this batch of profiles.

Guest characters 1988 - 1990

Angela Newton

Bridget Jackson

Tammy Newton

Reverend Newton

Stacey Macklin

Andrew Foley

Bob Barnett

Ross Keating

Louise Keating

Former Main Characters

Tom Fletcher

Celia Stewart

Lance Smart

Martin Dibble

Carly Morris

Ben Lucini

Emma Jackson

Viv Newton

Travis Nash - Red Ranger

Vinnie Patterson - Red Ranger

Tasha Andrews - Zetti

Ryan Baker

More Recent Guest Characters

Graham Walters

Noel Anderson

Marine Inspector

Matthew Lyons

I will be adding more profiles from the early years guests over the next few weeks and aim to have completed all guests from 1988 - 1990 plus start working backwards from 2007 on the guest profiles we have missed, plus updating some main characters along the way. Thanks to everyone who has helped.

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Some more episode summaries added for 1992 - though they are mainly short summaries so it's been more a box-ticking exercise from us as opposed to something that will give you hours of fun.

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