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Thank you for all the updates and that picture of Martha. :) I prefer Martha with long hair but after her treatment, it's normal she has short hair. It wouldn't have been realistic if suddenly she already had long hair.

Maybe you already noticed it but on the main page, under Recent Profile Updates, it says [an error occurred while processing this directive]. I know Skykat posted the profiles which have been updated recently in this thread but if there are people who visit the site and not the forum, they might not know which profiles have been updated. :)

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Thanks for showing us the new picture of Martha. I wonder how they got her hair to look like that? Could it really just be a wig? Jodi didn't seem to have her hair cut at any stage.

Unless the actor/actress has had their hair cut, something like this is normally used to hide their real hair.

Thanks for showing us that preview pic, Dan :).

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^^her hair will grow in time but as someone else said, it makes it more realistic for her to have short hair at this stage as she can't have no hair one day and long her the next, Its interesting to see a different style though :) although isn't her hair black :unsure:

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