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10 Years of BTTB!

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Well, it’s hard to believe but as of today, 14th January 2014, ‘Back to the Bay’ is 10 years old! There’s an article on the main site detailing some of the history of the site, as well as some pic

Dear BttB, Congratulations on making it to double digits. The big One-Zero. Your present is in the mail; tin, appropriately. I just had to check. I'm sitting at 9 years since I joined the foru

CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!! for 10 sublime years !!!!!!!!! I remember it like it was almost yesterday when a friend suggested that I should join this site, in 2004, to read/comment on her Kane/Kirsty

Well, I joined this forum nearly six years ago after most attempts to research the show led me to the main site, which I guess means I've been here over half its life.Gosh.I soon progressed from writing a few sentences in the UK episode discussion to posting dissertations all over the place, along with a worryingly large amount of fan fictions.Then after about a year and a half Dan invited me to join the staff and I've been ferreting away in the background on profiles and summaries ever since.

I've come to get to know a lot of familiar faces in those years and it always interests me to see other people's opinions on things(and often argue with them about them!).So, long may this forum continue!

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Congratulations and happy birthday to BTTB!!! Thank to you all for your hard work with this site!! And I also want to add that this site is a gold mine for us non-Australian and non-British fans. We never get any information about the show or the actors in it, because it is "only" a daytime show from a country far away. So even if we are a bit behind Australia and UK in storylines, it is easy to read about what you wrote about the show a bit back. And the episode guide/short summaries are great to use as a guide to find the right week. It is great to read what other people think about the characters and also join the discussion, and exciting to read what is coming up for us. :)

I was reading on other sites too a few years back, but they were closed down. I hope this site will survive as long as the show does exist, and that you will find motivation too keep up the good work. I know you probably don't hear it often, but I think that people really appreciate your work, I surely do!! :):)

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Happy birthday and congratulations for 10 years to BTTB!!! :D

I had been a member of the BTTB for 7 and a half years now. So it will be 8 years for me in June this year, lol. :P I joined the BTTB forum on 19th June 2006.

I had been known as Fanofhomeandaway, Tony4RachaelEver, ~AdelleFanEver~ on this forum in the last 7 and a half years, hehe. :wink:

I always loved coming onto this forum all the time every day and every night to caught up with the discussions and make posts in any threads, read fanfictions, look at everyone's artwork. It had been my favourite Home and Away website so far. :)

I had written five fanfictions (two of them were incompleted, two were completed and one is still on-going) And I had been making artwork and posting them in my artwork thread for almost four years. I had made a lots of friends on this forum :)

Thanks to Dan F and Chris, the moderators for all the hard and amazing work you had done on this forum so far.

Congratulations again to BTTB

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Wow! Happy Birthday BTTB!

Even though I just joined this year, I have been watching Home and Away for 6 years and I love this forum! I don't usually comment, but I love reading the spoilers and discussions (well most of them anyway!) Hopefully when I have more time, I'll start commenting more.

Thank you so much for putting so much hard work into this forum!

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Dear BttB,

Congratulations on making it to double digits. The big One-Zero. Your present is in the mail; tin, appropriately.

I just had to check. I'm sitting at 9 years since I joined the forum. Whoa.

I was a little sixteen year old from Perth who watched H&A with her mum and had recently become acquainted with "the internet" and the concept of forums. While I wasn't a member, people on the old official H&A discussion boards were disappearing to some other site called BttB, and I clicked a link and stalked around for a few months before I finally joined. I still vaguely remember joining in my first Aussie discussion, around the time Noah died, and being over the moon when people agreed with me and took the time to read my post. It was a strange and novel feeling: belonging in a place that you couldn't really touch or see, and yet, people were so welcoming and actually seemed to care about the integrity of the show. I believe that still remains true today, and what sets BttB apart. We, as fans, care about what happens to the show. We want it to be good, and that's often why we are so harsh on it.

But, it would be remiss of me to not mention that this forum and the main site do not exist and would not have been able to survive this long with out the tireless efforts of all the staff - past and present. From the Librarians who introduced the cataloging system and those now who have to chase people to fill in the forms, to Contributors to the main site - remember when we had member submissions and had to trawl the forum for comments every time a character left? - to the Moderators who have literally had to deal with everything and anything and always keep a sense of humour whilst doing it. And of course, to the Admins - Chris and Dan - you guys, honestly. I don't know how you do it and continue to do it. I feel like we need a plaque or something to commemorate. Shall I organise a collection? :P

It's a testament to this site that there are so many of us around who can stay we've been hear since ... (insert appropriate date) and keep coming back. There's a reason for that. So, yay for us! ^_^

Best wishes,


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Yes it's Noah, the stills were from one of Seven's ad campaigns in late 2003, you can see the full version of the banner in the article (which I very nearly set as the forum banner temporarily to mark the occasion).

I'm sure one of our golden oldies appreciated seeing him on our frontpage again after all these years :wink:

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