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  1. 2008 - 2010: Aden and Belle era 2011 - 2013: Walker era 2011 - present: Braxton era
  2. I really hope that Chris sticks around! In my opinion, Chris is sweetest and funniest character on the show at the moment. He deep down, genuinely want to help and wants the best for everyone. (I said this before but he's also the most versatile - he cant be thrown in a scene with anyone without it being weird! Thats really what SB needs now) Yes, he can be a bit annoying at times, but I will never understand why everyone groans the minutes he walks through the door like he's absolutely terrible. Seriously, the guy can't catch a break! He comes back from a cruise and Irene, Alf, and Spencer groan in his face. Every time he approaches John, John groans and laughs at him. Same with Sasha, Leah, (and was with Tamara)! I don't understand it! Poor Chris!
  3. Wow, the drawing of Josh was amazing. Evie has talent! I hope the writers make some sort of storyline out of this later on - its great when they give characters storylines about actual hobbies!
  4. I love Chris! For such a new character, its amazing how he's interacted with almost every character! Hes had many scenes with Irene, Spencer, Maddy, Harvey, Roo, Alf, Sasha, Indi, Dex, Marilyn, John, Leah, Kyle, Tamara, Pheobe... wow its amazing - he fits well into everyone's storylines! TPTB reallly got him right. Him and Irene are awesome together!
  5. Wow! Happy Birthday BTTB! Even though I just joined this year, I have been watching Home and Away for 6 years and I love this forum! I don't usually comment, but I love reading the spoilers and discussions (well most of them anyway!) Hopefully when I have more time, I'll start commenting more. Thank you so much for putting so much hard work into this forum!
  6. As I said in the News thread, i think the writers could explore a friendship/mutual understanding between Alf and Brax. That would give Alf something to do and have Brax, not all friendly and out of character, but more involved in the community.
  7. He kind of reminds me of Dylan Russel - the fact that they both have/had extremely controlling family members, personality (so far) and even the actors looks. Anyone else?
  8. wow. I agree with this completely. But i think Morag could be a good role model - look what she did for Aden If you think about it, when did half the characters have real friends? Brax? Heath? Casey was friends with Romeo, Xavier, and Dex for about a month in 2011 when they were in school.
  9. But if Olivia is back in the bay then Diana would certainly want to see/visit her granddaughter
  10. I think that being clingy was nice to see because it makes sense for a girl who was brought up like her to be like that. I think it gave us a good sense of how lonely she really was. Also now that Sasha is helping Rosie sort that problem out, it strengthens their relationship.
  11. I know other people have said this before but the more I see Tamara, the more she reminds me of Sam... i REALLY hope she leaves soon.... please not like Sam - it felt like she was on the show for FOREVER!!!!
  12. Was just rewatching old episodes with Sophie and David and remembered. Didn't Sophie name David's kid Tamara? Was she mentioned at all when Sophie returned? How old would she be now? Probably around 20, right? Isn't that around how old this Tamara is? Do you think the writers would have made a connection there?
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