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Pippas meet together

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Hmm i looked it up and it appears to be right, but what happened in the season finale of 2004 then? its so long ago that i must have remembered wrong

With all respect this topic was about a magazine article featuring vanessa downing and debra lawrence, you took it off topic once by asking about pippa's age and now you're asking what happened in the 2004 finale which has nothing to do with the topic. If you have a question you should use the "Quick Questions" thread in the Australian, General, or Bayside Diner forums as you are detracting from what others are trying to discuss (i mean this in a nice way :) )

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Sorry Beau_T, I was merely responding to a question earlier which was somewhat related to Pippa as JackLost was asking how old Pippa was.

Anyway, in regards to the magazine article I haven't read it, but I'm just guessing that the two actresses discuss their time on Home and Away mainly.

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