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  1. This has been put up today. I'm in the UK and it's working at the minute. At the end when her name shows up keep watching there is another final clip of Morag drunk with Roo. Nice touch including Bobby's theme at the end. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gNDd5N0zFbo&t=14s
  2. Came across this clip of Vanessa on The Checkout ABC: Home and away reference at the end
  3. I just saw start of preview of tomorrow's episode on the official website. They've got the same music and a title card from 2014. It's the one where the lifeguards are going out to sea in the surf rescue boat. It remains to be seen if they make any new title cards for other weeks. But I get the feeling they'll keep using ones from 2014. Last year they went back to the 2013 title cards. So it doesn't look like they are making any effort to update the sequences:/
  4. It would be great if we had brand new and better titles in 2016. However I'm not holding out much hope. I wonder if they'll at least change the short title sequences this year. - They went back to the 2013 ones for some reason. Great video of the recaps by the way. They were much better back then.
  5. Yes I remember that. But as seen in my first post the wedding one was kept the same though. But at least that wasn't a dodgy face editing job though:) Then there was the voice over like Sindi Katas said. When Miles arrived Sally had a dream and we had a flashback to the pilot episode. Vanessa's Pippa was explaining to Sally why Milko couldn't vote over Bobby coming to live with them.
  6. Yes that's what I thought. Debra probably started filming her first scenes whilst Vanessa was filming her last scenes. So I assume they put Debra in a wedding picture (even though she wasn't in the actual wedding episodes) because of the recast. Also recently in TV Week, there was a section on bad boys. In Frank Morgan's snippet they put he was fostered by: Pippa (DEBRA LAWRANCE) and MICHAEL ( DENNIS COARD). They should have put Pippa (VANESSA DOWNING) and TOM ( ROGER OAKLEY)! They missed Vanessa Downing and Roger Oakley out of the shows history. Oh well.
  7. Cornelia Frances was on the Daily Edition on August 10th 2015. She talked about alot of things including Morag. She praised the writing of her character. Here is a link to the video (Any problem with the link obviously delete it. - Easy to find on an internet search anyway): https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=759775150834615&id=204282756383860&_rdr It's such a shame she's not back on the show.
  8. For anyone who's interested here's a picture I found of Vanessa downing with fellow actresses .from August 10th 2015. It's from the Stage Whispers Au website. Ensemble Theatre 2016 Season Launch. Also here's Debra Lawrance and I presume the cast of 'Please Like Me' at the AACTA Awards in January 2015. (Sorry I couldn't find any pictures more recent than that.) Not that much different in hair colour these days - Unlike when the recast happened. - Blonde to dark with no in joke on screen about hair colour changing! They both look glamorous though. On the subject of the recast who remembers the
  9. What's her son's Instagram name? Just searched Instagram, her son goes by the user name of NEONLOLLY. I found him by searching hashtags of Cornelia Frances. It would have been nice to see her come back during Alf‘s PTSD storyline. I didn't like it very much when she came back for Roo's wedding to Harvey. I mean Alf told her, Colleen and Celia to go. Celia only ended up staying. - (I didn't enjoy all of her return story either.) It would be great if she could come back as a recurring guest at the very least with some proper storylines
  10. Thankfully the Home and Away text was back over the logo on todays episode. Yes here in the UK we have end credits at the end of every episode. Our channels do a split screen while promoting other programs on the channel. So the credits are on one side of the screen. These promotions don't usually last the whole duration of the credits. The part showing what happens in the next episode is shown before the end credits. So in the UK we are lucky in that respect.
  11. I'm glad of that because when she first left there was some awful photo shop jobs done to make Debra Lawrance appear in these photos. They tried to wipe her out.
  12. If you're the same Andrew who does the rearranged underscores on YouTube then maybe your next challenge could be to rearrange the theme Your idea sounds really good
  13. Yes he is at least Bianca is keeping them in line. So it definitely looks like disappointment for those of us who want a longer opening. In 2009 there was a longer version with the 'Hold me in your arms don't let me go. I want to stay forever. Closer each day, Home and Away' section of the theme. Even that length would be ideal. Like we've said he recap could be shortened a little bit.
  14. Has anyone seen the video of uk radio presenter Nick Grimshaw on youtube. He has filmed a cameo in some British soaps as well as Home and Away. He is seen in a cameo in London with Brax, Heath and Bianca. At the beginning and end of the clip there are updated versions of the current opening style. If this is what they are using for next year I doubt there'll be proper opening titles. Hope they update uk end credits.
  15. Neighbours still manages to have opening credits. They even launched a search in the UK and Australia to find a singer for the new theme. It's a pity Home and Away couldn't do the same thing. I'd be surprised if a longer opening came back. I also agree that the recaps can be a bit too long sometimes. Let's see what next year brings for the opening and the show
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