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  2. Hi, I've noticed that although there have been scenes in the caravan park, we haven't seen Summer Bay House exterior a while. Just wondering if it could be to do with the people living there.
  3. This has been put up today. I'm in the UK and it's working at the minute. At the end when her name shows up keep watching there is another final clip of Morag drunk with Roo. Nice touch including Bobby's theme at the end. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gNDd5N0zFbo&t=14s
  4. Came across this clip of Vanessa on The Checkout ABC: Home and away reference at the end
  5. I was just wondering, is the Summer Bay Auto garage filmed on the same estate as the the Summer Bay House and Caravan Park?
  6. Yes that what I thought. It looks great. (Shame we can't see the house from the caravan park like the old days because of the different position of it.) If you look on the location page on this site the updated google maps satellite images are there. You can see the difference the landscaping has made. Obviously not thick with bush like it was years ago but not so bare now
  7. Yes I remember that. But as seen in my first post the wedding one was kept the same though. But at least that wasn't a dodgy face editing job though:) Then there was the voice over like Sindi Katas said. When Miles arrived Sally had a dream and we had a flashback to the pilot episode. Vanessa's Pippa was explaining to Sally why Milko couldn't vote over Bobby coming to live with them.
  8. Yes that's what I thought. Debra probably started filming her first scenes whilst Vanessa was filming her last scenes. So I assume they put Debra in a wedding picture (even though she wasn't in the actual wedding episodes) because of the recast. Also recently in TV Week, there was a section on bad boys. In Frank Morgan's snippet they put he was fostered by: Pippa (DEBRA LAWRANCE) and MICHAEL ( DENNIS COARD). They should have put Pippa (VANESSA DOWNING) and TOM ( ROGER OAKLEY)! They missed Vanessa Downing and Roger Oakley out of the shows history. Oh well.
  9. We haven't seen the actual caravan park for a while now. I heard there was some severe flooding there in April. Has anyone heard anything more about that? Maybe if they moved it higher away from the creek, nearer the back of the house where it used to be, then there would be no problems with flooding.
  10. Cornelia Frances was on the Daily Edition on August 10th 2015. She talked about alot of things including Morag. She praised the writing of her character. Here is a link to the video (Any problem with the link obviously delete it. - Easy to find on an internet search anyway): https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=759775150834615&id=204282756383860&_rdr It's such a shame she's not back on the show.
  11. For anyone who's interested here's a picture I found of Vanessa downing with fellow actresses .from August 10th 2015. It's from the Stage Whispers Au website. Ensemble Theatre 2016 Season Launch. Also here's Debra Lawrance and I presume the cast of 'Please Like Me' at the AACTA Awards in January 2015. (Sorry I couldn't find any pictures more recent than that.) Not that much different in hair colour these days - Unlike when the recast happened. - Blonde to dark with no in joke on screen about hair colour changing! They both look glamorous though. On the subject of the recast who remembers the dodgy photoshops of the family photos. Debra Lawrance was morphed in to Vanessa Downings hair and body on Pippa and Tom's wedding photo. Vanessa's face was blurred out on the original Fletcher family photo. However in more recent years we saw Sally taking down a picture of Carly's wedding. Vanessa Downing was in those episodes. But on the picture it was definitely Debra Lawrance because Pippa was wearing a different coloured dress to what Vanessa wore in the episodes. It didn't look too photoshopped. So I wonder as Debra probably started filming around then if they actually had Debra in a photo. Here's what I mean: 1) Pippa in green dress in episode. 2) Pippa in brown dress on photograph. (I'm sure this photo has been seen in the background in early years episodes.) But I think we've also seen Sally hanging pictures of Vanessa's Pippa in later years.
  12. Kate Ritchie posted this a while back. How Summer Bay House was in 1987:) On another subject:
  13. In today's Aus episodes it looks like they've changed the Summer Bay House exterior set again. The lattice is no longer covering the side door they use. It is moved over to where that extra door is and there is foliage around that area. However on the interior set there is still lattice covering the door which is now inaccurate. It seems they are experimenting and can't decide what to do. It's really nice to keep seeing this location though and hopefully we'll see scenes linking the house to the caravan park.
  14. What's her son's Instagram name? Just searched Instagram, her son goes by the user name of NEONLOLLY. I found him by searching hashtags of Cornelia Frances. It would have been nice to see her come back during Alf‘s PTSD storyline. I didn't like it very much when she came back for Roo's wedding to Harvey. I mean Alf told her, Colleen and Celia to go. Celia only ended up staying. - (I didn't enjoy all of her return story either.) It would be great if she could come back as a recurring guest at the very least with some proper storylines
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