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  1. I remember reading somewhere it was just an extra.
  2. Here is the last appearance of Beth Beth's Arm Hunter. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Q9kaT1nMPgeSM1Nw6
  3. That would be great. Maybe Steven and Selina are there and Irene goes to visit them. Or Debra Stewart, Alf's unseen sister could be living there. Meaningful storylines like these would be fantastic. However it is most likely that Louise Bowes would write a storyline where some River Boys rock up and cause havoc. Seriously though, that would be a good tourism boost for the town. I'm from King's Lynn Norfolk, 60 miles away from Great Yarmouth. This summer we've had Pixie Lott headline at our annual free music festival. We've also had actors like Dev Patel and Peter Capaldi filming scenes on the quay for the new David Copperfield movie. It's great to see a small town getting attention for once. Having Home and Away filmed in the region would attract a lot of attention!
  4. This has been confirmed to be true on digital spy UK. According to the article we should see Debra on screens this month sometime http://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/neighbours/news/a860542/neighbours-spoilers-cast-changes-debra-lawrance-joins-liz-conway/
  5. This has been put up today. I'm in the UK and it's working at the minute. At the end when her name shows up keep watching there is another final clip of Morag drunk with Roo. Nice touch including Bobby's theme at the end. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gNDd5N0zFbo&t=14s
  6. On UK tv they had this message and a picture of Cornelia Frances as well. It was even put at the end of the first look episode on 5STAR.
  7. RIP Cornelia Frances. A true legend. Too soon. Heart goes out to family and friends. For Morag's exit storyline it would be good if they got in Someone who knows the show's history well, like Bevan Lee or Dan Bennett etc, to write it properly.
  8. Came across this clip of Vanessa on The Checkout ABC: Home and away reference at the end
  9. I was just wondering, is the Summer Bay Auto garage filmed on the same estate as the the Summer Bay House and Caravan Park?
  10. Yes that what I thought. It looks great. (Shame we can't see the house from the caravan park like the old days because of the different position of it.) If you look on the location page on this site the updated google maps satellite images are there. You can see the difference the landscaping has made. Obviously not thick with bush like it was years ago but not so bare now
  11. I just saw start of preview of tomorrow's episode on the official website. They've got the same music and a title card from 2014. It's the one where the lifeguards are going out to sea in the surf rescue boat. It remains to be seen if they make any new title cards for other weeks. But I get the feeling they'll keep using ones from 2014. Last year they went back to the 2013 title cards. So it doesn't look like they are making any effort to update the sequences:/
  12. It would be great if we had brand new and better titles in 2016. However I'm not holding out much hope. I wonder if they'll at least change the short title sequences this year. - They went back to the 2013 ones for some reason. Great video of the recaps by the way. They were much better back then.
  13. Yes I remember that. But as seen in my first post the wedding one was kept the same though. But at least that wasn't a dodgy face editing job though:) Then there was the voice over like Sindi Katas said. When Miles arrived Sally had a dream and we had a flashback to the pilot episode. Vanessa's Pippa was explaining to Sally why Milko couldn't vote over Bobby coming to live with them.
  14. Yes that's what I thought. Debra probably started filming her first scenes whilst Vanessa was filming her last scenes. So I assume they put Debra in a wedding picture (even though she wasn't in the actual wedding episodes) because of the recast. Also recently in TV Week, there was a section on bad boys. In Frank Morgan's snippet they put he was fostered by: Pippa (DEBRA LAWRANCE) and MICHAEL ( DENNIS COARD). They should have put Pippa (VANESSA DOWNING) and TOM ( ROGER OAKLEY)! They missed Vanessa Downing and Roger Oakley out of the shows history. Oh well.
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