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I would love it if Vanessa came back as Pippa.

Debra has had the role for 20 years now so taking back Vanessa would just be a bad idea, people remember Debra when they think about Pippa not Vanessa

Oh really? I had no idea Debra Lawrence had played Pippa for so long. Thank you for the information.

Well she hasnsĀ“t actually been on screen for that long, just saying most people remember Debra when they think about Pippa so bringing back Vanessa would confuse most Home and Away watchers:)

Why would it confuse people? They're actors, Pippa is a made up character! Its happened before in other programme and viewers have been able to grasp it If they thought like that in the first place then Debra would of never played Pippa at all. There are some people out there there, not necessarily myself, that have watched the show from the beginning and still view VD as the proper Pippa. Not everything has to be catered for people who started watching the show within the last 10 years. Also DL hasn't appeared in the show since early 2009 so I bet there is a huge percentage of people youngsters that have never seen her anyway. ie the Braxton generation.

Not saying it would definitely work, as lets face it, DL Pippa's last appearance wasn't a huge success, just that I'd like to see if VD come back as Pippa for a guest stint and it would make me tune in.

Bet DL was happy of a paycheck for doing little more than the likes of Julie, Gloria, Watson or Dr. Young, though!

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I have tuned in and out over the years as I am 24 I can only really remember Debra as Pippa with Michael but I have watched Vanessa as Pippa online I must say if they were to bring Pippa back (long shot) I wouldn't mind as they both were very different in terms to what they brought to the character but possibly lean more towards Debra purely for nostalgias sake

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