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Rosie Prichard - Terri Haddy

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We've only seen two episodes with the character here in the UK but so far I'm liking her rather quirky nature and the chalk-and-cheese friendship she has with Sasha.I haven't decided yet whether she's a character who's going to end up moving in with someone or if she's going to disappear off after a few months.(Could she end up staying with the Walkers if Indi and/or Dex moves out?)

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I REALLY hope that tonight's ep ISN'T the last we see of Rosie. Sure, she NEVER should have done to Sasha what she did at the beach, but I hope its not the end.

ESPECIALLY since Teri Haddy portrays Rosie soooooooo well ........ the scene where she told Sasha the truth bout her living arrangements was BEYOND moving !!!!!!!!

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