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  1. Glad I'm not the only one who spotted that. There was one scene where he was just standing beside Spencer and Sasha and there was more spark between him and Sasha than between her and Spencer I wouldn't mind them just developing a friendship there. It would be a bit weird for anything more given he was with Indi and Sasha with Spencer. I think more than anything Sasha needs a friend who is just a friend. I loved her relationship with Dex and would love to see that recreated with someone else. I think Chris would be ideal for that. I personally don't think it would be a good idea, for them to be romantic, only because Sasha and Chris could have such an amazing friendship. And I wouldn't want the writers ruining that like they did with her relationship with Casey.
  2. I agree, that Phoebe seems more likeable than Tam, but I don't really like her that much. To me, it seems like she's going to be a needy character. But I guess you're right, we haven't seen much of her yet. But at the moment, I can't see her doing any other storylines apart from her and Kyle's romance, and being involved with the Braxton clan. And plus, I think that Tamara can be likeable, it just depends on where she is, who she interacting with, and what she is doing. Like her setting up the music festival was great, in my opinion. But her juggling between two brothers? Not so much.
  3. They didn't really have a spark to begin with.
  4. He Is a bit like Aden before he turned good. But my opinion is Montgomery uses Yeah, but I think there is a lot more to him than that. I really like him as well. He reminds me of Aden as well.
  5. Yeah, your right. He's so much like Rhys. I agree too! He is so similar to Rhys!
  6. I really do feel sorry for Kyle. Tamara shouldn't have gotten with Kyle, if she was just going to go back to Casey! And after all this time, he is STILL really sweet to her, and supportive. Tamara does not deserve Kyle.
  7. Nic Westaway stated in the 25 year anniversary magazine that his mum died at a young age. I could see something romantic between them two, and I know he is like what 6-7 years older? But you know, in Home And Away there is always something that stops people from getting together at first. It's a classic soap opera twist. Brax and Charlie- Cop/Criminal Brax and Natalie- Charlie Brax and Ricky- Adam Casey and Tamara- Sasha Kyle and Tamara- Casey (and now again) Casey and Tamara- Kyle Sasha and Spencer- Maddy I could go on forever. But I won't. :-)
  8. I am honestly so worried about Sasha. I am just scared that the writers will ruin her. For me, she is the best character in the show. But lately, I hate to say it, but she has been acting like a cow, and a bit selfish. But I really hope the writers know what they are doing!
  9. :'( I really really liked Casha. Especially their friendship. So upset how they didn't even work out as friends. Lincoln and Demi also had so much chemistry. More than Kelly and Lincoln in my opinon. But I know it's over.
  10. He did kiss Tamara while he was still with Sasha. I'm pretty sure that's cheating.
  11. I wouldn't say Maddy was closer to Rosie than Sasha, just the opposite.It started off with Rosie being jealous of Sasha and Maddy being friends and trying to get Maddy to stay away from her, then even after they got over that, until the leaving party it seemed like Maddy and Rosie only ever spent time together because they were both friends with Sasha. And it does seem to me that Maddy gets just as many negative comments as Kyle. Maddy is much much much worse than Kyle in my opinion.
  12. I wanted her to wait for Casey. No way, Casey is long out of picture, well I hope. After what happened with him. I am sure she is smart enough not to go back to him. I think Spencer is perfect for her.
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