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Rosie Prichard - Terri Haddy

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As far as I can see Rosie still doesn't have a thread.


I was talking to Sarah (~JarlieFanEver~) and Paige (--HAA) on Twitter last night and we all think Rosie could have a crush on Sasha?? Maybe??

She's very clingy and gets jealous when Sasha talks to other girls. Has anyone else noticed that??



Discuss away! :)

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I don't think she has a crush on Sasha, just that she hasn't had many friends in her life. So she doesn't know the difference with what's clingy or not.

I mostly agree with you ....... but I also think she's been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay affected by her living arrangements ...... the lack of parentals OR siblings !!!

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I agree with Dingo x. I had been talking to her and Paige (--HAA) on Twitter on Friday night about Rosie and how she has been feeling clingy...

I think she's a awesome character :) Well I don't think she has a crush on Sasha but I got a feeling she didn't have much friends probably at her old schools, I suppose. That's why she must be feeling clingy and worried of losing the only friend she had at the moment-Sasha. Hope she will soon improve and come out of her shell, and make more new friends.

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