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  1. I keep forgetting to send away for teri haddy,Andrew Morley,kassandra clementi and ray meagher need to do it soon
  2. I quite like sasha,it's just I'm not sure what's next for her character
  3. Rosie is one of my favourite characters just now,just because she's different from the rest of them and she's had some great storylines
  4. I don't really like tamara aswell,she's just been really annoying and I don't like that she's trying to split up the Braxton family
  5. Do. They need to be a regular because I was thinking of sending one to teri haddy(Rosie) and spencer and maddy and also what address because I found one on the first page of this forum is that it
  6. Who have you got fan cards off of in the past
  7. Brilliant episode and hope sasha and Rosie can become friends again as its one of my favourite parts of home and away
  8. Thanks hopefully my favourites will reply to me
  9. The location looks really nice and I've seen pictures of it,it's good it's natural and not built up like many new shows nowadays
  10. I'll need to try this out soon seems like people get replys alot
  11. Community it's a really great series
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