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'Neighbours' to introduce another new family

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Neighbours bosses have announced that another new family will be joining the soap.

The Willis clan will descend on Ramsay Street in the middle of the year, with former Home and Away stars Kip Gamblin and Rebekah Elmaloglou taking on the roles of married couple Brad and Terese.

Brad and Terese will be joined in Erinsborough by their teenage son and daughter.

Today's news follows the recent decision to bring in the Turner family, headed up by Lou Carpenter's daughter Lauren.

Neighbours' executive producer Richard Jasek commented: "We are moving our focus back to family units on Ramsay Street, and the dynamics this offers in terms of storylines is fantastic.

"As viewers will find out shortly, the Turners are a family of secrets, and the unique backstory of the Willis family is just as compelling."

Gamblin and Elmaloglou are known to soap fans for their respective roles as Summer Bay's Scott Hunter and Sophie Simpson.

Neighbours' new recruits will start filming in two weeks' time, debuting on screen in early June in Australia and three weeks later in the UK.


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I wasn't watching H&A when these two actors appeared on it so I'll be looking at them with fresh eyes so to speak.

Brad Willis? As in a recast?

This confused me as well, as from memory I had thought Brad Willis ended up leaving with Beth. As Loz says, happily Digital Spy have attempted to clear up the confusion by updating the original article to say this Brad Willis is actually a different character HOWEVER the official Neighbours twitter feed says it is the original Brad! I'm more confused than ever now. :rolleyes:

Where will they live? :lol:

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If it is the original Brad, then it's certainly going to be interesting times in the street, especially since he and Lauren had an affair all those years ago.

Wonder if we'll get a visit from his parents. Terry Dononvan played Brad's father in Neighbours and was Sophie's father in Home and Away, so Rebekah had him as dad and would then have him as dad-in-law if he turned up again on Ramsay Street.

It's going to be great seeing Rebekah back on screen again.

There's quite a few departures we already know about and wouldn't surprise me to see Kate leave and even the Kapoors - with all these families arriving, they do need the room.

Edit: Digital Spy have updated again

Brad and Terese will be joined in Erinsborough by their teenage son and daughter. Fans will already be familiar with Brad as he previously lived on the street in the early '90s, when Scott Michaelson played the part.

I guess Brad and Beth have split then if he's remarried.

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