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  2. I've come to really like the current opening visuals and audio, and I think the new closing theme is great.
  3. I would put money on them being either identical to this year, or a variation in the same style, as with the changes from 2013-14.
  4. ^ I have to say I'm a big fan of the latest closing theme.
  5. I actually really like those vocals, which is bizarre seeing as the short Version 4 opening is my least favourite! Maybe I'm just overwhelmed to have a new 'full'-length closing theme? It's a shame they haven't matched the logo font with that of the opening for consistency, however I actually prefer the more traditional, detailed, pre-2018 font.
  6. Hmm, yeah I don't like that version. So whereas for the 2013-17 seasons there was consistent intro music every episode, and consistent visuals Monday-Friday, for 2018 the visuals and music can each be one of four variations?
  7. They have done it before. Specifically, in the run-up to the 2011 season premiere they briefly used a newly recorded version of the line "You know we belong together." I can't find an example on YouTube. I suspect that Nick Perjanik/the production team decided to record a new version in the hope that higher up bosses at Network 7 would accept a full or part-time return of the theme to the main show. It also keeps the flame alive for an important link to the history of the show, and maintains the relevance of the tune in the viewers consciousness.
  8. ^ Ah right, I misunderstood. I thought that image was of a fan on-set, rather than just an image on a fan site! I'd love to visit the SBH location.
  9. Nice one, interesting quirk of the property! So can you visit the exterior location of SBH?
  10. Interesting. We have always heard from C5 that Neighbours is of prime importance to them, and so I would be surprised if they give up on the show. But it sounds like there is an internal battle between C5 and Viacom over the cultural significance of Neighbours on UK Screens, and how much that is worth to them. If C5 did lose the show perhaps it could be picked up by Netflix?
  11. Perhaps the Producers are waiting until 2018 to renew the opening? Maybe they will introduce a modern take on the opening credits and theme tune to coincide with the 30th anniversary year?
  12. Surprise! Absolutely no changes for 2017. The current recap music has now been in use since 2014 (4 seasons) and the current title card style has been in use since 2013 (5 seasons). As we know, H&A tend to debut new credits/recap presentation at the beginning of a season, so we can expect the same opening for the rest of the 2017 season. So with the current title card style carrying on through 2017, this is now Home and Away's longest-serving opener ever. The theme tune (now only played over the closing credits for International broadcasts) has been is use in its current form since 2009 (9 seasons). However for the 2009 theme, half of the vocals (Luke Dolahenty's) and some of its musical roots are carried over from the 2007 version, which now stands at over 10 years old! This is now the longest-serving version of the theme tune ever. Is this really the identity the show wants to portray with its opening in 2017, tired and out of date? Having said all that, Neighbours this year decided to scrap a well-regarded format for a green-screen mess that would have looked old-fashioned in 2002. And viewers took notice! Let that be a lesson to anyone at Home and Away or Network 7 who believes that credits are no longer important to the modern viewer.
  13. It was really useful for me when I visited a few years back. I just wish I had allowed more time in NSW, definitely next time.
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