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  1. ^ Ah right, I misunderstood. I thought that image was of a fan on-set, rather than just an image on a fan site! I'd love to visit the SBH location.
  2. Nice one, interesting quirk of the property! So can you visit the exterior location of SBH?
  3. Interesting. We have always heard from C5 that Neighbours is of prime importance to them, and so I would be surprised if they give up on the show. But it sounds like there is an internal battle between C5 and Viacom over the cultural significance of Neighbours on UK Screens, and how much that is worth to them. If C5 did lose the show perhaps it could be picked up by Netflix?
  4. It was really useful for me when I visited a few years back. I just wish I had allowed more time in NSW, definitely next time.
  5. With the way a lot of recent plots have dragged, I wonder why they pushed for a full 230 episodes this year?
  6. ^ I completely agree with both of you. The location of the farm relative to the Bay/Beach is completely inconsistent, and is either a short distance or long bus journey based on the scene. But I love the set! And as a viewer of H&A you have to be willing to suspend disbelief fairly regularly!
  7. I completely agree. While the old Braxton house wasn't the most special or interesting of sets, at least it has some history behind it. I don't know why they would throw away the opportunity to have two houses next door to one another and continue the neighbourly interactions, now between the Palmers and Morgans. Perhaps they wanted to be very clear that the Morgans were not Braxton replacements! It does seem strange to throw away historic sets like Leah's house and the Braxton house, for a bland new set like the Morgan house. I love the Farm house, always have. It's one of the most realistic sets on the show, and the only permanent 4-walled house set.
  8. Have they stopped using the 'Braxton house' location? Of course Marilyn and John still live next door, but I don't think we've seen the interior set of the Braxton house since Ricky left. If it has gone it's a bit of a shame because the house (at least the main part) is a fairly historic set having been around since the late 90's, even if the exterior location has changed multiple times. However I was far more upset by the loss of Leah's house. At this point it seems very unlikely we'll see that location return.
  9. Haha this is brilliant! But it speaks volume that this Fan Fiction is so accurate .
  10. I went in Summer (Northern Hemisphere Summer) 2013. Neighbours was on the up by that point, but Home & Away was taking a big dive. Even though I felt (and still feel) quite disconnected from the show, I still visited Palm beach and some of the surrounding locations, thanks to the information on this site. I would love to go again, hopefully within the next couple of years. I'd probably try and go on the Neighbours backlot tour, I was too late to book last time.
  11. I agree, and it's fantastic to have this location back in the show. It's only a small thing, but it was nice to see Roo pegging out washing outside the house this week.
  12. Thanks for the latest Braxton House updates Dan . I always wonder with changes like this (and for example with Leah's house in 2009) what reason there is for the move. Do the owners of the actual location decide that they don't want to allow filming on their property, or is there a change in ownership? Or does a change in filming requirements mean that the producers make the decision to find another location? Conversely was it a change in ownership for the Summer Bay House location that lead to a return in filming in 2015? I always preferred the 2005-13 Hunter/Braxton and Austin/Palmer location, and disliked the changes it drove to the Austin/Palmer house in particular.
  13. Hmmm, unlikely now as she's just been cast as Elly Conway on Neighbours!
  14. I think it was the kitchen side, and you used to be able to hear the sea.
  15. Could Jodi Gordon return as Martha? I suspect the political reasons for her departure in 2010 have still not been resolved. However with Roo now fully established back in the Bay, it would be nice to see Martha return, especially with Jodi in the role.
  16. Exactly, these locations are important links to the history of the show and their loss should be considered as detrimental as the loss of long-serving characters. The return of the SBH exterior this year was a fantastic move IMO, and I hope they have worked out an agreement to continue to use it indefinitely. Hopefully Leah's house hasn't made way for the flat above the Diner .
  17. I wonder if we'll ever see the return of Leah's house? They burnt down the house in 2015 so that they could mover her and Zac and all the teens into SBH. I'm glad they did this to establish a family unit in the shows oldest set, but I wish it wasn't at the expense of another historic set - Leah's house. As I remember Leah's house insurance was invalid, and Zac lost money he borrowed from Charlotte? So the house could not be repaired and it hasn't been mentioned since. I wonder if in the future they will introduce another family to occupy SBH and Leah would then return to her old house? It would just be nice to know whether she sold it in its burnt-out state or whether she plans to save up to refurbish? Although the exterior changed in 2009, the set has been in use since at least 2000 judging by the locations section, and possibly as long ago as 1995? Does anyone else miss this location, or think of it as historically significant to the show?
  18. ^ Me too! It's a massive tie to the history of the show so I'm glad it's back.
  19. Is there any way for the forum to remember my preferences? Whenever I login on a different device I have to re-enter the passwords for the Australian and Spoiler discussions.
  20. It's now at the end of Elaine Avenue in the Avalon Beach district.
  21. Can anyone tell me the episode number in early-mid 2008 in which Aden and Geoff have a verbal altercation, outside the church I believe. As I remember it Aden is on crutches. Any ideas? Cheers.
  22. Ada joined the show in 2000 and the site burnt down in late 2002, so I would have thought so. I guess she would know though! I'm glad it's caused such eager discussion, it's absolutely fantastic to have such an iconic location back on screen. But as you suggest, what does that say about the standard of the storylines at the moment that the SBH location is the bigger talking point!
  23. Because each 'Quick question' thread is relevant to the section of the forum it is within. Bayside Diner: '88-'00 discussion, General Discussion and Australian Discussion. Wow, that's awkward! Wouldn't she have been a bit young for Alf, seeing as he's already older than Colleen.
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