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  2. Interesting. We have always heard from C5 that Neighbours is of prime importance to them, and so I would be surprised if they give up on the show. But it sounds like there is an internal battle between C5 and Viacom over the cultural significance of Neighbours on UK Screens, and how much that is worth to them. If C5 did lose the show perhaps it could be picked up by Netflix?
  3. With the way a lot of recent plots have dragged, I wonder why they pushed for a full 230 episodes this year?
  4. Haha this is brilliant! But it speaks volume that this Fan Fiction is so accurate .
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  6. Hmmm, unlikely now as she's just been cast as Elly Conway on Neighbours!
  7. Could Jodi Gordon return as Martha? I suspect the political reasons for her departure in 2010 have still not been resolved. However with Roo now fully established back in the Bay, it would be nice to see Martha return, especially with Jodi in the role.
  8. Is there any way for the forum to remember my preferences? Whenever I login on a different device I have to re-enter the passwords for the Australian and Spoiler discussions.
  9. Can anyone tell me the episode number in early-mid 2008 in which Aden and Geoff have a verbal altercation, outside the church I believe. As I remember it Aden is on crutches. Any ideas? Cheers.
  10. Because each 'Quick question' thread is relevant to the section of the forum it is within. Bayside Diner: '88-'00 discussion, General Discussion and Australian Discussion. Wow, that's awkward! Wouldn't she have been a bit young for Alf, seeing as he's already older than Colleen.
  11. Back in 2002 (I wasn't a viewer then) Colleen mentioned to Rhys and Shelly that she had a baby at 17 that she gave up for adoption. Was this ever mentioned again?
  12. Well I think it's because of copyright rules-that's why. They must be told to stop showing H&A episodes. It's not to do with copyright as they had an official partnership with Youtube. I expect that the agreement to show long-form programmes has just come to an end and Channel 5 want people to use their own website, rather then having to share revenue with Youtube. Channel 4 also did the same thing at the beginning of the year. Ultimately only they can answer that though. I have been wondering about this too. Unfortunately for C5, them not putting episodes onto Youtube doesn't encourage me
  13. Seeing as the last episode of the season shown in Australia is usually the final Friday in November (29th), it means we'll only catch up by 2 weeks. Alternatively the 2014 season could start on Network 7 later than January 13th, but I doubt it. We're currently 9 weeks behind in the UK (not a joke), so this will only bring us to 6-7 weeks behind Australia in January.
  14. A connection between Teri and Anne Haddy would be interesting, but does anyone else see some similarity in appearance between Teri and Vanessa Downing who played Pippa Mk1?
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  17. ^ It's sad, we never see the bedrooms in SBH any more. I think the last time was in 2011 when Roo and Miles woke up together in his bed. This was the same room as Sally and Flynn's old bedroom I believe. Before then there was a period in 2009 where Nicole had her own room in SBH with pink patterned wallpaper I remember.
  18. ^ Based entirely on memory (so I could be completely wrong) I don't think John Holmes has left the post of EP. Julie McGauran became the head of drama at Network 7 I believe, so she has some influence on the show based on that.
  19. I agree maciam, I think it's odd that they haven't got any gay or lesbian characters. It's something that has been suspiciously absent from storylines for a while now. I've thought for a long time that Chris should return as a long-term main character. He could run the caravan park, and foster some new teens in SBH.
  20. Happy 9th Birthday BTTB! And it's almost 5 years since I joined the forum.
  21. I agree, maybe they could recast Finley or Damian? I think LaMurray123 also suggested somewhere that Irene become a priest, I think that could be quite an interesting storyline.
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  23. Thanks for the Birthday wishes! :D

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